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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 another question..were there microphones during the ceremony? i went to a wedding on the beach once and because of the waves and the wind, nobody could hear anything the bride and groom were saying... Yes there were microphones. There were no problems hearing us during the ceremony.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow Do you think that they will give you an English translated ceremony script? That does sound like a good idea. I am glad to hear that the group dinners went so well. I might do more of these now. Also, it sounds like you didn't have a rehearsal ceremony run threw? I might request this now. I want to know whats going on! So glad things worked for you. I guess its good to hear you had to much food. Would have for it to be the other way. Our ceremony was in English, and we did not have a run through. Yazmin just told us that the guests and wedding party needed to arrive 20 minutes early and she would tell them what to do, and 10 minutes before the wedding she would come pick me up from my room. It was very nervewrecking those 10 minutes sitting in my room by myself! Quote: Originally Posted by skadow Your flowers are amazing. Did the resort do those or did you bring them? All of the girls and guys flowers are really beautiful. I love your dress btw, you look amazing. Congrats again! Thank you! My flowers and my husband's boutonniere were real and from Palace Resorts. Yazmin had a sample bouquet in her office for a wedding going on that day and we were like "Yeah we'll just do what they're doing." The bridesmaid and groomsmen flowers were actually silk! I bought them on Etsy for about $200 total and brought them with me. Wedding Package for mmmissyyy by jdleggans on Etsy Quote: Originally Posted by angelov321 I do have one question: why were 4 of your room nights not part of your group contract? Im just curious to know how they originally booked you. I dont want the same issue when I get down there. Thanks!! Originally we were booked for 7 nights. But since our group booked 70 room nights we qualified for the group wedding benefits and 4 room nights were free. So the resort split up our reservation by 4 and 3 room nights. It was annoying but easy to resolve once you talk to them about it. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 Thank you for the review mmmissyyy! it helps us brides to be so much...im so happy to hear how much fun you had and how everything turned out wonderful...do you have any pictures of the pandaro terrace and the marracas terrace? also did you use the horse and carriage and if so were your guests able to see you coming in the coba gazebo? Thanks again and congratulations!!! nicole I chose not to do the horse and carriage, I just did the golf cart. But based on where the golf cart dropped me off, I don't think any of your guests would see you arrive in it anyways which defeats the purpose of having it at all. This album has more pics from the cocktail hour and reception. Jaime Nguyen Album pictures by mc_wedding - Photobucket Happy to help ladies!
  3. Hi Ladies! Just got back from my ASP wedding yesterday and my new husband and I had a blast! As did our guests! Thought I'd pay it forward and give my review to help other brides like you all have helped me in the planning process - so here it goes: - $1500 PROMO: When we went to use this promotion they said that we didn't qualify because 4 of our room nights were comp'ed due to our group contract. So they broke up our room reservation by 4 and 3 nights instead - therefore we only qualified for $750. We had to fight them on this, and they had to make some calls to the Miami office but eventually we got our $1500. The funny thing is after all this we barely used any of our points because we were so busy! - CHECK IN: The only complaint people had was how long the airport transportation took to get to the resort because you have to stop at a bunch of other resorts until you get to ASP. It took anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours for some people. But then they arrive at ASP and are presented with a cold towel and fruity drink and all is forgiven. - WRISTBAND: I took mine off for the wedding, but if you lose it they charge you $75 PER DAY to replace it. I lost mine. Don't lose yours. - ROOM LIST: Make sure you ask for this when you check in. This group list with everyone's room numbers was worth its weight in gold to us when trying to find guests and figure out when people were checking in. - WEDDING DAY: I literally had no idea what was going on until I was walking down the aisle. We had our ceremony at the Coba Gazebo at 5pm, Cocktail Hour @ Pandero Terrace at 5:30pm, and reception @ Maracas Terrace at 6:30pm. We were extremely happy with all of these locations. We went with the Mexican hor dourves for the Cocktail Hour and Cajun Buffet for reception. We also hired the Mexican Trio to perform for the Cocktail Hour and they were great. There was SO much food leftover I felt so guilty for letting it all go to waste. Everyone had stuffed themselves during Cocktail Hour they weren't even hungry for the reception, so if I could go back I'd just have guests go straight to the reception after the ceremony. - CEREMONY: Make sure you know what the minister is going to say! Me and my husband are not religious at all, and were very surprised when our minister began delivering to us a religious ceremony. - CAKE: We went with the complimentary cake with the Shells and Heart Shape design, strawberry inside. I'm not a big cake eater, so I only tasted the cake as it was shoved in my face by my new husband haha. But it was really beautiful and much bigger than I thought it would be from the pictures! - SOUND & MUSIC: Originally we bought a Bose speaker dock to use for our reception, but once we were there we decided we might as well hire PSAV to hook up our iPod because we didn't think the sound would be enough for our 36 person reception with the wind and talking. The sound was great and it was nice to have microphones for the wedding party and our parents to give their toasts. - ENTERTAINMENT: Around 8:30pm we headed to the Disco because it was really hot outside and all our guests were sweating, and because Tuesdays and Saturday nights are Karaoke night! This was so much fun! Our group took over the entire karaoke and disco and it was a perfect segway into dancing afterwards! - WEATHER: Warning for other brides getting married in June/July/August - the weather was clear and beautiful, but extremely hot and humid this time of year! I had a very light dress and by the time we ended the ceremony and were taking pictures I was dripping sweat. My bridesmaids had to keep following me around with cold towels to cool me off haha. I was SO happy that I brought a second shorter dress to change into. Just a thought. - HAIR & MAKEUP: I got my hair and makeup done at the ASP salon. I had Hugolina and she did a great job (despite her inability to speak much English). Definitely bring a picture of what you want, but they have books there also for you to look at. And some of the girls at the desk can translate what you are going for. Example I wanted up, simple and sleek. I was very happy with my decision to wear my hair up. Originally I wanted it down and curly, but it was so windy and humid I knew it wasn't going to work. My bridesmaids' hair just went flat and frizzy the second they stepped outside. - PHOTOGRAPHY: We decided to use the resort photographer and we had Carlos. He got some pretty good shots, but the sunset lighting was so beautiful I wish he had used less flash and more natural light in his shots. Also I wished he had given us a little more direction sometimes, but overall we got some pretty good shots. I would recommend bringing a friend along who's vision you trust who can help art direct the photographer while you are posing. After looking at the photos there were a few things I wished we could have changed if I had been able to see what we were doing wrong. (if that makes any sense). Here's a link to our pics: Palace Resorts Wedding Photographer pictures by mc_wedding - Photobucket - DINING: We decided to have a group dinner every night with all 36 of us at a different restaurant every night. They were very accommodating towards us when we would show up unannounced with that many people. Often splitting us up into tables of six, but it worked out really well. - GUESTS: We arrived on Wednesday for our Saturday wedding. We pretty much didn't sleep from the time we arrived until Monday when everyone left. It's easy to get stretched too thin, because we were constantly running around trying to make sure all 36 of our guests got some personal attention and knew we were so grateful to have them there. Make the main pool bar the central meeting point for people upon arrival. It's much easier than waiting around the lobby all day trying to greet everyone. And make sure to schedule some alone time with your fiance! Whether it be a massage or breakfast in bed. We barely saw each other all due to all the commotion and excitement! Anyways I hope this helped! Email me at melissa.leong@yahoo.com if you have any more questions! Good luck ladies - you're going to have a blast!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding Just returned from 2 wonderful weeks Aventura Spa. My daughter was married there on MAy 20th! It was an amazingly beautiful wedding! Let me know if you want me to email you a couple of her wedding pictures. We used a photographer from the resort and he was fantastic! Here is my email: melissa.leong@yahoo.com. Glad to hear everything went great! Congrats to your you and your daughter! I leave in 2 days! ahh!
  5. Well it looks like it's going to rain every day that we are at ASP. Any ideas on dry things to do at the resort or in Riviera Maya to stay entertained?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 Yeah!!! everything finally sounds like its coming together for you The Coba gazebo looks beautiful, I love the pandero terrace, thats where I think Im doing mine and Marracas Terrace is also where I think Im having my reception...I dont have any better pictures for you, then the ones she sent me, but I like the fact that its not directly on the sand, so the ladies can wear their heels, but is right next to the beach, just a few steps up...the furniture is awesome in the picture but I found out that its extra to have that..the only thing I was concerned about was if it was private enough...supposedly the gazebo on the spa side has been fixed and looks beautiful again...I think the only place on the spa side big enough for you to have your reception in is the Spa Terrace, is that the same thing as the spa gazebo? im so confused by all these places...there is also a Chichum (sp?) gazebo on the spa side that looks beautiful, its right in front of the pools... Yep that is what I was concerned with about the Maracas Terrace was the privacy issue. I'll probably be ok with it for now, but I'll definitely want to see it in person once we get there. We don't have kids at our wedding, so the spa side would be feasible to switch to also. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRell Seriously, this makes me want to cry. And not tears of joy. I don't think we will get any of this since we booked through a TA. When I asked Yazmin if we could get the free cocktail hour because of how many rooms we booked, she said no since we booked through a TA. I'm so bummed. If I could do it all over again, I would have skipped the TA, even though she's been great. Ugh, just frustrated. =( I agree with the other brides - you need to talk to your TA. I used Destination Weddings as my TA and the resort confirmed we are getting all the perks of the promotion. If they didn't do the group contract then that's your TA's fault but maybe you can change it with Melissa Gomez in Miami. She is who I was working with, too.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by angelov321 Just as easy it was for me to be upset with Palace Resorts for giving me a hard time about the DJ, they make me love them again! LOL I dont know if anyone else has seen this, but this promotion is awesome!!! I called my TA right away and he's calling Miami to get all the logistics. I will let you all know what he says.... $1,500 Vacation Dollars - Cancun & Riviera Maya Thank you for sharing!! Please keep us updated. I sent this to my travel agent also to look into for us! it would be amazing if we could take advantage of it!
  8. So Yazmin finally got back to me (Yay!) - and she recommended this for my party of about 40 guests. 5pm Ceremony @ Coba Gazebo 5:30 - 6:30pm Cocktail Hour @ Pandero Terrace 6:30pm - 10pm Reception @ Maracas Terrace Does anyone have better pictures of Maracas Terrace or can tell me if its a good location for the reception? I can't really tell if it is nice or not from the pics she sent me. Otherwise - I might switch to the spa side...But is it correct the spa side gazebo burned down? What are the other ceremony locations on the spa side if it did? Decisions, decisions...
  9. Bless you NaM and all the other ladies who help the rest of us stay sane on this forum! I'll try to relax and hope it all comes together once we are there.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRell We leave in three weeks... I've been emailing Yazmin with all my questions and haven't heard anything from her. Getting a little upset about it. Don't know what to do or think!? It's not even anything major! Just the little details... I thought when it got closer she would respond in a more timely manner. Currently going on 1 week with not hearing anything. Should I be worried or am I just getting antzy?! Does anyone have more details or pictures of the "new" gazebo on the Spa side? I just saw one picture and it looks beautiful!!! Crossing my fingers we get it! =) ME TOO!!! Ugh I'm SO frustrated with her! My wedding is June 5th, and I thought she'd pick up the pace with responding. So far, I've initiated all contact with her and everything I know is from this forum, and because I had to ASK her for the info. I don't feel like I'm being guided through any kind of process at all, and 3 weeks away from the wedding I have NO idea what I'm supposed to be doing to prepare. I almost want to ask for another coordinator. When is your wedding exactly, FutureMrsRell?
  11. Does anyone know how the gulf oil spill has affected the water around the resort?
  12. Hi Guys: Quick etiquette question - I want your opinion. We've already provided each of my 5 bridesmaids $300 each to assist with travel expenses to the wedding. Do you think its necessary I get them each bridesmaid gifts as well? Also if someone has the Spa services menu, could you please post it? thanks! I'm 6 weeks away! Hard to believe.
  13. My wedding is June 5th and this photographer was recommended to me by Cecilia Dumas. Has anyone used him in the past?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie I'm trying to figure out what we should do for our guests (tours, etc..) and I wanted to see what did all of you do for your wedding? So far we have the following planned Thursday 6/24 - Welcome party (meet up at the lobby for drinks then head to dinner) Friday 6/25 - Thinking of doing some type of group activity late morning and early afternoon. 7pm - dinner reservations Saturday 6/26 - Wedding starts at 3pm. Cocktail reception from 4:30 to 6pm then dinner reservations afterwards. Sunday 6/27 - Thinking of doing brunch What do you guys think? Thanks for the reply! That was very helpful. My coordinator is Yazmin, and she's been pretty slow so far, and not very thorough about explaining things... It's getting pretty frustrating. I find I get faster, more accurate answers from this forum anyways haha. Your itinerary seems very similar to what mine is going to look like. Friday I was thinking of doing some kind of icebreaker game/group activity. Scavenger hunt maybe? Something to get everyone acquainted and comfortable with each other before the wedding. What were you thinking of?
  15. Questions about the wedding packages: I was initially under the impression that hair, nails and makeup were included in the wedding package I purchased, but now I've gone back and re-read it and it doesn't mention it anywhere. Does that cost extra? Second, my question is regarding the "dinner reservation for up to 35 guests." How strict is this? I have between 35 to 40 guests, does that mean I HAVE to purchase a private event? And is the dinner reservation just reserving a section at one of the restaurants? If I want to eat at the Pandero Terrace, is that considered a private event? Sorry for a million questions, I just realized how unclear I am with all of this and would like to anticipate any extra costs once we arrive. Thanks in advance!
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