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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Jaime+Brandon Hello Ladies! I just took a little four day vacation to Puerto Vallarta with Brandon... so much fun! We stayed at a cute little boutique hotel in the Zona Romantica called Casa Dona Susana ($67 per night for the Jr. Suite). Here's the website: Casa Doña Susana They have an all-inclusive option for $20 or so more per day but we didn't go for it because we wanted to experience the local cuisine and go to different restaurants each day. We did the Outdoor Adventure with Vallarta Adventures, went scuba diving with Chico's Dive Shop and took some "engagement" photos with Eva and Toms at Photo Shoots in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (VERY affordable- $180 for one hour, $250 for two hours). We intentionally didn't go to Las Caletas because we wanted to save that for our wedding day! I can't wait to go back 5 months for our wedding! ~Jaime Jaime!! How fun! You didnt tell me you were going!! Did you take any pictures?!?! Tell me more!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Jaime+Brandon Puerto Vallarta - Adventure Weddings Get married at LasCaletas, Mexico <--- sooooo many photos here... click on "Slideshows" and there are photos from I don't even know how many LC weddings! Thank you soooo much!!! I've been on this site soo many time and never have seen this page!!!
  3. Hello everyone! I have a request and I do not know if it is possible... we will see. Is there any way AnnR, or whoever else is in charge, could repost some of the links to Bride's wedding pictures? I am having a really hard time finding pictures of people RECEPTIONS. I have found a lot of "coming in on the boat" and "ceremony" pictures but I have sifted through tons of slidesshows and cannot remember who had the most RECEPTION pictures. I am needing these pictures to help convince my family and fiance that LC is absolutely beautiful and worth the effort! Can anyone help? Does anyone still have the link to the old thread that had all the picture links on it? Or does anyone have any reception pictures that they could email me? Any help would be GREAT!! thanks everyone! And BAREFOOTBRIDE cannot wait to see your pics and hear more about it! Congrats and welcome back!!! also - Ms. Havisu.... we are dying for your pictures still!! Thanks everyone! - Rachelle
  4. Hey!!! So I'm not sure how many of you read my first post ... but yesterday at SUNRISE with coffee and a blanket, my boyfriend proposed to me ON THE BEACH AS THE SUN WAS RISING!! It was perfect!!!! I'M ENGAGED!!!
  5. I'm dying to see your pictures Michele! There has got to be a way to upload them! Do you have cruise + LC pictures?! Can't wait to see them!
  6. Michele!! I literally have been checking this site every weekend since the day your cruise got back! I am so excited and thankful that you are putting a review up here! I do have a few questions for you so I want to pick your brain while everything is still pretty fresh! It sounds like you had an amazing time! I can't wait to see pictures!
  7. Michele - You leave tomorrow!!! You are probably so excited and probably on your way to Long Beach now!!! You probably won't read this before you leave, but good luck and congratulations!!! You are going to have such an amazing time!! If you have time, or maybe one of your bridesmaids or family has time, maybe they could take a few pictures of the ceremony site and the reception site before people get their, showing the way the tables are set up, the centerpieces etc, and maybe the house you get ready in, the bar, the lights, the decorations etc. I know hundreds of girls have posted amazing photos on here but it would be so awesome to see more pictures of the actual location!! I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to read your review and see your pictures!! Congratulations again!!! Rachelle
  8. Michele! Thank you so much for the information! I am so excited you are leaving in two weeks!! You could be starting a trend here! I can't wait to see how everything works out! Your review will help Jamie + Brandon and Jason and I so much! I have a few questions for you, like Jaime I would love to know who your photographer is (I'm in the Seal Beach area so your photographer is probably local to me too), and it would be great to book him, since he will know what he is doing! Is he going to take pictures the whole 7 days?? On the ship, wedding, and excursions?? That would be so amazing! How did you go about booking that restaurant on the cruise ship for your activities? Did a travel agent do it? Did you call the actual cruise ship and request it? I have been asking Jaime about excursions... are you doing any in Cabo or Matazlan? Are you going to tell your guests so you all can do them together? Or are you doing them in secret (kind of like a honeymoon) or are you just hanging out on the boat? Have you talked to the cruise ship about carrying on extra bags or items (like your glass vases or cake topper)? Do they have a bag limit? I've been on 2 cruises but I am totally spacing the luggage requirements. Sorry for all the questions! You are going to be a God-send! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I'm so excited for you! Rachelle
  9. Brooklyn - Have you looked into what the weather will be like in January?? I'm thinking about December but will that be too cold?
  10. Thanks for the idea to look at the OLD LC threads!! 101 pages!? WOW! I'll be busy for a while!! Thanks!!
  11. Hello!! I'm so EXCITED that I found this site!! Finally some REAL honest opinions and hints! So here is my intro (don't laugh): I live in California and I am still in graduate school. My boyfriend is a police officer and he lives an hour and a half from me. I only get Saturday-Sunday's off and of course he works graveyard shift thursday-monday. Basically, we see little of each other (we dated for 4 years in college, so our whole relationship has not been long distance). I graduate in September and CAN NOT wait to move closer to him; however due to my Christian faith and personal preference I will not live with him until we are married. So it is pretty imperative that we get married sometime in the end of September-November. I just think it would be perfect if I graduate, my lease ended here, we got married, and then we moved in together. However, September is sneaking up reaaaalllly quick on me and he actually hasnt proposed to me yet. We have picked out rings, I have been sized, we've talked about a guest list, reception/ceremony ideas, but he just hasnt actually asked me to marry him yet. Regardless, because September is only 9 months away, I am partially looking around and getting ideas. One night at dinner he suggested a cruise ship wedding because then we could get married on the first island and then have our reception be on the two islands following. So I looked into it and there is a cruise ship that leaves from Long Beach, stops in Puerto Vallarta first, then Cabo, then Matazlan. So I started to look into wedding sites in PV and found Las Caletas! I most likely WILL NOT be visiting the site before the wedding so I am especially interested in seeing pictures OF the venue. I have looked through everyone's wedding albums and they are BEAUTIFUL but does anyone have any pictures OF the island or the grounds?? Also - has anyone done a cruise and gotten married and had to get back onto the cruise ship? Does the time constraint work out? ANY pictures will help!! thanks so much!!!
  12. Hello!! My name is Charlotte and my fiance, Jason, and I are thinking about a cruise wedding that stops at 3 islands in Mexico. We are thinking about getting married at the first island as opposed to ON the ship! What do you all think? Our boats stops at Puerto Vallarta first, any recommendation on wedding venues/all inclusive wedding planning companies?? We need alll the help we can get!! I think our cruise will be around December 12th. Nice to meet you all!!
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