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  1. you have the most beautiful wedding pictures of any i have seen on this site or in all of my time searching online.... you are very lucky to have these, you two look awesome!
  2. i just got back from vacation with a group of 12 friends and we stayed at moon dance cliffs. it was incredible!!! you feel like a celebrity while there bc how attentive they are to your needs. the food and staff were beyond wonderful and they met all of our special requests in terms of alcohol. even though the beach was busy it is one of the few properties that has a very large section of private beach and they strictly enforce not letting anyone else on it plus when you are on your patio and is your private pool you feel totally secluded. it was def on the expensive end by the time you paid the daily rate and then all inclusive fees but it was soooo worth it! i am getting married in october at their hotel property moon dance cliffs (its not on the beach). its a hard decision but i can tell you we were all pleased beyond our expectations with our experience!
  3. OO and about vendors... PICTURES- My fiances friend from high school and his wife are photographers, we are meeting with them in the next week or so to see if bringing them with is an option. I have also been looking into people there... any recomendations would be great for local photographers!!! FLOWERS- I am having a designer here make most of our centerpieces, my boquet, the boutonnieres and corsages and decor flowers for the ceremony/gazebo with artificial flowers&leaves and then we are bringing them with us in suitcases. I am using floral fantasies (rec by MDC) for a few larger centerpiece item that require glass vases bc I dont want to deal w transporting glass. Our colors are going to be lots of greenery with cream and tan flowers and brown accents. CAKE- who ever MDC rec MUSIC- we are thinking about just renting their PA system and using an ipod but i am wondering if people will have more fun and be more into dancing and stuff if we have an actual dj. I think the dj they reccomend is kind of expensive and so if we go the dj route I need to shop around (again, any rec would be great!) I think we are also going to hire the fire dancers. I am anxious to see what everyone elses plans are. Also, one photographer I got a quote from is photographing a wedding here this coming weekend and is going to send me a link to this pictures. I cant wait to see them. I am really wanting to see more pictures of actual weddings here!!!
  4. Their response was just that they will stock the bars in all of the villas (that we are using) every night before they leave and we can make additional requests when we get there. In addition to that we will probably just see if they can leave a couple coolers with beer in addition to the fully stocked bar and I think we should be ok. We'll try this the first night and if doesnt work well I think they will be accomodating to figure something else out.
  5. This is what I am doing! I really want a look similar to the first post of this thread with the gray dresses. All of my friends are going to get dresses in shades of tan and browns from where ever they want. I want them to be more in-style/fashionable dress and not anything that reallly looks like typical bridesmaid dresses. A few of them are getting theirs from bcbg and I am really happy with how it looks overal so far!
  6. Oops, I forgot to add the link! :-) Here it is! Anniston - by Maggie Sottero
  7. I found my dress this weekend! It is the Anniston by Maggie Sottero. I fell in love with a picture of a dress and then when I went to find it, I found out it cost $17,000!!! After that I didnt think I would find a dress I loved as much as that one but I did. It fits amazing and is going to go perfectly with how I envision everything else for our wedding. The only thing is that I am going to have it made into a deep sweetheart neckline after I get it in. I go get measured on Thursday, I'm soooo excited!!! I will post real pictures when I take some this week!
  8. I thought id answer your other question on this thread bc i think more people use this one! hope its helpful! The reception area is set up at their restaurant Annies. The bar is in the middle of it and one side they convert into the dance floor area (and where dj/band set up) and in the other is where they set up the buffett and all of the food. It then has a really large patio area that is directly overlooking the cliffs and that is where they set up all of the tables for everyone to sit. You rent the tables for $10/ea, they seat 8 people each, you pick round or rectangular, and then(I think) that includes the tables and chairs, the table cloths, and all of the plates, silverwear, ect. If you want centerpieces, runners, ect (plus any other decor) it is up to you to purchase from the florsit there, or you can bring it with. At the ceremony (at the gazebo) you also have to rent the chairs (range from $2-10/each depending on which ones you want) and again bring or buy any decor. Between the ceremony and the reception they also hold a cocktail hour that they set up in an empty lawn area close to the gazebo, mainly so your guests have something to do while you probably are taking pictures. We are planning on probably bringing some decoration stuff with us and also purchasing some from their florist (mainly bc i cant think of a good way to get glass vases/cylinders/containers there w us). Thats all I can think of now but if there is anything else you are specificly wondering about let me know, i may be able to help!
  9. Their response was that they would stock the bars in the villas every night, but we are only using the 4bedroom and both 1 bedrooms and neither of the 1 bedrooms have wet bars so.... that leaves us with one villas wetbar for possibly 25-35 people which I know will not be sufficient. I forwarded my email with them to our wedding coordinator and she is going to be in touch with the owner and see what we can maybe work out. I will keep you posted what we figure out!
  10. PREVIOUS MDC BRIDES, HELP PLEASE!!! We are getting married here 10/30/10 and are going to have 30-40 guests. I just came across something that I am thinking could be an issue. We are in our mid 20's and a lot of our age friends make up a lot of our guest list. Annies closes at 10pm and the sports bar at 11pm, I know that our friends will all want to stay up hanging out/partying (drinking) much later then 11pm, so what are we supposed to do about drinks? There arent any bars really close but because they are all paying for the all-inclusive Im sure they are expecting to have access to drinks whenever they want. Can anyone provide me anysight, suggestions either how it worked while you were there or what you think is the best way to handle this.... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
  11. We are getting married 10/31/10 at MDC and i just got back from visiting last week. It was absolutely amazing!!! We actually stayed at the Moon Dance Villas with a big group of friends but I visited the Cliffs one day and met Kerry. They will probably offer you a good deal if you are booking several rooms and in the end (especially w the wedding being free) it is an amazing deal for what you are getting. It really depends if you want a huge compound type place with lots of people and lots going on at the RIU or a much more private feel at MDC. Also while the RIU may have a beach, Montego Bay isnt know for having the best beaches. The pool at MDC is awesome and they will be more then happy to shuttle you guys to the beach whenever wanted. We were planning on doing our honeymoon in MB but after my visit I dont really have a desire to go so we are either going to stay in Negril or go to Ochos Rios. Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any specific questions!!!
  12. This place is really getting popular!!! We are gettting married here Oct 30, 2010 and I just got back from vacation there and did my site visit. I was also wondering if there was somewhere else we could do the ceremony besides the gazebo but when i was there it is all so pretty i didnt even ask. you could possibly do it in the reception area like somene previously mentioned but i would guess only if you were having a very small group where they would have room to set it up for that and the reception at the same time. it seems like it would be a big pain if after the ceremony they would have to switch out the whole area for the reception (bring in the tables, decor, ect). trust me, as soon as i arrived i was in awe at how beautiful it all was and you wont be disappointed! Last week when we there a big group of our friends stayed at the Moon Dance Villas property and they are gorgeous as well! After seeing the resort i am excited to start all of my planning!
  13. lol, i have already asked them that question and they said no.... but i am going to look around while there to see if i can come up with anything. i will let u know!
  14. Is anyone on here getting married at MDC between 2/23/10 and 2/28/10? That is when i am going on vacation to Jamaica and going to be checking out the resort. I am trying to see if there is going to be a wedding that week/weekend so I can see everything all set up! If anyone isnt going to be able to see the resort before their wedding let me know if there is anything you would like to check into, look at, ect. while there!
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