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  1. I have seen a few posts that contradict each ohter, but some of them are old, so maybe that is why. I am wondering if I have my wedding at the Royal (which generally doesnt allow kids) will allow kids at the resort for the wedding and the wedding events held at the resort? I would have my guests with kids stay at the Gran Porto Real across the street, but would like the children at the wedding, etc. Some posts say that kids can come to wedding and wedding events, and some say no kids allowed. Does anyone have updated information regarding this question. Thanks!!
  2. I am new to the forum. I have what is probably a silly question..... What is a BD shot? I mean, I can pretty much figure it out from the pics (which are super cute by the way), but what does that stand for. How do you find photographers that do this? I can imagine it would be a nice surprise for the Groom!
  3. My name is Kaleigh Hughes. I haven't decided the exact location for the wedding, but most likely Cancun or Playa Del Carmen....maybe Puerto Vallarta....just not sure!! I am also not sure about the date, but maybe late June..... Lots to do!! I have already browsed through the forum and am excited to hear everyones stories, and share ideas, etc. with all of you!!!
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