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  1. Omg, i am having that same issue, everyone is making me feel guilty about the wedding, and i've told me guest MANY times, please don't feel bad, if you can't afford it, then don't go, i really don't care who makes it just as long as i am there with my future husband...but yet they insist and then in turn are passive aggresive about the cost of everything... i just want to screm THEN DON'T GO!!!!! Geeeeez!!! i'm so glad i am not the only one... Â i'm so frustrated, and most of all i'm sick of people being rude about it when this is suppose to be a happy time in my life... Â ok had to get that off my chest!!! Â Â thanks!
  2. Hi, Does anyone have an example of a program for the symbolic ceremony? Just a run down of what i should expect and can make my programs with? thanks!
  3. omg!! i've been on this site forever but i've never really posted until a few days ago... i didn't know their were other brides from houston, very cool! i wish i could have gone. i'm so sad!!! well no worries. your wedding is so soon, how exciting.
  4. Great idea! thank you. i'm going to have my FI do that, he's super math savy. i'll just send it with all 2009 prices and see what she says. i don't have the 2009 guide just yet, but as i soon as i get it i'll be sure to shoot Aurora an email. i think i've emailed her four maybe five times since last August and every time i get a response within a day or two, and usually with an answer i like. thanks again!
  5. Oh thanks Tara, i would appreciate that. so you think 30 is the max number of people they can do the long table for? i hope so! they look better and seem a bit easier to decorate. i saw your other response about the wedding guide prices, do you know if you have to go by the guide she sent with your confirmation (for me it was 2010) or the guide for which you put down your deposit (i put mine down in Aug. 2009) i did noticed after looking online and then booking and then getting the new guide that there was quite a few changes. i hope maybe i can print that 2009 guide out and bring it with me and see if i can work with that instead. can you pm me that guide if you have the 2009? thank you.
  6. i have a question, that i haven't read in one of these 376 pages... do any of the past brides know if a party of 30 could use a long table for their reception? instead of three round ones... Thanks!
  7. Thanks Amy, nice review, for some reason i couldn't see your pics, probably my work computer blocking them though, i've been printing pictures of everything i want all week just because of yours and Michelle's advice. Thanks again!
  8. Wow that doesn't sound good AchiCap0547... i'm sorry! thats probably the second or third bad review i've heard since i've been reading this forum. the weather could change instantly, just try and stay positive and focus on why your there. thats still super unfortunate though.
  9. I have never heard of anyone using extension chords for their paper laterns. most bride on here have used battery powered lights or made L.E.D. throwies... which i still haven't made for mine yet...seems a bit confusing... i'll let you know how they turn out. i know there is a thread on here somewhere that teaches you exactly how to do it. Thanks Michelle for that long and detailed review. i got a lot of good tips that i hadn't seen anywhere else on this thread yet. i'm in the process now of printing out all the pictures for my desired flowes and cake! Appreciate it!
  10. i just read on page 240 something about not being able to bring your own photographer as of 2010...this sounds bogus... please tell me i was reading this wrong!!! thanks.
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