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  1. We are debating something traditional and classical vs. something with a caribbean theme. I haven't explored this musical genre much and need help!! Amanda Sandals Negril May 30, 2010
  2. Thanks Sweetie cat, I will ask my WC about the additional table setup. We did speak to Rockhouse - they will transport my party for $55, not bad. I will check out Kuyaba and Norma's..
  3. We are getting married at Sandals Negril and are appalled at the markup for the reception. We are having a party of 20 at most-10 are booked or definitely going. We were told by the WC that beyond paying the per person cost for the dinner (which we are willing to do the $50/pp dinner package) - we only get ONE TABLE set up and to do each additional table is another $500??!!! It's ridiculous. Did anyone take their reception offsite? To a restaurant? We are really considering the Rockhouse. Has anyone gone there or can recommend another location where we can have a semi
  4. My fiance proposed to me somewhere between Cuba and Grand Cayman last September on a Royal Caribbean cruise. He did it during the post "captains dinner" photos in the atrium of the ship - we were celebrities the rest of the cruise and it was like a mini honeymoon. The next day we landed in Grand Cayman and the next Cozumel. Thankfully the photographer was smart enough to keep snapping photos as he proposed..we have it all on film..the bended knee, my crying, etc!!! We are getting married at Sandals Negril May 30 2010!!!
  5. Just wondering-we feel so limited by the number of islands offering decent all inclusives. What islands offers the best options for guests for affordable and plentiful dining without being locked into an AI? We really don't want to go to Mexico, DR, and are concerned about Jamaica from a weather perspective during our target date.
  6. Jennifer Thanks for the quick response-not quite clear on your last comment - about "16 and up" - are you talking about the ability to have children? Can children stay at Sandals La Toc? Can I ask how Sandals La Toc compares to the Windjammer in St. Lucia? That's another resort I saw on this board and it looks beautiful from their website. The only reason why we are thinking Windjammer is we may have to accommodate children. Amanda
  7. Hello All! I am just starting the planning process to marry in May 2011. I am having a hard time distinguishing the best location for our wedding! We want an AI at an adult only resort - and can't decide between St. Lucia, Antigua and Jamaica. We have the following criteria: AI Decent flight availability from Philadelphia Ability to leave resort with relative freedom Warm pleasant local staff/native population Adventurous/party atmosphere Wedding that does not feel like we are in a "wedding mill" Can anyone help with an island and resort reco
  8. Any webinars for the new year? We are just starting to planning and choosing is overwhelming!
  9. Hi! My name is Amanda and I am newly engaged planning a destination wedding. I am planning to marry next spring. We are considering: Dominican Republic St Lucia Jamaica We have just started planning and plan to wed May 2011. I have been with my HTB for 2.5 years. Can't wait! If anyone is on the South Jersey/Philadelphia area reach out to me to chat...I am just starting out!
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