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  1. Glad I found this thread. I am also planning a 2011 wedding. No definite date yet, but my FI and I like 11/11/11. Right now the plan is Costa Rica in the Guanacaste region, but still trying to figure out the exact location.
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    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! There's so much great information on this forum (and I've only seen a tiny percent of it so far). I'm looking forward to participating!
  3. Hi, Congrats and welcome! I'm also in the same position trying to plan for a 2011 wedding. Haven't decided on a definite date or location, but leaning towards Costa Rica. Looking forward to learning with and from everyone else! Darleen
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    Hi Everyone. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Darleen and I just got engaged on Christmas day. We don't have a date set or definite location selected, but right now I am leaning towards Costa Rica and the Paradisius Playa Conchal. If anyone has any advice for a Costa Rica destination wedding, I would love to hear it! Looking forward to learning as much as I can from these forums. Thanks!
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