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  1. Jenn. I love your orange dresses! I chose a fushia color for mine and decided to adding the orange as an accent! But your girls make orange look awesome! congrats!
  2. I didn't even think about tips! Totally makes sense though, I know for my hair and make up they already tagged on a 15% tip!. This sure could get expensive, I guess I will have to simply tip according to exceptional service. I'll have to check into the resort packages and see if tip is included etc in terms of the service staff etc. Maybe I will beg my dad to look after the service staff, HAHA!
  3. Thanks, I was wondering the same thing. So far, we are a few months away, (I am getting married in Los Cabos in Feb, 2011) but getting any response from the wedding co ordinator via email has been like pulling teeth! Even important emails re: changes to the contract etc. I understand emails about flowers can wait, but come on! So we will see if she gets better as things more along closer to the date. I find that I am doing a lot of blank planning because she simply is not there! We will see.
  4. Hi there, Â We also are in a similar situation. We decided to legally get married at home prior to our "real" wedding in Mexico because we didn't want the hassle of documents (my fiance is divorced) and I am a nurse and rather paranoid and do not want a Mexican poking me with a needle (odd, I know). We decided it was going to be small a intimate, just my in laws to be, my parents and our grandparents who cannot make the journey as they are in their 90's. Some how, its been expanded to include the siblings (who are coming to the "real wedding" in mexico!) and my best friend who cannot make the trip. We have had other family members get bent out of shape over the whole thing and we've simply just told them, it's an intimate ceremony for the grandma's and that is it. We have added stress to ourselves by making the at home wedding the night before we leave for mexico! we are crazy! But my fiance didn't want the at home wedding to take away from our "real" wedding in mexico, so that is why we have been very strict with the numbers. We still have 20 people, but it'll be cute and intimate.
  5. My fiance and I did meet on line! Three years ago to the date we met on line, at first people thought it was very weird when we told them how we met. Now, it's a breeze. We have two great friends that have partners that they met on line and they also are going strong and super happy! I think meeting someone on line is a great option, especially since we both are professionals and were not into the 'clubbing scene' it made it a lot harder to meet people. I love the fact that I could 'screen' him for a good month or so before I met him
  6. Hi guys, I also am using the color scheme of fuschia and orange! I have my twin as my MOH and she is wearing a Dessy dress style #6575 in poisey. http://www.dessy.com/dresses/bridesmaid/6575/ It is way brighter in person, gorgeous dress, suits all body types apparently. Â I am also looking for info. on chair sashes, has anyone ordered either color on line, how did they turn out and where can I find them? I am a bit leery about ordering getting the wrong colors! Â Thanks for all the inspirations with flowers and centerpieces! Congrats to you all.
  7. msamanda

    Barcelo Los Cabos

    Amanda, If there is any advice I can give you now, is if you are going to book an outside vendor (Suzanne Morel) get on it now and book with her. (I can't believe her phone consultation was so indepth, I was so impressed). One of the reasons why I chose the Barcelo Los Cabos was because they are so new to weddings they do not yet have restrictions like the majority of the other major resorts (including other Barcelo's) that will not let you bring it outside vendors. I have read about a lot of nightmares about the resorts suddenly implementing these changes and brides having to fight to bring in their dream vendor. I booked early, and I have already informed violeta via email that I have booked this vendor and I will need the 60usd day pass for them. Now I have it in writing and she knows. I think it is obvious as the wedding market increases, they will find more ways to keep the money on site. Keep in mind they do have their own spa and connections for photographers etc. Just my take on the issue, I didn't want to get screwed last minute! cheers -Amanda
  8. msamanda

    Barcelo Los Cabos

    Nadia, It is nice to have a makep up artist as a guest! We are bringing an amazing family friend who is a wedding photographer in chicago. We booked her for a steal of a price and we are so excited to have her coming. As for the gazebo, we are still undecided, so I definately cannot wait to see your pics. I can't get over how expensive things are in mexico. I am looking at bows for the chairs at about 90 cents a piece and over lays and table runners at anywhere between $3-9 a piece I believe. Then again, I will be stuck with the product afterwards, but things in my colour, fuschia seem to sell like hot cakes in the after wedding sales forum, so I am not worried. I hope things get easier with dealing with Violeta closer to your wedding. I know it will be amazing, I hear she always comes through!!!
  9. msamanda

    Barcelo Los Cabos

    Hi Nadia, Sorry to hear about your stress. Have you tried calling Violeta? I called her once re: our contract, she was very helpful and was on things right away. Might help, just to call and firm up some details as I was getting no response from emails. 105 people? Holy smokes...are you all going to fit in the Gazebo? the pics I have seen, make it seem rather small. I think I read on line that another bride (maybe on facebook) estimated 65 people could sit there comfortably. Anyways, thats just what I have heard. Suzane morel has been awesome. You can goto their salon in Cabo and its a bit cheaper, or they can come to you. In our case, they are coming to us, its just my twin sister and I that are the wedding party. I am paying $195 USD for hair and make up. Their pics on their website (you can goggle them) are amazing and of great quality. Plus they use MAC make up! so you are getting great service. I had a phone consult with them, paid $200 deposit and that was it. They have a cheaper rate for bridal groups, u can find their current prices on line. I am very happy with their service so far. I was not getting a response from the resort about hair and makeup so I booked else where! I will have to pay $60 usd per outside vendor person, they also include an english speaking translator in their service which I think it awesome!!! There is a barcelo facebook thread that is excellent. Often if you post there, you get resonses quickly re: violeta not responding. they have a moderator who gets her onto things, so prehaps google that thread as well..might be of some help. Congrats on your up coming wedding!!! Can't wait to see some pics. Â BTW- center pieces for $105? thats insane, I hear there is a walmart type thing near by...maybe it might be a fun activitiy to make your own? I wonder if you could also purchase your own flowers maybe in cabo and quickly make your own?? Might be a lot cheaper. I am not sure what their rules will be. We also are doing the banquet hall option in our package so far. Any idea of what the tables are like? Size wizse- I am looking at ordering my own linens....! thanks -Amanda
  10. msamanda

    Barcelo Los Cabos

    Hi guys, Just thought I would add my info and experience so far. I am getting married Feb 2, 2011 at the Barcelo los cabos. So far violeta has been very helpful. Slow the respond to emails, but I called her about our contract and she was right on top of things. I am interested in seeing pics/hearing about your expereince when you get back. We have chosen the mint breeze package and have 40 guests booked so far. We have been told we can move the reception to the beach for $20 extra a person. We are undecided as the costs are adding up. So I would love to hear how it turns out for you guys and what it looks like! I have hired Suzane Morel to come in and do hair and makeup. I have been told the day pass per person is $60 USD right now, so I thought I would add that in for you guys too! Best of luck planning and CONGRATS!!! -Amanda
  11. msamanda

    Barcelo Los Cabos

    Hi guys, I am looking for any of the packages/wedding brochure information that Violeta may have provided to you in terms of planning your wedding. I also am waiting to book my wedding at this resort. I am emailed both the resort and violeta and have no response. I was hoping to get some information ahead of time to see if this is exactly what I am looking for. My email is shyerone@hotmail.com any documents/forwards would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and congrats to you all!
  12. Awesome! thanks for the info. Obviously it will cost to bring her, but I am in love with her pictures and she is going to give us a great deal. That makes me feel a lot better
  13. Great review. Thanks for sharing. Your pics look great! Did you have any issues bringing in an outside photographer as a guest? We are looking at doing this and I am a bit nervous considering the new rules that have been implemented.
  14. Hi guys, We are thinking of bringing our close family friend who is a photographer as our guests to photograph our wedding. Has anyone done this recently or planning to do this, now that the new rules have have been implemented for no outside photographers? If it is our guest will there be any problems? Thanks! Congrats to all the new brides, your photos are amazing!
  15. Krama,Gorgeous pic at the Gazebo! Congrats on your wedding. I can't wait to read your review!!