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  1. Hi All! I have posted pictures for a majority of my left over wedding items: Gold and Black Compasses: $6 each, 24 available Orange and Fushia Lancome Makeup Bags: $5 each, 5 available Bracelet: $110 (never worn), 1 available Earrings: $55 (never worn) 1 available Just Married Flip Flops: $2 a pair, Various sizes available, orange, black and white Parasol: White: $8, 1 available Pashminas: I work in Manhattan and can get any color for about $3-$5 depending on the order size Flickr: weddingpics4.23's Photostream
  2. Good luck! I'm trying to sell mine too!
  3. Compasses on Flickr - Photo Sharing! They are gold with a black face. Enjoy!
  4. Hi All, After wedding sale! I have 5 Lancome make up bags available - with additional brush pouch for sale. $5.00 a bag (both pink and orange bag included). PM me if interested! Kat Lancome OOT bags on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  5. Hi All, We used compasses for escort cards for our destination wedding. Everyone loved them! When I purchased them, I ordered one per person, but then as I was creating the names, I realized I only needed one PER COUPLE. Oops! Before I try to send them back, I thought I'd post them here first. I have 24 here and can give you the website if you want/need more. Each one comes in it's own cardboard box and protective plastic bag inside. PM me!$6 per compass or $120 for the lot! (plus shipping) Thanks Kat Check back frequently, as I will be posting many other items, after I take some photos (flip flops, pashminas, fans, parasols, earrings/bracelets, etc.)
  6. I'm getting married at Grand Velas April 23, 2010. I have been using Carmen and Yuri (from GV) for all the planning. We got a great room rate and so far, we have loved every minute of it. PM me if you need info - we've been down there twice already. Happy Planning!
  7. Can you forward the email that you use to get the free hats? twisten@aol.com Thanks!
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