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  1. That does help, thank you. I considered the remoteness of the resort, but both my fiance and I like the idea of a secluded spot. I hope our guests will manage... we will warn them in advance. Thanks again and I know you'll have a beautiful wedding!
  2. So my fiance and I are getting down to choosing our resort for our November 2010 wedding. We're seriously considering Coral Cove. We both want to be at a place that's smaller and more private than the larger resorts. It also has great reviews on TripAdviser and the wedding coordinator has been incredibly sweet and helpful thus far. I've only seen one or two reviews of it on here. Anyone else using them? Has anyone decided against them and wouldn't mind telling me why? Hope everyone is happily planning.
  3. Thanks for the advice, ladies! I think I'm definitely going to stick with turquoise... Just need to decide about the peacock feather thing (and its practicality.) I would definitely bring any peacock feather related items from home, but I'm worried that I'll be overplanning it if I do and not really taking advantage of the stress-free aspect of the destination wedding. Still plenty of time to decide, luckily...
  4. Hi all, I'm just getting starting with the wedding planning (been engaged less than a month!) but I thought coming up with color ideas might be a fun way to start. We're getting married in the Caribbean somewhere--I'm favoring Jamaica--and I wanted a nice tropical color theme. I think one of my first choices is turquoise. What color goes with it? Orange? Pink? I was also toying with the idea of doing a peacock feather color palette (turquoise and royal blue probably) but I don't know if that would work with my destination wedding since I have no idea if i can even get blue flowers in Jamaica, especially if I use a floral package from a resort. I might save the peacock feather theme for an at-home reception instead. Any thoughts? My fiance just tells me to pick what I like. He's so helpful.
  5. name: Katherine date: Nov 21, 2010 place: Negril most likely -- still looking for the perfect location!
  6. Hey everyone, My name is Katherine and I'm planning on getting married in the Carribean (most likely Jamaica) in November. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!
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