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  1. why dont you email gifts gallore for your welcome gifts they will deliver to you at a reasonable price giftsgallore@live.com. She is very nice and efficient
  2. Guys with the flowers compare prices give Natalie a call and see what you think here are some gift ides she sent me....you pay her the jamaican as is cost she only takes a source fee to find them and you pay the taxi that drops them off. A small bottle of appleton that people have quoted me US$8 for the actual price is jamaican $300 which is about $3.60 and her source fee is .50cents on each item taxi charges to rose hall is about $10. When i calculated everything for my 50 or more guest i am saving over US$200. This is why i encourage anyone to compare prices and when you meet the right perso
  3. Hey everyone! Â I have heard that the resorts DJ is not all that based on a bride that got married there late last year so thats my reason, for florist i am speaking with Natalie and she seems very reasonable and offers a great price does a fabulous job she was the one i got this set up photo from. Also very nice girl to work with she has been doing weddings for years she tells you all the scoop. I like the idea of the trip for the guest i met a driver while in Jamaica very nice clean bus christian, honest, clean looking person and he was giving us super deals. I arrangrd for him to pick
  4. Hey Ladies, Â Thank you for the info this DJ sounds like good stuff, i think after my ceremony i will be looking forward to unwinding and a good DJ will seal the deal. Sungold is great and Michael Chen i will be choosing one of the two, florist i will not be using flower studio not sure who yet. Being on this forum is great. I saw this photo and really liked the work
  5. There are many wonderful florist on the island i have met a few that do not have websites but can create evereything that Tai Flora or any other florist offers for that matter, i am going for Tropicals because they are grown locallyt and give a island feel. Go with who makes you comfortable or matches your needs right now with the eceonomy you can bargain alot for products, you dont have to stick to flower studio its just that the hotel has an agreement with them not that they are the best or better than anyone else.......Great for you Jenn cant wait to see photos!!!
  6. Hi Princess  There are some things that are very important food music and flowers thats really what makes your wedding so i will consider to pay for a pass if he is better great!! i dont want to say i wish!! Nikki can you please post some info on this DJ? Thanks
  7. Thanks princess J i think i am going to use a local as i will be using tropicals whats the sense of going to jamaica and not use tropicals. I will let you know how it works out.
  8. Flower studio does alot of work for the hotel but i was told there is no fee to take in your florist which is good, you can compare pricing.
  9. Thank you all for all the information on the flower studio, i will contact her tomorrow to finalize some details. Thanks alot!!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up! is there anyone looking at Montego Bay for their cruise wedding
  11. Anyone getting married in Montego Bay
  12. Hi all i am thinking of a cruise wedding, but i want to get married in jamaica montego bay, is there any other bride looking at that location i would love to be in touch with you, all help is needed.
  13. Hi everyone I am leaning towards a cruise wedding as well lokking at hotels it will all come down to the budget at the end but definately Jamaica Montego Bay at the hotel of my choice. anyone getiing married in montego bay or jamaica later this year or next year?
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