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  1. Have an amazing time SuzieQ, can't wait to see the pictures when you return! Congrats!!!!
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a while, hope you're all doing well! Challenge for this week: 1 - 30-60sec plank every day!
  3. Thanks for all the input. I'm just worried because my dad's a very stubborn and uptight guy. He thinks he's very different from my stepdad and doesn't have anything nice to say about him, while my stepdad's been nothing but wonderful and would never say a bad thing about my dad. It's just all very awkward, and I'm worried that if I tell my dad before he books his trip (which is 3 months away mind you), he'll decide to stay home... At any rate, thanks again for all your input guys!
  4. Welcome Margarita! I'm from the Vancouver area also, have fun planning!
  5. Hey guys, good luck on your first day! I'd recommend also doing measurements for sure. When you start to lose weight, you may get discouraged if you don't see numbers moving in the direction you want! Measure these spots: Right Bicep at its widest point Chest across the nipples Waist at its narrowest point Waist 1" below the belly button Hips at widest point Right thigh also at its widest point Tash, I'm going to email you a great spreadsheet I made to track my client progress. When I started working out I was part of jillianmichaels.com and we'd do challenges like this one all the time. It's actually why I became a trainer! It'd be cool for you to post it each week so the gals can see where they're at and how well they've done! Here's my 3 biggest tips, which I've given before but just a refresher: DON'T DRINK YOUR CALS! PERIOD! This includes juice people!! Milk's ok. CUT OUT STARCHES! Pastas, white breads, potatoes. I know it sounds terrible, but the reason you crave them is because your body's sugar levels aren't balanced. Starch turns to sugar instantly when you eat it, spiking energy levels and making you feel satisfied. Never lasts though! Cutting them out will stop cravings and you'll start eating when you're actually hungry. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! It'll help you feel satiated and you'll be less inclined to munch away. Oh, and I know it sounds simple but EAT SLOW and stop eating when you feel full! Your body takes 20min to register that you're full, so it's very easy to over-eat. Don't forget those crunches - 25 each day this week! Have a good day!
  6. Welcome to the forum Carey!
  7. Hey Kaleigh! Welcome to this wonderful wonderful forum! Have fun planning
  8. Ok guys, first off happy Monday! My challenge to you guys this week: 25 crunches every single day. Do it! Have an awesome day, I'm off to teach a spinclass
  9. I thought they lifted the carry on restrictions? I was worried also, but I was talking about it with friends tonight any they seem to think it's not applicable any more. Please let me know if you've heard otherwise!!
  10. I'm doing the complimentary package. I think that's a popular choice because you can add on the things you like and save quite a bit of money rather than paying for a $2000 package that you can't alter whatsoever.
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