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  1. Hi everyone! It's getting closer and closer to everyone's special day!! Hope everyone is enjoying the planning process. I am loving being married !! Still haven't changed my last name though.. I am trying to make it a priority for this month ha ha!! If have finally posted some pics on our wedding website of St. Lucia, Ladera, and Jade Mountain. Just got to www.monicaanddennisherring.com and on the Gallery page there is a drop down field and you'll see an option for Ladera, Jalousie, and Jade Mountain. Check them out. Everytime I see them, I so wish I was there again. Enjoy every minute lad
  2. Hi everyone!! Just checking in with everyone to see how the planning is going? Does anyone have a Facebook page? I have a ton of St. Lucia pics if anyone wants to see. Monica
  3. Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is enjoying your planning!! LilyRose -- we brought our own citronella candles with us to burn. I bought two packages of three and just fit them in my suitcase. I think I did see coils, but we've never used those before so we just stuck with what we had. Julee -- I'll check with Ladera and see if I can get a name for you about the flower vendor. I am so excited for all you!!! If anyone wants to check out our wedding pics, here's a link to the online gallery our photog set up for us. The password is tropics. http://christinehallclient.c
  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!! LilyRose I was so happy about my flowers!! I did not have to import them, my hotel was able to work with a florist in Castries to get them for me. So I would definitely check with Jade and they should be able to do the same thing for you. Everyone take bug spray!!! My hubby didn't get bit at all, but I was eaten ALIVE!! My legs looked absolutely horrible and my hubby referred to all my bites as "wounds" ... better safe than sorry. I didn't see that many bugs but then in the morning I would have a ton of bites so m
  5. Hello ladies!! I am back! We got back really late last Friday . .. and have been going through St. Lucia withdrawals all week. The wedding was absolutely A-mazing and each and every one of you ladies are going to be so happy you decided to choose St. Lucia as your destination wedding spot!! I am so glad we decided to wait to the wedding there. When we first got there is was rainy and dreary. .. which I was a bit upset about but by the end of the week things started to clear up. The Friday night pre-wedding celebration was great! Weather was perfect. Wedding day Saturday sta
  6. LilyRose are you getting excited? Did you book a package at Jade? We are spending the honeymoon part of our weddingmoon at Jade and booked the Total Romance package. Your wedding is going to be soooo amazing. Are you going to have the ceremony at the Celestial terrrace? Happy planning to you and cant wait to see your pics!! The architecture of the place is A-Mazing!! Monica
  7. Oh MEve!! So sorry to hear you're having to go deal with all this. We didn't do group rates b/c the hotel we recommended to the guests (Jalousie Plantation) required at least 10 rooms booked and 50% nonrefundable deposit down and we didn't have enough people who were coming. We kinda already knew who was going to be able to come or not (my pushy friend I told you about earlier pretty much just invited herself to the wedding but thats another story). We had about 40 people say they were going to come, but now its only 18 including us. We didn't do airline bookings either just because all our
  8. My Saturday was supposed to be a fun day of wedding planning with one of my friends (who is coming to the wedding also). So she comes over and I show her all my wedding stuff I've purchased--the starfish favors with tags, etc. She comments that she likes them, but is then like you know I could have just made these for you and how much did you spend on them b/c I would have done them for you and you wasted your money. I mean what do you say to that? Then when we went to the hair trial, she was like telling the hairstylist what to do and taking over.... On top of that my FI HATED my wedding ha
  9. MEve!! Wow what a wonderful spontaneous trip!! I'm in agreement with LilyRose about your room situation if that is possible. Since they are close friends and family I could see the justification for the extra cost. We were unable to get my MIL and step son at the hotel we booked our guests at and they are going to be at a different hotel from us and the guests and are now having to worry about transportation back and forth from the hotels ... it might be worth the money to pay the extra dependant on how much taxi costs are back and forth. Had my hair trimmed to just get all the spli
  10. Oh Meggers!! What a fabulous present from your mom!! One of my friends just spent her honeymoon there and LOVED it!! I am partial to St. Lucia since we are getting married there, but we'll be at the Southern part of the island. So ecstatic for you!! Monica
  11. Hi April Brides!! Hope everyone's getting their last minute tasks scratched off your to-do lists. I am kinda just in limbo at work . .. should be working, but checking out the forum instead. ha ha. I've still got lots to do and we leave in 20 days!! My goodness!! Monica
  12. Fabulous job!! You are going to have the wedding of your dreams!! Thanks for including a link to the frames you are using for table numbers. I have been thinking about doing the same thing and didn't know where to begin looking. Cannot wait to see your wedding pics -- they are going to be A-mazing. Monica
  13. Just wanted to add me to the list! April is fast fast fast approaching! Brandy Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Beaches Turks & Caicos Teneshia (Tennyt1) Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, Jamaica lsmith211 (leah) Wedding: April 5 Leaves: March 31 Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay JA Christina Wedding: April 7 Leaves: April 2 Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica Laura Wedding: April 9 Leaves: April 6 Riu Negril, Jamaica Monica Mai Wedding: April 16
  14. OH MEve!! I love those!! So sparkly and fabulous!!! I'll post a pick of my shoes soon!!
  15. Looks like the tags for the OOT bags didn't post.. . so here they are
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