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  1. HI, Here is a good mariachi, they are 8 or 10 persons. They charge around 5000 or 6000 pesos per hour. The name of the person in charge is Eric, his cell phone number is 322 146 9358. If you call from the USA you need to dial 00 52 1 before the number. We had various weddings with them and they are very good. Pierre
  2. You are very welcome! You could check out La Mansion and Villa Celeste; they do many weddings. Casa China Blanca is one of my favorite ones, north of Puerto Vallarta. And Casa Yvoneka has an amazing view. Hacienda palo maria is also beautiful but somewhat expensive...
  3. Photography by Eva Sica and Pierre Morillon for www.photoshootsvallarta.com Wedding coordination by Blanca for Adventure Weddings
  4. Hi jenna, We took a few photos there. It is a lovely place. Thay have a terrace on the top floor which can be very nice for ceremonies and a big living room that opens on an other terrace which is lovely for receptions. it is also only 10 minutes from downtwon Puerto Vallarta. PIerre
  5. Thank you! The hotel has 18 rooms and a few 2 or 3 bedroom villas that you can rent as well. In total around 60 guests can stay at the hotel. There are a few hotel in Sayulita, 5 minutes away or Bucerias, 20 minutes away.
  6. Hi Girls, The weddings at the Four Seasons are beautiful. here is a video we did of a wedding there. pierre
  7. Hi, there are much less vendors in Punta de Mita. Some of the beaches are rocky, but you can swimm on a lot of them without any trouble. The Royal Suites is a somewhat big resort. La tranquila has very nice gardens and pools but has many buildings in construction. A very nice, very private (also very expensive) hotel is Imanta. In Punta de Mita. http://www.imantaresorts.com/ I think it is perfect for a honeymoon.
  8. Venue: Garza Blanca Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Wedding coordinator: Gabriela Saucedo Minister: Lucie Aubert Flowers: Iris Maldonado Make-up, hair: Sebastian Salon Photographer Eva Sica, http://www.PhotoShootsVallarta.mx
  9. Wedding of Amanda and Casey in Villa Vista Magica, Sayulita, Mexico Photographers Eva Sica and Pierre Morillon www.PhotoShootsVallarta.com Wedding planners Eva and Michael www.vallartaweddings.com
  10. Hi, I got married in San Pancho, my wife is the wedding coordinator at Garza Blanca and I have shot weddings in all of the other hotels except for the Hacienda San Angel. All of those hotels are very nice and very different from each others so I am sure you will find the one for you. You can send me a message if you would like to see some of our wedding galleries to see what their weddings look like! Pierre
  11. My wife and I got married last May in the little town called San Pancho, 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Me being French and my wife being Mexican, we wanted to do something very Mexican and very different for my family and all of my friends who were coming to Mexico for the first time. The Hotel : The Hacienda San Pancho opened last year and is a boutique hotel specializing in weddings. It is just outside of the town called San Pancho, has 18 rooms and a few 3 bedroom villas. All of the rooms are very spacious and some of them have mini-swimming pools on their terrace. The hotel is very private, since it closes for every wedding, we had no intruders or persons outside of the wedding at any point of the day. The staff was absolutely amazing, they all worked very hard to make everything we wanted possible. Gretel, who is the hotel manager helped us all along the way, she never said no to any of our crazy ideas (such as having a donkey in the beach club), you can see that she has a lot of experience coordinating weddings. The hotel offers the possibility to host your wedding on its private beach, in the beach club with an amazing view to the beach or in the gardens inside the hacienda. We decided to use all 3 of those areas ! We had our cocktail in the Beach Club, our civil ceremony on the beach and the reception in the gardens. Since the hotel hosts only your guests, it allows you to have the party going much later than other hotels would. We decided to stop at 3am but I am sure that Gretel would have allowed us to go much later, if our feet could have handled it ! The Cocktail and Ceremony: We wanted something very relaxed with a vintage look to it. Gretel helped us find some old furnitures like a red Corona bar or an old bathtub. We filled the tub with bottles of beer, sodas, water and many coconuts which one of the hotels employee would then cut and prepare for us. Details Vallarta provided us with a few « seats » made out of straw and all of the little pieces of decoration that would bring more of a Mexican flavor. To add to this relaxed/fun atmosphere, we decided to create a photo-booth out of a donkey, a couple of sombreros and a poncho. It was a big hit ! Our Mariachi band was playing with its back to the ocean, and they would « shake their booty ! » while playing, which only added to the relaxed atmosphere we were looking for. From there, you could see the beach where we were going to have our ceremony. For the ceremony, we wanted something very simple and minimalist. We used an other of the old furniture Gretel helped us find as well as 2 big Agaves, which looked great! The Reception : The decoration at the reception was, again, very Mexican and simple. We had bought many small statues of little mariachis, little Katrinas, little pigs... Every table had a different set of statues. As centerpieces, we decided to create our owns and bought many little cactuses. We had 2 lounge areas with bonfires where our guests could relax when they were not eating or dancing. Since we wanted a relaxed atmosphere throughout the wedding, we decided to have a buffet for dinner, and what best way to have a mexican buffet than to have Tacos ! Our favorite Taco stand from Puerto Vallarta came and cooked Fish and Shrimp Ceviche as well as Fish – Shrimp – Pork or Beef tacos or quesadillas. Mexicans always love tacos and our French and American guests found the food amazing and very fresh ! You can never go wrong with tacos ! Me being french, the only concession I could not make was on the cakes... I had to have french cakes for dessert, and I had to have many of them ! So our friend Eric, from the Paris Cafe in Puerto Vallarta made us many, many... many cakes ! Not only did they look good, they were amazing ! Vendor Impressions : All of our guests told us they had an amazing time at our wedding and my family went back to France in love with Mexico ! They all thought the hotel was amazing and the staff even better. There could not have been a better place for our wedding than the Hacienda San Pancho and it would not have been the same without the help of Gretel. Details Vallarta rented us all of the tables, chairs … We had put them in charge of setting up everything for us. They understood the concept we were going for and surprised us with many little details that made the decorations even better. The food was amazing, fresh and very affordable. We bought all of the alcohol in Costco and it was also less expensive then through any catering company. Our photographer Eva Sica is my business associate, I do not need to write a review on her, I think the photos speak for themselves. My wife was extremely happy with her flowers and we were extremely happy with the DJ. We had given him some instructions on what kind of music we liked and he played only songs we loved (until 3am!) the quality of the speakers were very good. The donkey was extremely polite, and smiled for all of the photos ! Hotel : Hacienda San Pancho Photographer : Eva Sica Coordinator and Decorations: Gretel from Hacienda San Pancho and Herriberto from Details Vallarta Flowers : Sandra Lucia Tacos : Mariscos Cisneros Deserts : Eric Lenoir from the Paris Cafe Mariachi : El Mariachi Loco DJ : Watussy Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like a more detailed review of any of our vendors or if you need help with anything for your wedding! Pierre
  12. Hi, It almost never rains the entire day in Vallarta, even during the rainy season. The weather in July, during the day is always very hot, humid and without any clouds! However around 7 or 8pm it will start raining very hard for a few hours. It rains 2 out of 3 evenings in general. This July we shot 6 weddings, and it rained for just 2 of them. So it could rain for your wedding, but that would be after the ceremony, during the reception, which a lot of hotel/villas can offer to have inside or you can rent a tent. Pierre
  13. You should check the Hacienda where I got married, it is a small hotel/large villa, which, if rented for a wedding, you will have all by yourself. They fit 200 people easily and we had our wedding until 3am but could have gone later if we wanted to. It is called Hacienda San Pancho. Almost all of the private villas will have a noise ordinance, but an other choice of a very nice villa who can accomodate that many people would be Casa China Blanca.
  14. I did buy a few bouquets for my wife at flowers to go in the past and they were all very pretty! But I have never seen any bridal bouquet from them.
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