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  1. Good Morning Ladies from Gorgeous Cancun Mexico!!! We got in yesterday evening to low clouds and LOTS of humidity, had a few sprinkles last night; but woke up to bright sunshine over the ocean. I heard that the storm later today will be pretty fierce, but outside of my guests arriving safely, I really don't mind. The view is spectacular and Charlie & I decided that lounging in the jacuzzi as we watched the rain over the Carribean could be pretty romantic. I woke up at 5am because I was to freakin' excited to sleep! :woot: We have our meeting with the WC this morning. I will try to put up a brief on that later today. We got so much internal peace once we got here, most of my anxieties have disappeared. So far the staff has been amazing. (We forgot to research the value of a dollar here, so we haven't figured out yet what a good tip is.) Even that phenomenal photo posted by Del Sol eased my mind. I seriously doubt that the resort photographer is a good as Matt and company so pray for sunshine and dry conditions for Saturday, please!!!
  2. We fly out Wednesday too. The good news is, if you look at the forecast, there is a sun peaking out from behind the cloud and the lightening bolt. That typically means that the rain is intermittent. I'm stressing over so much now, I had to let go of the things I can't control. I just feel really badly that our guests have kicked out so much money to make this trip just to get rained on. I heard that the beaches are why people flock to Cancun in the first place. It'll be lousy not to get that experience.
  3. The prices start at $220. This is the "basic" package, but it is more than just basic. It comes with a mixing board, a microphone, a dual-DVD player, speakers, all of the cables, set-up and take-down, etc.
  4. Ladies, I just put up a post for more clarification about what photography and/or video service we can use the resort credit for. I'm pretty desperate for a photographer. What can we or can't we use the Vacation Dollars for regarding photography and video? Please help!
  5. I have been assigned Cristina and Lupita too! Our wedding is Saturday, June 11th (only 13 more days!!!). I haven't heard anything about Cristina either. She typically takes about 2 days to respond to my emails. There have been a few questions she's left unanswered, even though I've asked more than once. Hmmmm..... I too would like to know more about Lupita's work if anyone knows. Ladies, I'm still catching up on reading the posts, so please forgive me if this has already been addressed: Can someone PLEASE help me to understand what specific photography and/or video services we can use our Vacation Dollars for? I sent Lupita an email asking her specifically if we could and she responded that Vacation Dollars could only be used for "My Palace Memories by Kodak." I can't find anything on My Palace Memories on the photography website that Lupita sent me, on the MP website, nothing. Even when I googled it, I got a synopsis but no details. I had to use $2000 of my wedding budget to fix my car that died suddenly, so I had to axe my photographer. IF Vacation Dollars can be used, that would be an answer from heaven!
  6. Thank you for such detail. I've been out of the loop for a while. My wedding is 2 weeks away, now I'm scrambling to catch up on all of the posts that I've missed. This helps a ton! My reception is also on the Grand Terrace, but I didn't reserve the lanterns. Do you think that there would have been enough lighting without them?
  7. We are arriving on Wednesday, June 8th. Our flight gets in about 5pm, so I'm hoping that we will be at the resort and checked-in no later than 8pm. We are staying until Saturday, June 18th. How long will you guys be there?
  8. I'm interested in combining orders, and we're date twins! We're getting married in Cancun, how about you? There is another bride on this thread with a June 10th date in Cabo. I didn't look for her location, but I'm in Los Angeles. If you're also in Cancun, that will save some shipping costs. I'm interested in keychains and maybe baseball caps.
  9. Thank you SO much for sharing, I'm rearranging my budget to try to include that package after seeing your video.
  10. alison15: How did you reserve a Hospitality/Dressing Room? I asked my TA about one months ago, and she said that she thought I would have to book a regular room for a night to use for my WP to get ready. Since resort check-in is not until 3pm and my wedding starts at 6pm, I would have to book a regular room for 2 nights - Friday night to have the room by noon and Saturday night so they won't kick us out at 3.
  11. I'm getting married June 11, 2011 at 6pm. acallihan's wedding is the 9th - we should all get together for a drink.
  12. Hi Ladies, I'm finally baaaack!!! I've haven't been active on the forum since last summer. Life got so hectic, I even had to put the wedding planning down for a while. I'm playing catch-up with reading the posts, so I'm reading 3-5 pages a night from where I originally left off and reading the current posts as they occur. Please forgive me if I ask or post something redundant. I hope to be completely caught up in a week or so. HappyTara: what is the updated lighting package GeorgiaPeach: do you have any photos of the Grand Moon Pool area for your reception? I requested a reception spot on the Grand side and was given something else. I will have to look back through my emails from about five months ago to see which one. I'M LESS THAN THREE MONTHS AWAY AND I HAVEN'T BEEN CONTACTED BY MY RESORT WC YET!!! SOOOOO NOT HAPPY. (Nevermind that this is the THIRD one that I've been assigned...)
  13. I sent in a submission, but forgot to put my forum user name. Thank you for offering such a generous package! Good Luck to all of you Cancun brides who entered!!! - Jean
  14. So, with all of the wedding & travel expenses, Latisse was moved to the very bottom of my budget. (I've had to abandon my Zoom whitening wish for Crest 3-D strips.) BUT, I found a product on HSN that I really LOVE. It's a mascara+fiber+mascara kit called Scandalous Lashes by Ready-to-Wear. The results are phenomenal! What I really like about this product is that you can control the amount of volume and length you want by how much you actually apply. I wear it at work (hospital administrator) and I've adjusted my application for an evening look. A few friends at work recommended it. I am the type to read product reviews, so after doing this and watching the video demonstration, I ordered it. It was less than $40 and lasts for months. I a fan of HSN anyway and the Scandalous Lashes keeps me coming back. BTW: I didn't have it on in my profile pic, LOL!
  15. Does anyone know what happened to Shavon's Silks? She has done fantastic work for some other BDW brides, but I can't find her website. When I went to order with AA back in November 2010 for my June 2011 wedding, she was already booked.
  16. I love this thread! Ladies who are generously sharing: please indicate which part of the resort where the pictured locations are (Nizuc, Sunrise, Grand...). The Carribean Terrace is gorgeous, but I don't know which side it's on. Thanks everyone, keep those photos comin'! (Especially pics from the Grand side, they are really rare.)
  17. I have the same colors! I'm planning to purchase some sashes, table runners, and napkins soon - maybe we can share and split the cost. My wedding is June 2011 in Cancun, MX. I need about 60 sashes total. Send me a PM with your specifics if you're interested!
  18. Could you please share where you found the Tiffany blue parasols and sashes? Thanks!
  19. I read somewhere that there is a charge for translating the marriage license.
  20. I'm really liking Norma's work. Thanks for the pics, Ladies.
  21. We chose Mexico for the same reasons listed above; to circumvent the legal red tape, we're marrying secretly here in the States and doing a symbolic ceremony in Cancun.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by msredd3129 SouthernSweetie, cold fireworks are like big sparklers usually set up around the dance floor for the first dance. I know DJ Mannia has them, but I am not sure if any of the moon palace contracted vendors offer them. From what I hear, they are supposed to be cheaper than regular fireworks. Thanks for clearing that up. I think that MP show that in some of their photos. I wonder if that is what they consider "fireworks." If so, they are very pretty but very overpriced.
  23. Great pics - thanks for sharing. I absolutely LOVE your make-up! Girl, you look HOT! Your FI will love them!
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