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  1. March 20th - leaving Calgary March 17th! So excited!
  2. Ok so I ordered wish lanterns as a surprise for our guests and then found out they're not allowed at Dreams PV! I had my wedding coordinator contact management and they will make the exception if we sign a waiver that we'll pay 1.5 million pesos if there is any damage to the palapas! I don't think we'll have any issues but I was wondering if anyone else signed this waiver and if there were any problems? Let me know ladies!
  3. Just wondering how expensive were talking when it comes to the additional photo packages as we're going with the ultimate package as well for our wedding in March 2012???
  4. We're booked for March 20, 2012! : ) We're using a travel agent and have booked an early booking bonus through Westjet. We need to have the initial deposit for 10 rooms paid by May 4th. If we choose to guess how many guests we'll have we can lay down a deposit for them and then from there we can increase or decrease the number by 25% as long as we maintain 10 rooms. The only crummy part is the payment has to be made in full by the end of August which is pretty early considering our wedding isin't until March! I got different rates for food. The buffet prices start at 55US and go to 75US per person. If we do a sit down menu (which is the plan for now) with our ulitmate package each additional guest will be $30 for the cocktail and $45 for the dinner. Are you guys getting a better price on these still? The plan B is we're thinking of hiring an outside taco vendor in and having a late ceremony on the beach followed by tacos drinks and dancing. This way if people don't want to eat the tacos they'll have time to get a bite in the restaurant before hand. I used to live in PV and my FI loves it there. We love the food and the culture so we think it would be really unique. Has anyone done this on read on the forums about the pricing for this type of event?
  5. lilly

    Pepe's Taco cart

    I want to do the same thing! Let me know if you hear anything more! Thx, Elisha
  6. Hello - everyone. I've been a member for a while now but my FI and I were not officially engaged until the beginning of October. : ) Always good to get a head start! : ) We have decided on PV Dreams for our wedding and I'm just wondering if someone can reccommend a good TA. The date wont be until March 2012 but I want to have the date confirmed with the hotel before I send out save the dates and I need to find out when flights leave from Calgary/Edmotnon as we're planning to go down early and get married a day or two after our guests arrive so I'm not a bridezilla all week! I live in Calgary AB if that makes a difference. I really want someone I can trust that can book the new tower and help me take care of details. Thanks in advance for any reccomendations!