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  1. Hi! We have been looking at several resorts and narrowed down to 7... we are hoping to narrow down to 3-4 choices soon! After a bit of research, we decided to just make a trip there. My difficulty is...we only want to make one trip to keep cost down. Should we do it now to help make our selection...or should we wait until we have everything booked and just go for one final site inspection? What are the positive and negatives of either one? Another thing we are wonder is... is it worth it to hire an outside wedding planner to deal with all the communications with the resort coordinators. Sounds like a lot of the negative experience is due to some resort coordintor's services. Wedding planning is tough! I'm so glad there's a whole community of you here
  2. So sorry to hear about your horrible experience! The chapel is also where I want to have our wedding. Who is your wedding coordiniator? Is there a way to request of a different one? We haven't contact them yet. Since we plan to visit a few places in 1-2 months from now to narrow down the resort. This one has been my top choice, but now that I hear about your experience. I'm worried! They sound so unaccommodating. I'm glad you hear that the chapel is still as beautiful as in the pictures though!
  3. Feels like I'm back in college when I saw undecided. Hello! I'm Kat. I've been engaged since Sept, and just finally decided (90% sure) to have a destination wedding. Many things still undecided, including date and location. It should be sometime in late 2010 or early 2011. Looking forward to sharing the planning process with other destination brides here.
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