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  1. I'm going with the Fuji too. Here's what my co-worker said about her wedding (she used the Fujifilm Instax): No we didn’t have any issues with battery life. We brought an extra set of batteries but didn’t need to use them. The camera we used was like the old style Polaroid so printing time wasn’t an issue. It basically is a Polaroid camera. So as soon as you took a picture, the Polaroid spit out.  Unlike the new Polaroid which actually saves a digital copy and “prints†which is why it uses so much battery. I guess it just depends if you want to buy extra batteries and have a digital copy.
  2. I've been doing some research on polaroid and fuji instax instant cameras. It sounds as though the polaroid pogo can only print 20 photos before the battery goes dead! If you have access to an extension cord you could be ok. I haven't read anything yet about the Fujifilm instax yet. I think you can print a lot more, but still doing research.
  3. SoonToBeMrsGray

    Sunrider Tours-Pricing Information

    I just emailed Mario at Sunrider Tours and he said if I guaranteed 40 ppl, he could do $35/pp. This was for a Thursday night, so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.
  4. SoonToBeMrsGray

    DJ Options - Pacific Sound - DJ Manuel?

    I booked DJ Joaquin for my wedding in November. He is very prompt and seems good so far.
  5. SoonToBeMrsGray

    Mexico Flower availibilty List

    Hi Tammy, Any way you can send me the Mexico Flower availability list? SHannon
  6. SoonToBeMrsGray

    Anyone heard of "Mi Tierra" mariachi?

    Hi all, I got a quote from Jose Luis from Mariachi Internacional. He said we would pay on the wedding day - no deposit required. There is no contract. So, I have to hope that he shows up. Did any of you end up booking Mariachi Internacional or another mariachi band? Shannon
  7. Thanks for your review! I am close to choosing a venue for my wedding and this one is in the top running! Shannon
  8. SoonToBeMrsGray

    Alyssa's planning thread...

    Wow, thanks Alyssa for sharing. You've inspired me to look into more details than I would have normally. You have some really cute ideas!! Congrats!
  9. Thank you so much for your review! I am currently trying to figure out which location to choose, and this helps a lot! Shannon
  10. SoonToBeMrsGray

    Cabo Bride 2010 - Fiesta Americana?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to decide on which venue to choose. I really like Fiesta Americana, but it might be outside of my price range. I also like Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar.... Looking forward to reading the forums! Shannon