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  1. I am so sorry to hear this! For what it is worth, my Dad has battled cancer twice in the past few years, his latest diagnosis was fall of 2007. He was only given a few months to a year, but here we are in 2009, planning a wedding for early 2011 and I have very intention of having my currently cancer FREE father walk me down the isle (god willing) . So, keep the faith, stay positive, and certainly do send your guests a letter to inform them of your altered plans to celebrate love and life (I love that!!)! Best of luck to you and your Mom. Please feel free to PM me. I would be happy to talk with you any time!
  2. Hello all Ok, we are about to make the big e-ring purchase here in the next few weeks. I thought I would ask you what your thoughts were on a topic that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now... white gold vs. platinum. I am a preschool teacher, so my initial thought was platinum...for strength and "ruggedness". My ring is very detailed, pave diamonds and all, and our jeweler, after talking wtih me about my concerns, suggested very strongly the white gold for the e-ring and bands. Of course I LOVED that the jeweler didn't try to upsell us, and genuinely listened to my concerns. My main concerns: sparkle and pop of the diamonds, and I want the ring to look as good fifty years from now as it does the day he formally purposes Obviously I will do all of the reccomended maintenence as well. Thanks for your insights ladies! In case the design of the ring helps, my e-ring will be Mark Schneiders "Cherish" (with a slight modification as we designed with Mark himself).
  3. Great everyone, thank you! I really love the idea of the Friday wedding... that way we have time to share with our guests post-event where we can truely relax and celebrate how much we adore our guests!!
  4. Hello all~ I am planning a Puerto Rico wedding, very small, with our immediate famalies, their spouses, and a few very close friends. We all live on the East Coast USA, so the flight times will be 2-3 hours of travel for what we hope will be a memorable, relaxed long weekend kind of celebration. Looking at the prices (although I have verry little info from my prefered location yet), I am assuming that a Friday wedding ceremony may allow for some extra room in our budget.... but I am wondering if it is too much to expect my guests to fly in for a weekday wedding so I can save a few bucks? My guests will be my dearest friends and family, so I think they will be on board for whatever we want. Thought I would run it by you all anyway, feedback from a neutral source always helps! My vision: Me and my guy fly in on Wednesday morning, get ready....etc etc... have a welcome happy hour Thursday evening, or perhaps a beach side bbq or something to celebrate our guests arrivals. Perhaps a friday evening wedding. Then a Saturday celebration with our famalies and closest friends, with some sort of Puerto Rico unique activity with our guests in mind. We want to be good hosts, and experience something new and fun with the people that mean the most to us! What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  5. onelove79

    In-suite reception

    A good friend of mine got married at the Bellagio in vegas on their terrace, and had their reception in the penthouse swuite. It was a small gathering with a wonderful view of the fountains! She was very happy with her choice, and has been my inspiration for planning a destination wedding! From a guests perspective, I found it to be perfect for the couple, and a refreshing treat as a member of the wedding party to be able to really enjoy the evennig, the couple, and the location that they picked for their special day! Good luck and happy planning!
  6. onelove79

    Newbie, planning a puerto rico wedding :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaBanana Welcome! At one point we had also looked at Puerto Rico - particularly El Convento. It looked absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, we could not afford it with our guest list. However, I'm not sure if you have requested any information from them or not, but they do have information on packages and menus available. I contacted them via their website and they responded within a couple of days tops. Good luck! Hi all Thanks for the welcome! AnnaBanana, I did try tro email El Covento...but have not heard back yet (i recieved a delay of delivery message this morning, which means something is wrong on their end). We are looking at a 20-30 ppl max guest list, any info you may remeber about costs per person would be greatly appreciated! Happy planning
  7. Hello all! Great place you have here. My name is Heather, and I am soon to be engaged to my wonderful boyfriend. We've picked the e-ring, a Mark Schneider "cherish". I can't wait! I had the pleasure of meeting Mark two weeks ago, he is as kind as he is talented! I have been a bridesmaid quite a few times, so I am shying away the standard local wedding scenes, and am thinking a very small, intimate wedding. I am considering Puerto Rico for its convenience to our honeymoon plans (a cruise), and due to its beauty! We are looking at 20-25 people. I would love to keep the budget for the ceremony and reception to around 5k, but we have time to save and to make adjustments if need be! Just last night I discovered Hotel El Convento though reading the posts here. LOVE it! I would love hear from anyone who has had a PR wedding! Never having been there, I don't know what to expect. I look forward to getting to know all of you!