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  1. The review is so awesome!!!!!! I am so excited and cannot wait for my wedding in November!! I have less than 3 mos to go...cant believe how time flies by!!!!!
  2. Hi, Can you email the new pricing packages to me as well? Thanks. My email is kks1882@yahoo.com . THanks!!
  3. My Wedding coordinator Esterlin just wrote back to me and said as of now she has not heard of new ownership on Melia in Punta cana and my wedding date is all set for Nov 5th 2010, I am reserved and told not to worry!!!! SO that is good.... Christina,....I am def going to call my travel agent from DW about this, b/c if things aren't affecting punta cana, they really shouldnt get us all nervous about this.
  4. Hi, Thanks for reply. I have Kimberly Koehn as my wedding coordinator. She said she knows Riviera Maya they are strongly encouraging the move in hotels, but punta cana they don't know much yet. I booked in dec/jan and most of my guests have as well. I am not going to worry too much unless something drastic changes. I like the Melia and if you go to the facebook pages, people and photographers are uploading daily great info and experiences.
  5. HI to everyone. I am getting married at the Melia on November 5, 2010 as well. I just heard from my destination weddings .com travel agent that Melia is under new ownership and it is affecting the Riviera May and Cancun Melias but has not affected Punta cana just yet. Has anyone heard anything about this yet? I was just concerned. I really liked the Melia...and I want to stay but I dont want to have problems. This is new to me, I am not trying to scare anyone, just trying to find information, if any. Thanks!! Kristin
  6. kloc12

    Melia CaribeTropical Bride!

    Congrats!!! I am getting married at Melia too in Nov. 5th 2010!
  7. Thanks everyone! Its so frustrating, because I am not concerned, and will know it will pass, but media and opinions left and right without getting facts are super annoying. I just want to get married on a beach and have a relaxing wedding, I could not imagine having a big traditional wedding....is it worse?? haha!! kristin
  8. Hi, Has anyone been having problems with guests about the earthquake in haiti? I have been trying to reassure my guests but some ( like parents) dont get it. Has anyone just returned from there? Thanks for anyones help! Kristin
  9. Thanks jennierin!!! I am officially deciding to go with the Melia and so excited!!! I cannot wait to hear your review!! You look beautiful!!
  10. Hi, I am in the same boat. I am planning to get married next november 2010 and can't decide between Dreams Punta Cana and Melia. I find I am leaning more towards Melia, but then I start to like the Dreams again. They are both roughly close in price but I am not sure about the wedding package prices at dreams compared to melia. So thats what I am trying to research. If anyone else can share how they made their decision, please share!! Kristin
  11. kloc12

    Weddings in Punta Cana--Melia vs. Dreams

    Thanks everyone.....I am very excited about the idea of a DW. Seems so fairy tale!! Original too!!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am Kristin, new to the forum. I am planning on going to Punta Cana next Nov. 2010 for my DW. I am having so much trouble finalizing my decision I am down to 2. Melia and Dreams. I probably will have about 20 people. I dont know which one to choose. Both look amazing. Is Melia more expensive? Are better rates at Dreams? And is Dreams as massive of a resort as Melia? Thanks to anyone who can help!! Kristin
  13. kloc12

    Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana

    Does the bars at this resort stop serving alcohol at 11pm? Does anyone know?