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  1. So im assuming you guys just used fishing line to attach the led/battery inside the lantern?
  2. I was planning on giving them in their welcome bags when they arrive and leaving one at the front desk with all the peoples rooms that have already arrived filled out so they can just copy it and add their own!!
  3. Hey girls!! Im sooo not good at creating things on the computer and id really like to give everyone a guest list that they can add everyones room numbers to when they arrive!! Would anyone mind emailing me their template?? I would appreciate it sooo much!! Thanks! Ashleycivitarese@gmail.com
  4. So i found a flowergirl pail i liked but it was like $50 a piece and i needed two! So i made my own..what do you think?
  5. Here ya go girls! They are 34 oz and were $6.22 a piece. They do not have these colors on the bubba website bc they are exclusively for walmart. I love them!!
  6. Got mine at WalMart!! Awesome new colors..aqua, red, green, black
  7. Wow these are amazing pictures!! Thanks!! I def think im going to think about getting some ttd done in a neighborhood!! I love this!!! Quote: Originally Posted by FineArtStudio In Tulum there are tons of fantastic place for shoot the TTD A lot of brides utilize the cenotes and the beaches in the area for TTD pics. Of course the beaches and the cenotes are fantastic but also in the neighborhoods is realy amazing! You can see some examples here: http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/tulum-town-and-cenote-dos-ojos-trash-the-dress/ http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/amazing-tulum-town-and-cenote-trash-the-dress/ http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/trash-the-dress-victoria-michael-tulum/ Good luck! Fabrizio
  8. Im having my reception on the beach and am just about to purchase paper lanterns but im still not sure what size to get? Could you girls please tell me what size you used for your reception if you used lanterns!! IM going crazy here, over this little detail haha!!!
  9. Haha no we havent...we are def doing the sand ceremony and i want to find something for my fiance and me to read to one another ( since he refuses to write our own vows bc he says he doesnt wanna cry) and i plan on having a close friend do a reading of some sort. Now i just hafta find readings i like!!
  10. Carrieb258 i found it!!!!...heres the website... www.4wed.net/readings.htm#readings
  11. Aurora stated that we can add our own vows at the end.....haha i actually didnt even realize that until i looked back at the email for you..hmm glad i did!! I hope "the end" at least means before the "i do's" part of the ceremony. haha! We dont have our own wording picked out yet but i found this website with a ton of different ceremony ideas but now i cant find it...when i do ill let you know!! Originally Posted by carrieb258 That's fantastic thanks Ashley will definitely take your advice on the room upgrade. When Aurora says add to what does she mean - before? After? During? Do you know? What are you planning on doing in your ceremony? I would really like to add in our own vows and a few readings, just not sure if it will be possible. Wow your wedding is really soon i bet you are really excited - would love to hear how it all goes?
  12. Curtney, Ill be there June 27-July 4. My name is Ashley Civitarese haha. Thanks a bunch
  13. Carrie, Aurora emailed me that you cannot change the original ceremony (legal) but you can add to it. And as far as room upgrades..i have read from many many brides that when they get there they do get upgraded. In my past experiences in traveling we have also gotten upgraded for either free or for less then it wouldve been if booked beforehand. So , we always wait until we get there to do any upgrades or room changes. Hope this helps! This is the copy of the legal ceremony that was sent to me. MEXICAN CIVIL MARRIAGE ADVICES ( TAKEN FROM OCAMPO’S LETTER ) Ladies and gentlemen, according to the laws of this country we are gathered here to join the bonds of Matrimony which is an honorable status: Seeing it is a very important act, I would kindly ask everybody to remain in silence. As witnesses of this important act, there are present here: 1. - 2. 3. 4. – Who will sign the marriage document. A great Mexican philosopher of the ninetheen century, Mr. Melchor Ocampo, wrote in his legendary letter, the following words that until today are always read in our wedding ceremonies “ marriage “, it says is the only legal and moral way to found a Family, to preserve mankind and avoid imperfections of the human being who are only able to obtain the perfection of the human race, through matrimony in a conjugal duality. Men and Women have the same rights, but it is important to observe their respective obligations. Both of you should have respect, fidelity, trust and assistance to one another and also tenderness and love, much love. Do not fight with one another, use your heads and your hearts to correct something wrong. Both of you should be aware of the great responsibility of being parents, because you should provide your children with attention, good example to follow during the rest of their lives. I now ask two questions to your witnesses. 1.-Are ___________ and __________ ¿Persons you know well? 2. - ¿ And are there any objections for them to be joined in legal marriage in Mexico? _______ ¿ do you accept _______________ as your beloved and wedded wife, ________ ¿ do you accept _______________ as your beloved and wedded husband. _________ and_______ in the name of the law and the society and with the authority from the Solidaridad Municipal here in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mèxico, I now declare you husband and wife. You may Kiss the bride. ¡ CONGRATULATIONS! Tulum, Quintana Roo. , 2011. El C. Oficial 01 del Registro Civil. EPISTOLA_EN_INGLES_07.doc
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