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  1. HI Ideavila! What did you walk down the aisle too with the mariachis. I have a list I've put together but some of the mariachi songs although romantic because I understand the lyrics my fiancee thinks sound somber. could you share your list if you don't mind?
  2. latina77

    Grand Sunset Princess

    yes I am getting married there july 2010! I didn't know anyone as of yet getting married there! Happy planning!
  3. I think you should leave the planter natural as well! Its amazing....could you share the name of the site you got the inspried image of for the centrepiece? I have been looking for dahlias at michaels but in canada they are not available yet nor are sea fans! DO you have a site you've checked out already! Coincidentally I am using curly willow and dahlias for the bridal shower!
  4. hey there shae! I love your magnet idea - I'm trying to figure out how you you go the text inside it though? Can you open up the magnet or do you put it behind? Great job on everything you have done so far - you are definitely waaay ahead of me! Fantastic job!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Angelfire Are you looking for love songs? slower songs? or party tunes? I've got some great ideas, just let me know the theme you're using for your cds Hi Angelfire: I would like to have some mariachi love songs and party songs...a mix of everything to be honest! I would really welcome your suggestions!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by heart0476 Hi Ladies... I wanted to share some info with everyone. My sisters had a wonderful surprise bridal fiesta for me and they gave out these beautiful maracas (one per guest) as the favor. I think I am going to order some smaller ones as favors for my wedding since they looked so nice...and....they say "Mexico" on them. I called the vendor and there is no way to get specific colors but for the price you can't beat it: $1.95 per pair if you order over 12 pairs. Here is the link - Amols' Specialty - Catalog - Traditional Maracas I can't figure out how to post the pic but if you're interested let me know I can email you the pic of the ones from my shower. You'll be able to see all the colors. My sisters tied little tags on them that said" "Shake it High, Shake it low...Kirk and Kim are getting married in Mexico"! PS: The site also has cute little sombreros to place on sauce bottles- the 2.5 inch ones are super cheap. I am using them to put on mini tequila bottles. Hope this info helps! xoxo I am also getting married in Mexico and organizing my shower which will have a mexican tropical theme! We plan to play mariachi music (on cd) in the background.....our centerprices will be curly twigs with orchids and a few blooms of mexico national flower - DAHLIAS. Did you have your shower already? ANy ideas of games or fun things that can be done taht have a mexican related theme? Were the name tags for your maracas really tiny?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kerryjbrown We are alternating at the seats (so couples don't end up with 2 of the same thing). One seat gets a crystal heart wine stopper (we are wino's and our theme is all crystaled). The other is a personalized CD that I made of some of my favorite spanish songs. I created the label with our photo, placed it in a blue cd pocket and put that inside a ecru metalic petals that matches everythign else on the table (placecards, table numbers & menus) with our logo and tied iwth a blue ribbon. what do you mean by "a ecru metalic petals".....Are you using a hard case for your Cd idea?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by bcbride This is what I am thinking of doing for favors, I think they are so cute! Check this thread out> Best Destination Wedding Forum ~ The Ultimate Destination Wedding Resource hi there! Unfortunately your link just brings me back to the homepage would you mind sharing what you did?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cogswellgray Here is my Vistaprint brochure preview! Morgan was a big help with this as well as others I stole some info from, hehe! I made it on Word, and uploaded it to vistaprint. I don't have to print these for another few months but I was so inspired that I got it done ahead of time and when I'm ready I can print them and add more info if i need it! Thanks for you help ladies! I'll repost with pics once I'm recieve my order so you can see the final product! But dont hold your breathe cus I made this WAAAAY in advance, hahaha! I absolutely loved this idea! Good planning ahead girl amazing! Before I start searching for this on vista print - what section on vista print do I go to do do something just like this What will the cost be?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Britt1222 Thank you for the ideas! Listing the places you got everything really helps. Brit 1222-We are also doing a cD and are getting married in Mexico! You seem very ahead of the game considering your wedding is before mine and I am not quite there yet! Ahhh! Anyway do you have some recommended site for mexican songs or mariachi songs? Let me know!
  11. We are also doing a cD and are getting married in Mexico! You seem very ahead of the game considering your wedding is before mine and I am not quite there yet! Ahhh! Anyway do you have some recommended site for mexican songs or mariachi songs? Let me know!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by RonNMel Well be sending a boarding pass invitation/save-the-date mix about a year before, and include on another sheet all the booking information. No other formal invitation, I don't see the point as I'll already know by then who's coming by looking at who will have booked. Then a few weeks before the wedding we're thinking of sending a "Get ready for Cuba" booklet, to get everyone excited about the trip (totally stole this idea from someone on this site). As for our AHR, if we do one it will be VERY informal and casual, so I think we'll just be sending an email invitation. Could you tell me where you got the Get ready for CUBA .....idea? I would like to see what sort of things to include as I am planning to do the same thing? How soon should this be sent out? I'm thinking 6 weeks before the trip? Any thoughts??
  13. Thank you to everyone! I like the word press idea and the knot -it does seem easy to use! Oh boy its January and I feel behind when I come onto this site with everyone so right into their planning! Ahhh! I wanted to share my STD. Its nothing fancy but if you are looking for examples of wording - we just simply sent it out as an email and to some of the older folk by snail mail we kept it simple too. We are planning on a home party as well (forget the acronym for that one). WE just bought our house and will move in by end of march....do you all think its better to send out the date for that party with the wedding invitation or just not say anything and wait to send out something more casual and closer to the date? Here is a great website to keep guests up to date (from someone on this forum) I'm trying to trace back to who it was and can't find you but you have a great site if you ever end up reading this!!! Rob & Lindsey - wedding website by mywedding.com click here for invitation (jpeg)
  14. latina77

    Online Retailers I Loved! (W/Pics)

    Hi Ladies! I live in Canada and as you can imagine might cold and retailers don't start to get anything summery until about april - may. Our wedding is in July In Mexico and I don't want to have to wait too last minute. I would love for my fiancee to wear (as he does as well) linen pants for our day. Not too casual looking something with some style. I know there are a lot of bridal stuff shared but any ideas on pants for men?
  15. latina77

    wedding date tracker online

    Hi There! I have seen many brides to be's using a cute tracker that tells you number of days, seconds and weeks left to the wedding. I would like to put that on the website I am designing. Can someone share where I can get this online? Something with cute wedding like pictures? Thanks!!