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    Just married at Dreams - Los Cabos

    Anyone have pics?? A friend of mine is getting married there??
  2. Awww beautiful! Congrats Susan! I love them!!
  3. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    Thank you ladies so much. I'm just so happy to help everyone out. I too was in your shoes and I was so worried and was so unsure of how everything will go. Just happy to know that I can help you ladies out. Once we arrived we met with Beverly and went over everything, You get flowers with I think any of the packages you pick, but I wouldn't worry about a thing. Beverly will take care of it. All of you, I know your wedding will be beautiful.
  4. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    Aww thank you so much!
  5. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    Hi Vicky, OMG! Yes, it was such a wonderful day. When he proposed in 2008, I knew it was going to take us awhile to save money and stuff so it took us about a 1 year n 1/2 to plan for the big event. Most of the stuff you see in the photos we bought with us on the plane. My husband was so upset b/c we had to pay 100 bucks for a little 5 lb box which had our wedding flowers! I can tell you though, I put most of the stuff together and once we got to the resort a few days earlier we met with Beverly and I explained to her how we wanted everything to look. Beverly is a busy woman and you'll see when you get there b/c she does so many weddings, but she is quite creative as well. Plus you'll see a lot of people are getting married there almost every day. I've noticed a lot of people saying she hasn’t gotten back to quite a few people, that’s probably why. We went through the same thing. But she has also been doing this for years. Yup, the center pieces you see, we brought on our own. I went with silk flowers, everyone's different I have a thing for yellow roses! My absolute favorite!! Check out http://www.thebridesbouquet.com/butterYellowHandtie36.aspx; our photo made the website too! :-) Here's a tip...I reused our flowers from the ceremony. I asked the bridesmaids to drop their flowers in the vases (which I bought from IKEA and they even had fake sand) once they got in to the reception. That help us save sooo much money! Call me cheap but hey getting married is expensive and you've gotta find ways to save money! I end up doing my own programs and I used the craft store Michaels and did my own on the computer. I can send you the format if you need it. You can even use what I did as well. If interested send me your email. Oh but the dinner programs Beverly did for us, but I would check with her just in case b/c I did my own but then the restaurant changed on us last minute. That was only b/c the prices we had were for 2009. Oh and Dolce was amazing too btw! Everyone loved it! The stag n doe, I did on my own and just sent an email out to all of our guest to let them know that we were going to have one last get together on Thursday before the big event. The rehearsal dinner on the other hand was a pain. I would get with Beverly on that and see if she could book you something for your party. Please steal them, that's why I shared! :-) For the longest time, I kept searching and searching for pictures just anything really so I would know how it all turned out. I never found anything plus the resort was still sorta new at the time too. Thanks for the compliment on the dresses. Check these out, http://astore.amazon.com/debs03-20/detail/B0006VN9EW. All of my bridesmaids loved how simple they were and it comes with a shawl and straps!! Oh and can't forget the bow on the size and here's the best part the dress is only 50 bucks! Plus its one of those dresses that fits everyone's body shape! Thank you for the compliment on the website too. Any other questions, let me know! I feel like after this whole experience I feel like an expert! :-) Hugs, Karen
  6. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    OMG! I totally forgot about this forum and haven't checked this email in forever. We've been so busy with getting married, changing jobs, moving, finding a place to call home and all that good stuff. I have so much good news for all you GBPJ brides. Beverly was a amazing. I have no complaints. She truly made our day wonderful and so dreamy. Still to this day, I loved that we did a destination wedding. Please feel free to ask me anything. You all are welcome to visit our wedding website as well to view pictures of our big day; www.momentville.com/karenanddom. Also this website is great and its free to help you with planning and all that good stuff. Cheers!
  7. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    Hi Jules, I noticed your looking for bridesmaids dresses...you can check these out. I'm ordering these in Aqua. I like how simple they are and it includes a shawl and straps. Oh cant forget the bow on the size and it's only 50 bucks, when you order total is 60 bucks! Check it out. Prom Store - 50's Strapless Satin Formal Bridesmaid Prom Dress Holiday Gown my girls love it!! Plus its one of those dresses that fits everyones body shape! I really hope you post pics when you come back, like I said before I'm getting married there in May. Oh and my desposit money is still sitting in my account as well but Beverly has been very helpful with everything! She is wonderful! :-) Hugs, Karen
  8. KPT


    Thanks for all your nice comments and the nice welcomes!! :-)
  9. KPT

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

    WOW! I'm so excited to see more information about the Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica!! I'm also getting married out there in about 6 more months. Our date is, 1 May 2010. Were so excited. Very interesting information I see on here. Seems your prices are much more cheaper then what they were offering to us! I guess I thought there were only 3 set package deals and of course we went with the most expensive deal, cause there were certain things that I wanted for the big day! Now I'm thinking of changing...? Gotta save some money!!
  10. KPT


    Hello, Just noticed this site the other day while I was googling around. 1. My name is Karen and soon to be Mrs. Topa! I'm so excited and can't wait!! 2. Our Wedding date is 1 May 2010. 6 more months! 3. Our location is going to be at the Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica. Like I said above, were so excited and way ahead of the game. Can't wait to send out our invitations next year. :-)