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    Wedding Planners

    Well we did it. Had a fantastic trip round the world trip Celebrated my 50th in Vegas then onto LA, San Fran and the to Hawaii We got married on Waimanalo Beach, Oahu and it was magical a perfect day everthing we wanted it to be. (would recommend a hawaii wedding planners) After a fantastic chilled out time in Oahu headed to Oz to meet my new sister-in-law and nephews. Great family reunion Fabulous time in Oz then to HK then home to Scotland Had our wedding party which was fantastic Back to work with a bang on 12 April after a fantastic 6 week holiday I have so many wonderful memories
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    Wedding Planners

    Hi Thanks for the welcome We are getting married in March 2010, I loved the pictures of the beach. Our Wedding Planners are "A Hawaii Wedding" We originally planned a trip to Australia to visit relatives for my 50th birthday and then it blossomed into going via US into getting married in Hawaii. We leave Scotland end of February for the following: Vegas, LA, San Fran, Hawaii, Australia and Hong Kong to arrive home 1 week before our wedding party in April It's a very busy and exciting time Only worry is trailing my dress around the world Fi
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    Thanks for the welcome We are setting off on a round the world trip at end of February 2010. We are planning to get married on Waimanalo Beach in Oahu on 12 March 2010 and on our return in April have a wedding party at home in Scotland. We are currently booking hotels for our trip and planning the wedding party at home. I have found a wedding planner "A Hawaii Wedding" we are just about to pay a deposit to them but cant find any independant reviews other than on their website. I thought it may be a good idea to check them out further Any help from anybody out there would be appreciated. Fi
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    Wedding Planners

    Hi my name is Fi I am a newbie first time posting. We are planning to get married on Waimanalo Beach. I have found "A hawaii Wedding" wedding planners and wonder if anybody out there has heard of them and are they a reputable company. We live in the UK
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    Hi my name is Fi my wedding date is 10th March 2010 in Oahu, Hawaii