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  1. I'm not sure about the price of the open bar except to know that it is really expensive. We had our reception at the Wet Bar so we paid per person for that and the package included the beer, wine, and champagne.
  2. You asked for a picture of the gazebo decorated and I'm sorry it's taken me so long. We didn't pay for the extra decoration package and there was a centerpiece on the table, chair sashes, and flower petals as you can see. If you haven't seen it, the aisle down to the gazebo is really long and there is a step up over this little bridge and then a stop down into the gazebo, so an aisle runner isn't really necessary. Sorry if the pictures are really big - I was having some technical difficulties! Also, for those of you debating the open bar, we didn't get it and not one person asked for a drink other than what was served and we had an unbelievable time! My husband was concerned about not having the open bar but there was really no need. The wedding package includes wine, beer, and champagne which was more than enough. If anyone needs to see pictures of anything else I can try to find one. We used Photosouvenir and absolutely loved them!
  3. Hi! There were a couple of comments about the gazebo and whether or not to get an aisle runner, and I just wanted to let you know that there is really no need. We didn't pay for the extra decoration package, and the gazebo still looked beautiful. There were rose petals all over the ground, which I totally didn't expect and it looked great. I wouldn't pay the $100 and I wouldn't bother to bring one - you will have enough stuff to pack! But of course if you want it, bring one! I will try to post a picture later of the gazebo during the ceremony. Also, the Wet Bar is the perfect place to have your reception if you are deciding! The Pool Bar is much smaller. And the Wet Bar is very close to the Steakhouse. Enjoy your planning!
  4. I'm sure that 2 hours will be enough time for dinner, and the Wet Bar is extremely close to the Steakhouse. We had our reception at the Wet Bar, but we saw many weddings at the Steakhouse while we were there - I wouldn't worry about a thing!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by T&C Thanks for posting the photos! I think we will upgrade our decoration package as well. Can any past brides comment on the quality/service of the spa for day-of hair and or make up? I really want a great hair-do but am paranoid that they won't be able to or will just do their own thing. I just want to make sure that you know that that was how the gazebo looked without upgrading/paying extra for the ceremony decorations. I'm not sure what else they include if you pay the extra $300! As for the spa, I agree - I LOVED my hair, and my MOH and bridesmaids loved theirs as well. I didn't bring a picture (everyone thought I was crazy, I just knew it would come out ok). One of the women in the spa spoke excellent english and kind of directed the two women who were actually doing our hair. She just showed me pictures and helped me pick the style. I did my own makeup and it came out okay.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Oryx I'm waffling on this too... my budget is getting a little out of control! If you buy the reception decoration package, and they bring the chair sashes to the ceremony also, then what is the $348 ceremony decorations for that is listed in the extras? Is that just for the aisle runner? (They say there is a floral arrangement included in the wedding package for the signing table already that is free). I posted the best pictures I have of the table decorations already - sorry I don't have more! I would definitely not pay the extra money for ceremony decorations. I didn't because I didn't want the extra expense, and the gazebo looked beautiful anyway (not sure where your ceremony is). I didn't really expect anything except the chair sashes, but there were flower petals along the aisle, and there was a flower arrangement on the table - the same one that was on the escort card table at the ceremony (I think the same floral arrangement you mention). Here are some pictures so you have an idea.
  7. I can tell you from experience that even if some disaster strikes and any of those things happens you will be able to pull through because you will be so excited that it's your wedding day! We got there four days before our wedding and I didn't worry about any of that (except burning because I am super pale), and I did burn a little but you can barely tell in the pictures. But of course the night before the wedding we had a rehearsal dinner with all of our guests and I started to feel sick ... and I spent the night before my wedding sicker than I have ever been in my entire life! I won't go into detail. I think I got a virus of some kind because I actually had a fever. I stayed in bed the entire day until I had to get ready (thank goodness the wedding was at night), but I rallied and I had an amazing time at my wedding - I just barely ate anything and didn't drink at all! It was still my dream wedding - pure adrenaline pulled me through! So don't worry, you're wedding will be perfect!
  8. We did have our meal at the Wet Bar and everyone loved the food! I don't recall there being many options, I think it's a standard buffet. They set up a buffet, and it seemed to have a little bit of everything. Sandra emailed me the full menu. We saw all of the reception locations while we were there and we are so happy we picked the Wet Bar - it was perfect. I'm sure other brides would disagree, and the Majestic did a beautiful job with all the weddings so I wouldn't worry about whatever you choose!
  9. We tipped ours $100. She did a great job, and this seemed appropriate. I understand that some people bring a nice gift as a tip.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by chendy901 Awesome, P&B2010. Yeah I def want to have a beautiful setup and am glad to hear the setup was great for you. How many guests did you have? I'd love to see your pictures. Was Sandra your WC? Do you have any control with the hotel to make sure guests stay near each other since it's a big resort. Not a huge issue but just wondering when everyone books their room, if I can mention they are here for a wedding and maybe put them in the same area. Who was your photographer? Did you encournter mosquitos during the reception? I've read this in previous reviews but now i'm not sure if it was Majestic Elegance or Elegance hotel. I was on a thread for the latter hotel thinking it was the Majestic Elegance. OOPS! We had 32 guests, and I didn't request that anyone be near each other, although I think that you can do that. Honestly, we didn't care! But it all worked out, and everyone ended up loving their rooms. Sandra was our WC and she was great. She put a letter in our room at arrival stating when our meeting would be, and was very prompt for the meeting. She answered all my questions and was patient. She was there for the ceremony and the beginning of the reception to make sure everything went smoothly and then she left. We used Photosouvenir as our photographer, and we LOVED them! Renaud was our photographer and he was phenomenal. He was great to work with, really attentive - ironically I got really sick the night before the wedding and he was really attentive, getting me water and making sure I was okay to keep taking pictures. And he just had fun, blending in and taking pictures while everyone had a great time. We had our album before we left (we stayed 2 weeks) and we love our pictures. They are gorgeous. As for mosquitoes, we did notice some during our stay - not me so much as my husband (some people got bitten more than others), but not during the reception at all, even though it rained really briefly. A final note about the decorations - I think there is a package where you can pay to have extra decorations for the ceremony spot too (we were married at the gazebo) but I didn't do that figuring it would be nice enough, and they do use the chair sashes and that was all I needed. But it looked so beautiful anyway! There was a flower arrangement on the table, and rose petals on the ground in the gazebo! So I wouldn't worry about decorations for the ceremony as long as you have the chair sashes. I am posting a few more pictures of the Wet Bar just so you have an idea of what it looks like. I have to post a full review soon, because the wedding was so fabulous, it completely exceeded my expectations!
  11. Okay, here is a picture of the table set up. Sorry about the picture size - I am still new to the picture posting! We don't have too many pictures of the set up, because the photographer said that when he went to take pictures of everyone eating no one was sitting down, they were all having such a good time dancing!
  12. Congratulations! We just got back from getting married at the Majestic, and had our reception at the Wet Bar. It was the perfect place to have our reception - we loved it! We had DJ Mannia, and he was fabulous! The extra liquor package is totally unecessary - we just went with the standard package, and none of our guests missed the mixed drinks. The regular package includes beer, wine, and champagne. As for the decorations, we went with one of the Majestic Decoration packages (I think they have 3 packages and we went with package 2) and I would highly recommend that. I know it may seem costly, but it is totally worth it. Their decorations actually exceeded my expectations - the tables were beautiful. The package included the chair sashes, which were also on the chairs for the ceremony. There were also table runners, and it included the centerpieces. They put little stones on the tables, and had menus. I have a picture that I will attempt to post - not sure how that will turn out!
  13. I just had my wedding at the Majestic Colonial, and from what I understand, the resort photographers change constantly. So, even if you get examples of their work, your pictures aren't necessarily going to reflect what you saw. I agree with everyone - the photographer is not a place to cut costs. We used Photosouvenir and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our pictures! Not only do I love the way our pictures look, but Renaud was amazing to work with - so attentive, and all of our guests loved him. He took tons of pictures and just blended in without being in the way and the pictures came out amazing.
  14. We just got back from the Majestic, and it seems as though you could do that. We were upgraded to the Presidential Suite - gorgeous! - and if you have a room like that I don't see why you couldn't have a private ceremony there since our room actually had the same terrace as the Presidential Suite that they rent out for weddings. I didn't see the other rooms, but I would imagine that any one with a larger terrace would be fine. You can have your own vendors, but they charge a $300 fee for outside photographers now so even though they say it is a fee that the photographer has to pay, I'm sure the photographers add that into their price now. However, we used Photosouvenir and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They will model your package however you want, so I would email them if one of their traditional packages doesn't fit what you are looking for. I hope this all makes sense - I am still adjusting to real life after spending two weeks at the Majestic!
  15. I agree with Carolina. I read somewhere that you are supposed to make clear from the save the dates exactly who is invited (i.e. guest plus one, w/ family) so we put and guest on the save the dates. I wanted people to know they are welcome to bring a guest, especially since its a destination.
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