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  1. Tricia, I am so sorry for your loss and I completely understand you dealing with the loss in your own way and in private. It is good that you are letting your body heal before you try again. I know it was so nice to have your hubby helping you get through your grieving process. I hope you are feeling much better emotionally and physically.


    Alison, I had the flushing done after I suffered my first loss. The liquid must have made a way for my eggs because I got preggers immediately afterwards. Sending you positive vibes!!


    What a great idea to start the FB page, I just have to follow protocol and post some pics. 


    Sue, I can find my way over there to shake some sense into that child of yours if you want me to wink.gif


    Shells, I hope you are doing well.


    Sabrina, Teshy and Brooke, I am ready to bounce a kid on my knee.. hurry up already


    To ALL of my February beauties, I miss hearing from you all. I am SO game for a meet up!!!!

  2. Just breezing by to say hello!! Miss you girls. Tricia... I know that letter thing was something wasn't it. I felt guilty for 2.2 seconds ;). It's the norm in NYC it has happened to me so I guess I was paying it forward...So bad I know. I am a good person I promise lol. How are you and how is the practice coming along.


    Well Dreams ended up screwing me over. Remember they tried to still charge me for the two nights that I DIDN'T stay at the resort? For a little while I had both rooms credited back to my card, well someone changed the dates that I checked in and out of their hotel and we got stuck paying for one of the nights. I don't know if it was the hotel or www.bookit.com, but we were screwed royally. Oh well.. that might be karma coming back because of something I did..like write a fake note or something lol.

  3. Thanks so much for the great compliments ladies, it was stressful at times, but preparing really calmed my nerves and who doesn't like to shop for deals? cheesy.gif


     I am not sure if it is "tradition" to give a gift. We brought a house together, had a child and THEN got married, so tradition has been out of the window for some time lol, but I really wanted to give him a gift that I know he would love because he is such a great provider and friend. A lot of brides give gifts to the soon-to-be's, if it is in your budget and something you want to do, I say go for it!

  4. Hi lovlies, I forgot my password I was locked out.. go figure!




    Me: in if yall are

    Krista (July)

    Krista (Feb)








    Timberly---Yes first week in October is fine with me!!



    Krista, you made a BEAUTIFUL bride, congrats!!


    Susie, oh my goodness! That girl.... you are truly a saint for not flipping a wig already!


    Brooke, congrats on having a boy!!!!


    Chris sent a friend over to "investigate" while I sat in a restaurant eating alone. He was at a corner table eating with 3 male friends. I was working in real estate at the time and took a break from the office to have lunch at my favorite restaurant. His friend came over and got all of my particulars down to the fact that I just purchased my own house and owned a white pomeranian named Chanel. I was always trying to sell houses to everyone I met so I gave the guy my business card, paid for my lunch and left.


    2 months later, my girlfriend and I were at a nightclub in Atlanta when I felt this guy staring at me as if I owed him money. Later the same night I walked to the bathroom and he touched my arm and I said "why are you looking so mean" he said "because you took too long to walk past me!" he had me laughing every since.. 8 years and a 6yr old perfect daughter and he is still my best friend!


    That's our story :).


    I really miss you guys and hope that we can get together in October or soon after.

  5. Hi ladies!! WOW, there were so many posts to read through.

    I missed you all and I am happy to see that you are all doing well.

    @ Brooke I believe I told you via text, but i am so sorry to hear about Justin's grandfather. I hope he is doing ok now.


    @ Chris, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you and hubby are over the moon. It's your turn!!!


    @ Erica, keeping fingers and toes crossed for you


    @ Ali yes the hand finally went down. It was so sore for many days afterwards though sad.gif


    @Teshy great news!! and congrats,


    @ Susie... miss you and so happy that your AHR went so well


    @ Kris your big day is fast approaching! Your dress is absolutely beautiful, you will be a gorgeous bride.


    @Breens my fellow NYer, I hope the summer is not too taxing you you and the little one. They sure can be brutal!


    I have been gone tooo long there were so many updates, if I missed anyone, I am sorry..


    @everyone...I am game for a NYC meet up at anytime!!

  6. Krista, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. When you shared your symptoms everything screamed ectopic to me as I had the same symptoms, but I prayed for you and help positive thoughts for you and your family like you were my family member!! I really love your outlook on the situation. There is hope after an ectopic! I had laproscopic (spelling) surgery and they took a part of my left tube due to the rupture, but my daughter is proof that after the loss you can have a successful pregnancy!! Stay positive and know that we all love you! XOXO



    Brooke-It was supposed to be in July, I am not sure if I will still go. I have to organize that now, I will get back to you with those date. Thanks! I am off to find your mural pics now.


    Tricia, glad to hear that practice is going good. How did it go with the consultant? You didn't have to stuff her in a closet to get some peace did you? lol


    Ladies, I hope you have a great week to come


    July is fast approaching :)))) Less than 50 days YAY!

  7. Hi beauties..


    Brookie, I miss you to XOXO. Her bday was a blast!! I put some pics on facebook. THose Chapin girls know how to partaay. We are on cloud nine. Her school ranked on the Forbes list of top 20 prep schools in America!! The Chapin school is number 11..woot woot! She is smart as a whip and we are very proud of the munchkin.


    I am thinking of going to Jamaica with her at the end of school to celebrate her first awesome year of school.


    Sabrina, I can definitely relate about not having family and real friends around going through your pregnancy. I was in Georgia and my family was in NY. His family was there, but it was no real consolation because there is nothing like your own family around you during this special time. Hopefully your family will make their way to you soon. Until then....sisterly hugs with this message :)

  8. Quote:
    Originally Posted by futurebride2011 View Post
    wow! absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Were all the pictures done in one day? day of the wedding? or did you do some of the last pictures on a different day? I am going to be married at Dreams as well! :) you're an inspiration...
    Aww, thanks so much. My photog picked us up the day after the wedding for some shots in town for about an hr and a half.
  9. I must admit.. I shed a few tears during the finale. That Meredith was going to go all out for McDreamy!! So sad that she lost the baby. It could end up that the baby survived though.. hoping for the best. She deserves some happiness after getting the short end of the stick with her screwed up mom!

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