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  1. Thanks for the link. I had most of that info must not all. the only thing in still confused about is guests not staying at the resort. I know you have to pay $89 for a day pass per guest, but then is the $29 set up fee for each location in addition to the day pass fee?
  2. Great info everyone, sounds like if your prepared its a non-issue. Thanks!
  3. This post is older but i would like to know the same info!!
  4. HELP!! I know there is a lot of info on here regarding Dreams but Im still confused! Im curious on the $29 set up fee.... I understand it is per person for each person over 20. Is there an additional fee for use of the Oceana Terrace? How many additional hours of photography is average to purchase? Anything else I should know?!?!!
  5. Hi! Im new to the site, my name is Nicole and im hoping to get married next nov or dec in cabo. Currently debating between dreams and the hilton for the venue. i have lots of questions and cant wait to browse the info on this site!!!
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