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  1. I just got my photos back from Claudia Rodriguez from our wedding last month. Here is a link in case people would like to see them. She did an awesome job!! http://www5.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=2657981025/a=4213020025_4213020025/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
  2. We got married this past October 28. We never booked until June. I sent our our invites in February just so everyone knew the cost and could make arrangements to get off of work. But we only put the $500 deposit down in Oct of 2009. We went through a travel agent and the first payment was due in June and the final payment was due in August. Hope this helps!!
  3. Thank you so much! We did have a awesome time and I was so happy the wedding turned out!
  4. Both the orange and pink dresses were from Mori Lee. We got them at a bridal store. The orange color is Jalapeno and the pink was called Watermelon. Hope you find something. I had alot of trouble finding the orange that I wanted too. My sister actually found them!!
  5. oh sorry. the photos i posted are just from our family. Not professional pictures. I should get Claudia's photos in about a month or so. I will post those as soon as I get them.
  6. we had 22 people at our rehearsal dinner in the wine cellar. It fit about 25 people though. We did have Claudia. She took awesome pictures. My sister in law is also a wedding photographer and said she did an excellent job! I can't wait to see the photos she took!! You won't be disappointed with her at all!
  7. we had 33 guests and had about 1/4 of the cake left. it was $230usd extra. They did everything for our cake. We choose a vanilla cake and it tasted great! And I am not a cake person. As for the DJ just make sure to bring your own iPod or Cd they can play it through their system. I was pretty disappointed with the DJ though, just make sure you have your own songs with you just in case!
  8. It only rained on and off for about 30 minutes and it rained every night after midnight, but was partly cloudy most days. It was a warm rain but alot of it at one time. The people at the resort said that it typically doesn't rain like that, they thought it was due to tropical storm Richard. I thought the weather was very nice. I really do agree that it was more because of the tropical storm. Our wedding day it was warm though. I had a long dress with a train so it was a little warm but I survived! We had lights under the tables which was $30 per table and I just had vases with fake flowers inside floating in water. I bought candles but it was way way too windy! So don't waste you money on that. The DJ brought all the lighting so we had no problems with that. Let me know if you have more questions. I hope I can help! I was a complete mess before hand wondering if it would all work out, I am so happy that it did!
  9. Here is a link to some of our photos. We have so many, but I just choose a few of them. Just copy and paste the link into the address bar: http://s1179.photobucket.com/albums/x395/nicolecory/Wedding/ Hope it helps!!
  10. Here is my review from our wedding on Oct. 28, 2010. We arrived on Oct. 23 and left on Oct. 30th. My suggestion if I could do it over again is to get married right away. I was so nervous and constantly thinking about the wedding for the first 5 days I really didn't enjoy myself. The resort is GORGEOUS! Don't worry about it not looking like the pictures, that is what I worried about. The ride to the resort was only 10 minutes from the Cancun airport which was nice. We used applevacations which was really good! Our wedding coordinator was Ana. She was wonderful. She responded quickly and was very willing to do whatever I requested. We had our wedding on the beach. With white covered chairs and I brought my own sashes in pink and orange. We had orange fans also to put on the chairs for our guests. We had the huppa covered in orange and pink linens which they provided for $300 usd. It was prefect! We had a rehearsal the day before. My now husband and I just did a quick run through with Ana. Then later that day we took our wedding party down to the beach to go through things with them. Our rehearsal dinner was in the Wine Cellar which was beautiful! We did have and extra cost of $500.00 in wine to have it here. What we did was chose the wine we wanted served. I made up a wine list just for our dinner, just so we wouldn't go over the $500.00. We used the resort photographer for our rehearsal. He did a very good job. We did have my nephew with us too, as the ring bearer, so just a warning if you are having little ones with you, the dinner took 3 hours! It was very nice, but it was a little long for a four year old. I paid extra to stay in the master suite the night before the wedding. The room they will give the groom is exactly like the other rooms at the resort. We had 8 girls to get ready in the room plus our photographer and I knew that those rooms were way too small for that many people. The room was gorgeous. It over looked the ocean, and had plenty of room for all of us. The day of the wedding, was gorgeous. I was very worried because earlier in the week it rained for 3 days strait between 3 and 4 pm. So I was very happy to have everything outside just like I wanted. We began getting our hair and nails done in the salon at noon. I had 4 bridesmaids, my mom and mother in law and myself to get their hair done. We finished around 2:30pm. The salon did an excellent job on everyones hair. I had a hairstyle in mind but with how warm it was that day, I don't think I could stand to have my hair down at all. It was 87 degrees. We then went to my room, to get ready. I had Claudia Rodriguez as my photographer. We had her come from 2pm until 9pm. Which was just enough time. She took pictures of me and my girls and my husband and his guys before the wedding. My husband and I didn't want to see eachother that day at all. Our wedding was supposed to begin at 4pm. Ana didn't come to get me until 4:20. The bridesmaids all went down to the beach at 3:55 so waiting in the room for 25 minutes alone was kinda nerve racking! But it all worked out! The minister doing our ceremony did a wonderful job. She was actually easy to understand. We wrote our own ceremony which lasted about 25 minutes. We used the sound system with our own iPod. The sound system was loud enough and the person doing our music did awesome! Then we took gorgeous pictures on the beach. Claudia did a wonderful job! We had about a 1 minute rain shower during the pictures on the beach, and then a huge rainbow after! So those pictures turned out awesome! The cocktail hour I heard was good. We never saw any of it due to picture taking. We had it on the pool deck. Which I was happy about. I considered having it on Desires terrace, but in my opinion it wasn't as pretty as the beach, I wanted a very elegant looking wedding and Desires terrace just didn't have that look. The dinner was excellent. We had the chicken and beef Tenderloin. We had to ask everyone before we left for the wedding which they preferred, because we had a sit down dinner, not the buffet. I had the table covered in white linen and brought down my own pink and orange satin table overlays. We used the 84x84 size from linens direct which fit perfectly. The only downfall was the DJ. We had DJDorremix. not very good.. I had multiple e-mails between myself and Ivan. But the night of the wedding they didn't even know our names, none of our songs, and told us they can't download any songs, which was not what Ivan told me in the e-mails. My suggestion is to bring your own iPod with your songs on it. That's what saved us. I only had our first dance and mother/son dance, and father/daughter dance on ours. So the music the rest of the night kinda sucked. They didn't have alot of the songs we requested. So just bring your own music is my suggestion. We had the DJ from 6:30 until 10:30. Which was enough time. I know other brides said that they were exhausted at the end of the night. They are right! I didn't think I would be so ready for bed! I couldn't wait! The day was perfect. Everything worked out and I stressed most of our vacation for nothing! But it is easy for me to say now that it is all over. The wedding coordinators do a wonderful job. We tipped Ana very nicely when it was all over, which I know she appreciated, but they all work very hard! Our wedding was a pricey but I wanted a VERY elegant wedding and that was exactly what it turned out to be. We had lots of people watching us on the beach which I didn't mind. Many people the next day commented on our wedding too, we were amazed how many people actually watched us that night. I never noticed any of them. I am still trying to get all my pictures together and will post them once I have it all figured out.
  11. We just got back last night from our wedding at Dreams. We got married on Oct. 28. It was absolutely PERFECT!! It was my dream wedding. We've been dating for 14 years so they had alot to live up to in my mind. I was amazed at how wonderful everything went. We got to have everything outside. The only day that it didn't rain! Which was amazing!! I will post more once I get all my pictures in order. I was a nervous reck all week worrying if Ana could pull off exactly what I wanted, and she did and more. I know it is hard to relax, believe me... But really they will do a wonderful job!! I can't wait to share pictures with you all!!
  12. Boo I totally understand where you are coming from. I leave in 10 days and haven't had anything confirmed yet!! I'm going crazy!!! I don't know if we can have the flowers, cake or the beach set up we requested. NO ONE is getting back to me!!! ugh, I can't wait until this whole thing is over. I find it super stressful. Sometimes I think a local wedding would have been much easier and less stressful!
  13. I got the satin overlays size 84x84. Another girl said she got the 72x72 and wished they were a little longer. We leave in 10 days and can tell you if they worked out okay when we get back.
  14. Our wedding is at 4pm also and I am getting my hair done at 1pm. My bridesmaids and my mom and his mom are all getting their hair done at 11:30. My future sister in law is doing my makeup after that 1pm. She is a wedding photographer herself and said to allow at least 30-45 minutes to just get into you wedding dress, so I wanted to make sure to have enough time!! We are doing alot of pictures before the wedding too. Like me and my bridesmaids and my fiance and his groomsmen. We are not seeing eachother before walking down the isle though.
  15. I am planning on dividing them up between people. But I am not going to carry them on. Just in checked baggage. We are arriving on Oct. 23rd. When do you get there?