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  1. like! (I have had the same one one for like 15 yrs!) Reflexology?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG Frenchie and Chloe, thanks for all your tips! I don't want the private reception but I do want to have a first dance. Maybe I'll just do it to the live music? Did anyone see the Caribbean Trio play? I thought about having them during the ceremony. Would the cocktail hour be too quiet without live music? Is the Mariachi cheesy? I think I'd like it but I'm afraid it might seem a bit cheesy?? Everything I've ordered has been received, so now I'm just putting things together (hangover kits, keycard holders, etc). Lots of fun things left to do! A bit concerned about how I'm getting the bulky mugs and everything down to RPRM, ahh! Time goes by so fast, don't let anyone tell you otherwise hehe The Trio were still a great idea for the ceremony and if you want to save money during the cocktail hour bring your portable Bose sound doc and iPod, they work on batteries too so if there isn't a place to plug it in it'll still work. The cocktail hour isn't too spread out so the sound should be good for that area, plus you could do your first dance to your "song" then also. Honestly, I wouldn't even tell them in advance you have your Bose so they don't charge you a last minute fee or something. If you don't have a Bose I am sure someone you know will. At night there is a band that plays... they don't play very long and take a long break in between. Just when we were enjoying them they would stop and we would say, "that's it? where are they going??" lol. You can still do a dance later on at night while they play, but the Bose idea might be a more intimate way to ensure you have that special moment. Hope this helped!
  3. Chloe, your pics came out really nice, great photographer! I loved your hair and dress. You looked really beautiful. I had no idea you were from the forum until yesterday but when I saw your colors and BCBG dresses at the Riu I knew I had seen that theme from somewhere! I loved the colors and the guests by the pool kept commenting on the bride with the green shoes and how cool the idea was. Congratulations!
  4. KimmyG- the Caribbean Trio was really good. I prefered the Harpist for the ceremony but think they would be a good alternative for your cocktail hour. I bet you good do you first dance to "Besa me mucho" (Kiss me a lot) or "La Bamba" I recall they sang those songs a bunch. I thought the mariachi was really good! When you think of mariachi cheezy does come to mind but these guys weren't cheesy, they were the real deal, professional mariachi. There were four of them and the singer had a strong, clear voice. The music was really upbeat which set the party mood. It must of been Chloe's mariachi we saw.
  5. I am totally polluting this forum, but one more thing I loved.... there was an outside photographer who had a great idea that I loved! ....this couple was married at the Gazebo and then after that they had a quick recieving line outside by the spa while the Harp was playing. The photog's took quick pics and then repositioned the guests chairs so the wedding party was seated in a long row with the bride and groom in the middle. Then the guests were standing up behind them and she gentley guided them to all turn and angle themselves properly and took some nice pics. The cutest one was when she had them smile and yell "YAy!" with there hands up at the camera. LOVED IT! It was an adorable pic of the wedding party and guests that I am sure came out fab.
  6. Another thing I pleasantly noticed is that the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding at the Buffet is quite sectioned off from the rest of the guests eating so it is a nice area. It is nice that they put flowers on the table as well. My room had a big balcony and face toward the outside of the hotel toward the graden/Hotel Lupita. No mold smell at all in my room. I was disappointed at first about out location (I so wanted beach view or terrace view) but I liked it bec. it was private and shaded so it was always cool without using the a/c at all.
  7. It did get very chilly at night and in the morning the week I was there 2/26-3/5 so all the cute dresses and tops I brought needed a cardigan. The massages were great at the spa. I heard that you can get them downtown for $20 for 70 minutes also if you are daring... We went to a club suggested by the Riu activity coordinator, Leo, called Mandala's... go there if you can! It is semi-outside as well with great dancing music. Leo brought us there and we were given free welcome drinks at the club when we arrived. Entrance was $10 to Mandala's, I think Cogo Bongo's is $50 pp but we didn't go there. Of course there is Sr. Frog's and Carlos 'n Charlies downtown La Playa.
  8. As you know with less ppl dinner is at Boto Fogo's and more pppl it is at Chili's.... I really wanted Chili's from the pics bec. it seemed more elegant and beachy but to be honest I liked Boto Fogo's better. They have a salad buffet and then they come around with more meat than I ever wanted to eat, fi was in Heaven, I was yelled at by the waiter... "Come chica! Come" ("Eat girl! Eat") lol. They have sausage, steak, chicken, turkey, pork... They serve it to you very hot. Don't waste your money doing table service at Boto Fogo's because they serve the meat and broccoli and side to you anyway. I am sure your guests won't mind mingleing at the salad bar anyway. In my opinion, you eat the lunch buffet everyday at Chili's so it was nice to have a different place to go for dinner. So, Boto Fogo brides don't worry about the location of dinner, they were both nice. Chilli's can get chilly at night also bec. it is semi-outside.
  9. Hi Ladies! As you may know, I decided that the RPRM wasn't the right place for my wedding but I still had to see the resort... after all the research I did online. I was reading this forum and realized that I saw Chloe55's wedding as well as MrsMarch's. Funny thing is that when I saw Chloe's bridesmaids' dresses (loved them!) I was saying to my fi that I swear I had seen them somewhere... Both of you ladies looked gorgeous! Your hair came out perfect too. Because I was there watching with a keen eye, I swear I saw atleast six weddings, here is my RPRM spectator review: Get the HARP for the ceremony! It really set an elegant mood and made the experience richer. He plays while the guests are finding their seats and while the wedding party walks down the aisle and then again while everyone is leaving. One couple, who were married at the Gazebo, had a receiving line right after the vows and he played for awhile while they greeted their guests. The sound quality of the speakers with the harp was more clear than the speakers for the CD player which is part of the reason I liked it better. The Mariachi was awesome for the cocktail hour. It starts the party mood for sho'. One of the spots most ppl had the cocktail hour was right next to the Terrace and it was a pretty spot. That was near our room so we, as guests, got to enjoy Chloe55's Mariachi as we we walking to our room to shower for dinner. The other spot brides met for cocktail hour was inside at the lobby bar. It is a nice meeting spot also but if the weather is nice the Terrace area is better. They also set up the appetizers nicely for cocktail hour if you choose to have them. The beach wedding set up was nicer in person than from what I saw when I was sent the pics from the coordinator. The Gazebo is a little more private but ppl from the pool still watch. Also, the Spa is right next to the Gazebo if anyone is getting ready there. Chair bows, in my opinion... don't stress over them. The chairs look great with or without them. I actually preferred them without. They do a nice job with the flowers at the Gazebo and the white fabric and flowers over the arch way at the beach. So it does already look quite elegant already. One couple had tiki-torches at the beach ceremony and it was pretty cool too.
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