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  1. Woodsylou - had to pop on and say good luck! I hope it goes really well for you, and that it is everything you want it to be xx p.s love ur new dress!
  2. Wow woodsylou - great thread!! I hope that everything goes amazingly well for you, you seem so organised and have put alot of thought into the preparation! x
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by missy&eric2011 I am also a Maggie Sottero Bride...I got the Jenna...its kinda big for Jamaica, but I too LOVED how the Maggie's make my body look..MaggieSottero.com - Jenna Took 6 months to come in; finally got word that it has arrived...can't wait for my appointment next Saturday!!!! Ah I chose Jenna too!! I get married in Mexico - I'm sure we'll cope!
  4. wow thanks for all the info asbarret!!
  5. Hi All, I'm in contact with Deco cancun for decoration for the evening reception is anybody else using them/or used them in the past?? should i be haggling with the price - i'm not very good at that! any help is appreciated
  6. The ash is terrible!! we go away to spain in 10days so to miss that would be bad but if it was our wedding time I don't know what we would do! i hope it clears up soon and stays that way (everything crossed!!!)
  7. kathryn190

    Moon Palace Cancun 3/23/10

    Wow such lovely pictures!! Congratulations
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Fruitcrush Whoa! I just realized that we have about 5 months until our wedding and I think that I am officially a little stressed. We have been soooo BUSY with our business that I have put the wedding aside. We sent out our save the dates and now are just waiting to see who is going to book, etc. This way I can start with a head count. I just don't want to wait last minute to buy favors and put together goody bags for the guests. How soon did you ladies start these tasks? And did you just over buy and then sell whatever you had left over? I need to strategize! I am not the bridezilla type that stresses about all of the minor details, but I am afraid that if I wait too long,I will become her! (nothing wrong with her-but not just me) And, I don't know if I can wait two more months for an onsite coordinator to get in touch with me! I want to know details now Adriana Hi Adriana, Our wedding is in October and we've been assigned our co-ordinator on site so I think if you want too they'll assign you one sooner, maybe just ask Miami and they should get someone to contact you. I thought I wasn't wedding-y until I came onto this forum and the more I read the more ideas I get and my to-do list grows
  9. Hi Cal&Mark We booked with virgin, but booked the diamond package separately with moon palace - I think we'll definately go with an outside vendor just got to start that search now. It's a good idea to have the 2 nights, I really like the idea of photos of both of us whilst we're getting ready etc... I best get sorted! Are the prices relative to what we would pay here in the uk?
  10. Well we've confirmed our honeymoon breakfast! That was a nice easy decision... waiting to know more definite numbers before we can start planning the private reception MP brides are increasing in numbers!
  11. Hi Cal&Mark0510, Did you have to pay for the photographer to stop a night also? Also do you have photos included in your package already?
  12. Can't wait to see more pics! gorgeous!
  13. Initially I was just going to go with the Moon Palace photographer but now once I've had a think about it I think I want an outside vendor after looking at some websites- now the choice ofwhich one! Also being as our wedding package already includes a photo package am I able to have both? (Does that sound greedy?) Currently we just have the basic photography package? I understand we have to pay for a night for the photographer also can they come in on a day pass? Thanks for your help as ever!
  14. Such a great review!! I also have read this a fair few times!! Thanks cutierosie!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Janelley100 Scorpio30 - No, I am actually using my brother-in-law for photography. He is an incredible photographer, very photo journalistic style. Also, since he and his wife will be attending the wedding I don't have to pay for him to be on-site. In return we are purchasing a few new camera gadgets he needs to deal with the sun....but he is so excited and so are we! Kathryn190 - WOW....that is an amazing dress. I could never pull that dress off...I'm WAY to curvy in a not slender in the middle kind of way! LOL.....but I love it! Thank you I'm currently spending ALOT of time at the gym! I love all the dresses on here