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  1. I have a huge 75 gal tote filled to the rim with orange and fuscia organza most are over 12 ft long pieces so you can use them for many many purposes..;.;BRAND NEW condition I will sell it all for $75 plus shipping..practically giving it away but i need the room I also have about 100 fuscia pink fabric napkins left I'll sell them all for $25 plus shipping...again that is only .25 cents each! just want to make room I also have orange and fuscia table toppers they are 72 " square..fit the entire table almost...I'll sell them for 10.00 ( I think I have about 15 or more of these) Make me an offer...I just want to make room in my spare bedroom Also I have about 30 of the flower center pieces for sale..they are very expensive flowers...
  2. emerald0130

    Pink & Orange Wedding Colors?

    hello..due to family medical issues...and major computer problems...I have everything still for sale and very much want to clear out my "wedding room"..please contact me emerald0130@gmail.com
  3. The wedding is over and we have TONS of Pink and Orange accessories for sale. Some of which include: 12 rope and seashore design table numbers 3 Gorgeous Pink and Orange Head Table Skirts. Ladies these are hand made..one of a kind...beadwork and colors are amazing almost 100 large Pink and Orange Paper lanterns 20 orange and 20 pink square table toppers over 300 pink and orange linen napkins hundreds of yards of pink and orange organza hundreds of yards of crystal beads. 40 Gorgeous hand made tropical flower centerpieces (These are quite large and cost over 50$ each) Several other floral arrangements in orange and fuscia three very pretty candle holders with beaded lamp shades... really nice ribbon (floral) dozens of smaller vases with custom vellum table numbers available and made to order. Pictures available for all of these things..If your interested please email me at emerald0130@gmail.com I live on a border city in Canada. So I can ship to Canada or the US.
  4. I'm making something similar to this for table numbers at the "at home reception" How did you stick the velum together? I bought vellum glue but it doesnt stick...
  5. What does everyone think of this invite..i personally LOVE It....Does anyone know or have seen the wavy paper available online? I'd love to buy some for another project i'm working on...Table #'s! if you know of a place online to buy some or you have some for sale please email me at emerald0130@gmail.com Thanks
  6. emerald0130

    FS: Post wedding sale

    I would love the cake topper...but I suppose its gone? email me emerald0130@gmail.com
  7. emerald0130

    Chelymo's after wedding sale

    did a quick google and found these web sites...thought i would share..the last one is the one that was pictured i beleive http://commerce.idmi.net/ecommerce/catalog_detail.asp?CID=121&CIhttp://www.celebrateweddings.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=BrideGroomPassportHolder=338&PI=31944 http://www.skizzer.com/store/product21.html
  8. emerald0130

    Chelymo's after wedding sale

    those passport holders are GREAT!! if you have a website where you bought them that would be great
  9. emerald0130

    LF: Clear plastic luggage tag holders

    I bought a package of 100 with the plastic loops included for less than 20$ on ebay....they are nice..however they need to be heated with a laminator...dont know if that helps?
  10. thanks so much everyone...they open up also..but i dont know how to block out the personal information....once i learn how i will upload the opened version...
  11. emerald0130

    hello everyone!

    I just wanted to introduce myself..I'm a proud mom of the bride..my name is Debbie I'm a huge diy'er and love a bargain so i'm hoping to share all of my finds with everyone..cause after all..what good is a great deal if ya dont let everyone know about it right? My daughter is getting married at Dreams Punta Cana on March 17, 2011 and we are very very excited. Wedding shower in November and i'll have lots of pics of all my great decorations soon! Nice to meet everyone..hope to share and learn alot about everyone!
  12. I just purchased 100 lanterns for an unbeleiveable (or at least i think so) price of 300.00!! i got 20 30" lanterns 40 24" lanterns 20 18'lanterns and 20 16" lanterns i've checked online and the larger ones can cost over 10.00 each...soo i'm pretty happy..they have yet to arrive so i dont know how they are physically but i'm sure they are great..i found the seller on bravo bride and she sells new lanterns not used..p.s the $300 included delivery as well..soo not a bad deal...after reading the post about throwies..i've decided i will make my own lighting as well...i think it will look amazing..
  13. I'm new to the forums and i'd like to show off some of my daughters shower invites.. We went with a flip flop design to stick with the destination wedding theme...These truly are a labour of love. I'm enjoying every moment of planning my daughters wedding.