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  1. Great review and tips! Thank you so much...now I wish I could find such a detailed review on Azul Beach Hotel their sister property!
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    Glad you all got it figured out...but I'm on a PC and both here at work and at home using IE 7 the mood portion up by my name is completely gone. I had it here at work and at home probably last week now all of a sudden it is completely gone as an option.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by amybermuda Wow thats awesome. I should look into this P90X thing. My fiance got transferred to Boston 3 weeks ago so we'll be living apart for a few months, maybe even until the wedding. I am hoping that his bad influence (pizza and huge helpings) being gone will help get me into wedding shape. Funny, he said the same thing about me such a good match we are !!! Congrats, seems like WW really works for you that's awesome. I tried it before but fell off the wagon. Do you do online or the live meetings? I just did online... the whole taking time to drive to a meeting etc... was not my thing. The online tool helped me during the work weeks as I could access it at the office and it would keep me in check with all the office goodies, ensuring I was eating right and tracking it easily. I learned a lot from just that and the blogs. I fell off the wagon too LOL! However I do better than I did. Wine is still my major downfall however! tee hee!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Advntrs1 - Your dress is gorgeous!! TKS! I saw the magazine pic and felt it would be the one, but I heeded the ladies advice at the bridal shop about ....make it the last one you try on as it was out of my wish for price range. Their thought was look in my range first and don't let the one out of my price range ruin my ability to possibly find "The One" in my budget. So I tried on about 10 dresses and 1 kind of struck a chord with me and my GF....but I had to try it! So.... It was the ONE!!! So Craiglist here I come to sell off stuff I really don't need laying around the house LOL!!
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    Mexico Fall 2010?? Overwhelmed already!

    Quote: Originally Posted by chirorach Likes some other brides who I have read about on here I fell into the destinationwedding.com trap. I paid my $50 and the assigned planner didn't really seem to listen to me and made me feel that with my budget I didn't have many options. She kept sending me links to hotels that we either not in the area we were looking, out of our budget or specifically not something we were interested in. When I asked her questions about resorts she had not suggested I received rather gruff emails as to why "her brides" don't want that. We then put the whole idea aside for a while thinking we just couldn't make it work. Hmmmm I guess I need to do some reading. So far I am using DW and my planner Danny is fabulous. Very responsive, patient (I email him a lot!) and is listening to me. However, I will keep an open mind and do some digging. Any particular place you saw the gripes about DW?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Thanks Lindz & Amy I did come back broke and exhausted!! Ahhh I had so much fun and ate so terribly, back to P90X for a week before I start my insanity. I do keep track of every cent I spend in a spreadsheet categorized, I have a few of these but lately I haven't been. I just have to update it but have been avoiding it knowing that I'm a little out of control. I did order the custom passports from Etsy, Etsy is my sick, sick addiction!!! Too funny I just replied to another post and mentioned that I need to start back on my P90X routine! Yea..I will have a fellow supporter! That is one heck of a workout, but it did wonderous things to this 40 yr old body!
  7. Hello Girls! I was just thought that I would share a pic of the dress I chose! I love it soo much and fabulously enough the one on the rack was the size I ended up needing to order so I really got a good feel for the fit. Just the shoulders need to be shortened a bit and of course the length since I am merely 5'4" LOL! Allure : Style 8634 From AllureBridals.com It was out of my original budget...but it was the "ONE"!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amybermuda February is in 3 months? May must be right around the corner! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I need to lose like 20 pounds, I need to get serious about that! I did the online weight watchers and used the tracking tool, blogs etc... I am 5'4" and was up to 157 lbs!!! I used the P90X about 2 weeks into WW as my exercise and by 10 weeks lost 17lbs!! 5 whole inches off my waist!!! I'm off WW plan now and haven't been exercising, but I have maintained the loss. Just getting a little soft again LOL. I plan to get back on it again here shortly to firm back up and maybe lose another 5 lbs. The first 2 weeks of WW were the toughest, then the first 2 weeks of being committed to exercise was a bit tough too. I was just finally over being so short with the extra weight! Once I got into it, it was easy and I felt sooo good!!! GO FOR IT GIRL! You can do it!
  9. OK now that would be funny! Hopefully I will be chatting her up on the phone soon to get the skinny on Azul Beach. Right now I am waiting on my DW coordinator to get me some sample package pricing on air/hotel and to tell me how much do I have to put down on a contract for 11 rooms. I don't want to contract on too many rooms. I am trying to be reasonably sure on only booking what I am 90% sure of those who WILL make it. The DW coordinator did get AZB to send some additional photos of the beach and a reception area all decorated. They really helped get the feel of things. PM me if anyone wants me to send the pics.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsVaughn2B Advntrs1, Welcome to the thread. The girls are awesome and please let us know if you have any questions. There is always a lot of questions once you get started. Thanks so much! UGH... in the middle of a kitchen remodel and the beginnings of planning a wedding! I have connected with Bree who was an Azul Beach bride recently and that is where I think I am going. I'm so happy to have found this site!
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    Newbie Mexico Wedding 2010

    Thanks every one!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by beckerba We just got back and had the most amazing wedding. Fear not ladies, once you get down there the onsite coordinator and the Lomas Rep. really take care of you and go over every detail including a very thorough walk through of the resort. Although I know most of you are at the Sensatori and I ended up moving to the Beach, the services and coordination are very much the same. Some advice and things I have learned from my 14 month experience with my planning: 1) If you have any reservations and can spare the $$, I would highly recommend you visit the resort (s) in Mexico for a day or so. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache if I would have just done this. No one will ever be able to tell you or show you pictures of the "feel" of a resort. The Sensatori and Beach are so different from the overall look and feel and there would be no way I would have chosen what I did on verbal accounts only. 2) Prepare yourself for a plan B for flight delays, lost baggage and rain. I mentally prepared myself and although we had perfect weather, no flight delays and no lost baggage it helped me keep my sanity to have my plan B's in place in case it all happened. 3) Make sure to plan time away from family and friends, as much as we love them, you end up playing host and hostess for most of your wedding stay and this can be mentally and physically exhausting. We ended up staying 4 days after our wedding at another resort for our honeymoon. We really needed the down time. 4) When you get to the onsite coordinators, make sure you tell them in detail exactly what you want for those items that are super critical. As with anything, expect some small hicups but the things that are non negotiable, try to emphasize their importance. As an example, my flowers were super important, but I was flexible on other details. BTW, I used the tropical flowers (local to the area) and they were amammamaazzzzzzing!!!! I highly recommend them. Also, they tend to make the stems super long, if you prefer a certain length, be sure to specify that. 5) I brought down two full suitcases full of decorations, welcome bags etc. You don't need much as the setting itself is so beautiful. The other problem we had is with all my pre-packaged items they thought we were trying to sell something and charged us a tarriff. We paid only $25, but something to be aware of when you are going through Mexican customs. In retrospect, I think we probably would not have brought down so much stuff. Please PM me if you have any questions. I won't be checking this forum as much as normal since I am in 15 hour days at work beginning Monday. Good luck to all of you and I know your weddings will be amazing. Hello I am new to the threads here and am also swinging between Azul Beach and Sensatori. I would love to hear more information from you as I think you will have some rather good insight to some of my thoughts and considerations. It is embarrassing to say being an IT type person..but I don't know how to PM you on this forum.
  13. OK I have to say that is so me! I get confused by all the choices sometimes and then you see the cost..WOW .. That was fantastic you found that and it all came together. One of those moments where you really feel things falling into place. I hope I get some of those as this goes on!
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    Newbie Mexico Wedding 2010

    Hello All! Very happy I found these threads! I am Kat F. Wedding Date: Oct 23, 2010 Location: Karisma Azul Beach (Unconfirmed) Riviera Maya, Mexico Looking forward to posting and researching Thanks!!!