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  1. Is a someone we can contact to schedule tours? The resort is supposed to be at full capacity the week I will be there and I want to make sure we get a spot before they get booked up.
  2. Will it look funny if we plan on having silver and white fabric for the huppa and silver sashes for the chairs.. I am afraid the green color they have won't look good , plus i feel like green will over power everything.. and they don't seem to have a coral/salmon color fabric.. Or again. I am afraid it won't look good. Silver and white go with just about anything. I think it will fine.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodimichelle Ok Ladies... I am very confused at this moment! I booked my trip in 2008 with a TA. So are we receiving the OLD palace passort savings or the new? I don't know what is the difference, but I am assuming the tours are no longer free?? Please explain the- NEW $15,000 0r $1,500 ? Some girls were discussing mosquitos and getting married on the beach or having their reception on the beach.. I will let you know how it goes.. My wedding is July 3. It is approaching. We are having a beach ceremony and a reception on the tucan terrace i believe! I heard about mosquito problems near the golf course..I do not believe people have been complaining about this issue.. Unless i missed something!??!?! Sorry... I made a mistake it is $1,500 Vaction Dollars. Miami office told me the Palace Passport will not be available after June 1 2010. If you are traveling after that date you will automatically get the new promotion. The promotions can change without out notice and Palace resorts has the right to give you something else of at least equal value. You can use the Vacation Dollars for tours.
  4. Hey ladies! I called the Miami office. I was told the the $15,000 Vacation Dollars is replacing the Palace Passport.
  5. Hey ladies check thos artical on CNN.COM Guest gripe about destination weddings. Guests gripe about destination weddings - CNN.com
  6. Thanks for the great review! I will send you a Facebook friend request.
  7. CancunBride71010

    TonyandTricia's Moon Palace Review 02-26-10

    Great Review! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at Moon Palace!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernSweetie I just started a new thread for MP Brides old and new: please check it out and contribute if you can. Here is a copy of the first post. The link is at the bottom: This thread is to get all Moon Palace Brides - past, present, and future - to share the questions that you sent to your WC. The purpose is two-fold: To make a comprehensive list of questions that you have asked, you need ask, you wish you would have asked...you get the idea. There are so many creative minds on this forum, I'd hate to go away thinking, "I should have asked about that," when I'm at the resort and it's obviously too late. The other reason is so that those of us who are still in the planning stages can just put all of our applicable questions on one email to the WC, instead of having a lot of back-and-forth messenging. Maybe getting the questions list all up front will free up some time for them, and they can respond to us much quicker. (It seems that a lot of us have experienced some level of frustration with some WCs being slothful about responding.) I am asking everyone to copy and paste their questions. I'm not sure if including the answers is a good idea, since things seem to change regularly. Additionally, many past brides have stated that when it came time to finalize the bill, the email dialogue between them and their WC saved some time and expense. I am posting this link on threads for MP 2008-2011 brides. Thanks for contributing! Here is the thread link: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...estions-58154/ Great idea! I will check it out.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by luchdiamond So you have to have booked 10 rooms in ADVANCE in order to get the free reception? And do you have to do the same with the free cocktail hour? Someone please let me know. This is the updated info from the Palace website. Group Benefits We are happy to have you celebrating one of the most important days of your life with us, but we want to make your celebration even better. Palace Resorts is pleased to offer the happy couple with great incentives when booking a group with us* 5-9 rooms or 15 room nights = 1 cocktail (function areas are assigned upon availability with the onsite wedding planner and confirmed upon arrival) 10-19 rooms or 30 room nights = 2 nights comp + 1 cocktail (function areas area assigned upon availability with the onsite wedding planner and confirmed upon arrival) 20-24 rooms or 60 room nights = 4 comp nights + 1 private function 25 + rooms or 75 room nights = 7 comp nights + unlimited private function + one room upgrade for the bride and groom to the next available room category To request a wedding group proposal for 10 rooms or more, click here * Function area will be assigned upon availability and confirmed upon arrival ** Complimentary nights will be credited through group contract post travel. Applies to all wedding collections & complimentary package for groups booked with a signed group contract & specific # of rooms. On line bookings do not qualify.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy Isn't there some way that you can combine the catholic and civil? That would be kinda silly if the catholic ceremony was not legally binding. There are now 4 other weddings on my date (08-09-2010)! I just went to the website and checked the availability... There are weddings at 2, 3, 4, 5(me), and 6 now. Who are these other 4 people? LOL! I hope they join the forum! They have some new pictures of the collections up (well since the last time I have been to the site). I am getting nervous b/c the deadline to book with my contract is May 1st, and we still only have 7 rooms booked with the travel agent. :-( a lot of people booked elsewhere because she was offering them rooms with a view and they saw the prices for the garden/parking lot rooms on orbitz/expedia and booked there. I wish she had emphasized the cheaper rooms... make sure your TA's emphasize that! I need 3 more people to book so our contract is not void. FI claims that it is not a problem but I hate how people keep saying they are coming but then don't book!!! If you are coming just book what is the problem!!!!! One of my BM just called and said she isn't coming now b/c of money so now I do not believe anyone because she swore up and down she was coming. I know I am being rude but either book or don't book don't sell me these promises and get my hopes up! I hope we can get the deadline extended. Does anyone else have this probleM? I will be so mad if people book after because then we do not get the free reception, upgrade, and room nights! I have the same problem. People are booking at other resorts or using timeshare at MP. I checked out the website also and some thing have changed. For the cocktail you only need 5-9 rooms booked or 15 room nights. The qualifications changed for the other private functions too.
  11. I was in the process o placing an order. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie Here you go ladies, hope this helps! Beauty Salon Services Nizuc & Sunrise 2010 Nailcare Services TimeDescription Individual 25 MINPALACE EXPRESS MANICURE $23.00 50 MINDELUXE SPA MANICURE $49.00 26 MINPALACE EXPRESS PEDICURE $27.00 50 MINDELUXE SPA PEDICURE $54.00 80 MINHOT STONE PEDICURE $59.00 110 MINFULL SET OF ACRYLIC NAILS $49.00 50 MINACRYLIC NAILS REFILL $32.00 25 MINACRYLIC NAIL REPAIR $8.00 25 MINPOLISH CHANGE $8.00 50 MIN REMOVE ACRILYC NAILS $22.00 Cuts & Color Services 25 MINMEN'S HAIR CUT $22.00 25 MINMEN'S HAIR CUT CLIPPER $18.00 50 MIN WOMAN'S HAIR CUT $29.00 25 MINCHILDREN'S HAIR CUT $17.00 25 MINTRIM $11.00 80 MINCOLOR - SHORT HAIR $52.00 110 MIN COLOR - MEDIUM HAIR $62.00 140 MIN COLOR - LONG HAIR $73.00 110 MIN HIGHLIGHTS- SHORT HAIR $64.00 140 MIN HIGHLIGHTS - MEDIUM HAIR $98.00 170 MIN HIGHLIGHTS - LONG HAIR $130.00 Hair Style & Hair Treatments 50 MINSHAMPOO & BLOW DRY $36.00 80 MINSTRAIGHT HAIR STYLE $42.00 80 MINBRIDAL UP- DO $42.00 80 MINPRACTICE BRIDAL UP-DO $49.00 80 MINSPECIAL HAIR STYLE $42.00 25 MINNUTRITIVE SCALP TREATMENT $32.00 25 MINRESISTANCE SCALP TREATMENT $32.00 50 MIN MAKE-UP $44.00 WAXING 50 MINLEG - FULL WAX $32.00 25 MINLEG - HALF WAX $22.00 25 MINBIKINI - WAX $17.00 25 MINUNDERARM - WAX $17.00 10 MINUPPER LIP - WAX $11.00 25 MINEYEBROW - WAX $16.00 25 MINCHIN - WAX $16.00 Braids 140 MIN ADULT (LONG HAIR) $108.00 140 MIN ADULT (LONG HAIR) $108.00 50 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (HALF) $32.00 50 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (HALF) $32.00 50 MIN ADULT (HALF) $44.00 50 MIN ADULT (HALF) $44.00 80 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (FULL) $64.00 80 MIN CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD (FULL) $64.00 110 MIN ADULT (FULL) $76.00 110 MIN ADULT (FULL) $76.00 25 MINFRENCH STYLE $17.00 25 MINFRENCH STYLE $17.00 15 MIN 4 braids $16.00 __________________________________________________ ______________________ Thank You!
  13. Hey ladies! Does anyone have the price/service list or the salon and spa?
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    Congrats to Our MotM Winners for March!

    Congrats ladies!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by jackie_c Is this for the private dinners that are $400/table of ten, or for the dinner reservation for 25 or 35 people included in the wedding packages? I think they are talking about the private dinner.