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  1. Thanks ladies! I will definitely take pictures and post. Although it is pricey it is still way cheaper for us to have a wedding there than it would be here in NY. My fiance and I are social butterflies and a wedding here would be a complete circus, 300 - 400 people. Having a destination wedding will hopefully cut that by 1/3...lol...or more hopefully (crossing my fingers)... Also, with the way the economy is now...I am hoping to have the price reduced significantly since I am sure they have seen a decrease in business... Anyway...I will be there in 2 weeks and will report as soon as I get back!
  2. I will be visiting this resort on July 30th and I'll provide feedback when I return!
  3. I am considering this resort for my wedding in November of 2011. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this place and only hope that it is reasonably priced.
  4. LadyD731

    Newbie! Soooo excited!

    Thank you ladies...Riviera Maya seems to be a favorite here...lol...too bad its not an option...so many of the same guests are shared it makes no sense to choose the same location as my friend... But...I think the two I have narrowed it down to are perfect! We'll be heading to the Dominican Republic in November, so any suggestions other than Paradisus are welcome!
  5. LadyD731

    Newbie! Soooo excited!

    Unfortunatley a friend was engaged a few prior months before me and has booked Moon Palace in Cancun...so I would ideally like to choose a different location since our weddings will be within the same year...but thanks for the recommendation!
  6. LadyD731

    Newbie! Soooo excited!

    Hello Brides! Sooo excited to be here! My name is Diana and I was recently engaged on September 12th, so let the planning begin! We are looking to wed in 2011 which allows us plenty of time The places I have narrowed it down to are: Paradisus in Punta Cana or Palma Real, El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico, or somewhere in Cabo. Any input is welcome!