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    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Erin, thank you SO much!! The gorilla glue sounds PERFECT! Now I just have to make sure I don't break the glasses... =) But you definitely just solved my problem!!
  2. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    So I really want to do a sand ceremony, especially because I want to incorporate our son into the wedding, and this would be a great way to do so. However, I CANNOT figure out how I'm going to do this, AND get the vase with the sand home without it spilling or all of the colors mixing up. Anyone else doing this? What is your plan?
  3. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by elifrigo I'm doing pashminas for all female guests! we will have them display in a table the day of the wedding for the ladies to use towards the end of the dinner when it gets a bit more cold at the terrace... I'm getting the pashminas from: Wholesale pashmina solid scarves wholesale pashmina scarves I haven't order them yet as I have plenty of time before my wedding and I want to order once I have the final RSVP's from my guests. For the male guests we are not sure what to do... like I said, I would love to do cigarsss but most of my guests don't smoke so not sure yet... I love the pashmina idea! Are you getting a variety of colors for your guests, or going neutral?
  4. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by elenajustine Do you know how far in advance you booked? I think I booked my in July 09, so I don't know if they will honor it but I'll see about having my girl look at it. I'm kind of annoyed by the price change to but since I'm doing the ultimate that one really didn't change too much. I was thinking about putting my favors in the welcome totes, along with the other welcome gifts. I like the winestopper idea as well.Do you think that's ok? I just didnt know if people are going to want to carry another thing after the reception. My totes include custom coozies, magnetic picture frames, gum, personalized chapstick and sunscreen, trail mix, granola bars, wine stoppers, fancy soap, cookie cutters. I think thats it so far.... I think I am going overboard with items for the bags but oh well, its fun to buy stuff! Also, I'm bringing my daughter who will be 18 months and I'm definitely bringing a car seat - I know she is a bit younger then the other kids you guys have been mentioning but I've heard the ride in from the airport is really rough and bumpy. And we also need the carseat for the drive to the airport un nyc I booked in May 2009, so it wasn't that far off from when you booked. I would definitely have your travel agent look into it. Good luck to you!!!
  5. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by melbeern Thanks Tam! We didn't know if the DR had any specific requirements... it will only be for to and from the resort from the airport. I have been trying to decide on the same thing. My son will be 2 1/2 by the time we get married in May, and I can't decide if I want to bring the car seat. I mean, it is ONLY one car ride. BUT, it is almost an hour (I think like 45 minutes?) to the resort from the airport. I don't know if you've been to the DR before, but like most other countries its size/wealth level, its a free-for-all on the roads. I'm sure the shuttle will be MUCH safer than other modes of transportation, but the other drivers....BEWARE! THAT is the only thing that concerns me...the length of the drive, and the agressive drivers. Still can't decide what to do....
  6. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by lrdavis23 Ladies theres always that little clause that each resort puts on there "prices are subject to change" which basically means we can charge you whatever we want and that really sucks. Like Jen said when I picked DPC it was the cheapest of all the reosrts for everything you got and now since they jack the prices up its about the same as some other resorts. The only benefit that I will say is that alcohol is included, I have seen alot of DR resorts make you pay extra for open bar, on top of paying for your dinner and cocktail hour. For everyone that has had their prices jacked up....are you using a travel agent? I am getting married in may at DPC, and booked my wedding LAST May. I was FURIOUS when they changed all of my prices, because like you, one of the reason I picked DPC was for the prices. My travel agent contacted the resort, and explained the situation. They said that because I had booked so far in advance, they would honor ALL 2009 prices. For EVERYTHING (minus the rooms). So all of my wedding costs, reception, cocktail hour, EVERYTHING. I would definitely have your travel agents call them and raise hell. The resorts don't want to lose the relationship with the agents, because that's how they get a lot of business! It is worth a try!! My travel agent just called last month, and got it all worked out. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!
  7. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sprattjn My Fiance and I just received an RSVP acceptance from one of the pastors at his parents church. Does anyone know if they will let us have him conduct the ceremony rather than having the WC conduct it (we are having the symbolic ceremony)? Also - this is a stupid question but does anyone know if they count the bride and groom in the guest count for the wedding packages? Jamie YES! They will! If you are just doing a symbolic ceremony, you can have ANYONE do it! I am having a friend of mine do the ceremony--she isn't a pastor or anything. She is just very good at words and I feel that she could really give a meaningful ceremony, and it will be very special for us to have someone we love conduct the ceremony for us. We spoke with our WC, and she said that if it is symbolic, they didn't care WHO performed it! Such great news that you will be able to use a pastor you know! That will make it just that much more special!
  8. The fans look great! I'm doing ones just like that, I hope mine turn out as well! I have a question for you--what size ribbon did you use for the fans? Is it 1/2 inch wide? I'm looking for ribbons right now, and just curious what size others have used! Also, how much ribbon do you think you used per fan, an estimate? I want to make sure I buy enough once I find the right color! Thanks for sharing!
  9. My fiance wanted me to thank you for your amazing review and pics (we got to check them out early---GORGEOUS!) He is so happy that you posted such a detailed review....because it has calmed my nerves immensely. =) Thanks, and a HUGE CONGRATS!!!
  10. danathebride

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Hey ladies! I saw several of you talking about flowers, and I wanted to share a website that I found! I think that I am going to use this for my AHR. I wanted some orchids to scatter on the tables, but I couldn't find any really great prices. From this website, you can order the orchid heads only! They are only $.12/head, minimum of 100. If you order up to 200, shipping is only $34.95. So you could order up to 200 flower heads, for only $58.95! I just wanted to share this with everyone! Hope it helps! Fresh Flower Heads & Ti Leaves: Paradise Flowers and Leis from Maui, Hawaii
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    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by taratoons Hey ladies! Jocy, thank you so much for posting your photos and your very thorough review! I'm so happy that things went better than you'd hoped for, and you looked absolutely stunning in your photos! CONGRATULATIONS, MRS! :0) What did you choose for your wedding dinner? I tried to upload the brochure that we made and mailed to our guests (it's not a welcome letter per se, but a compilation of resort information, helpful tidbits like what to pack, and the itinerary for the week as it stands now). Of course, I'm inept on this website, and my upload failed, so if anyone would like to see it, just let me know and give me your e-mail, I'd be more than happy to send it along! In terms of a welcome vs. rehearsal dinner, we are doing a quick run through of the plan for the day with just the wedding party, so people know where they have to be, and then we were just doing a quick 1 hour cocktail hour the night before the wedding with everyone invited, but now that Jocy mentioned something about $10/person to do a dinner with a set menu on a terrace, we're wondering about that! I've never seen such a good price anywhere for an event like that at DPC? So my wedding date is fast approaching, and I'm wondering if anyone else is getting married at DPC in April? I think Erin is the 28th, but other than that, I'm wondering if there are going to be any other BDW forum brides there while I am! :0) Tara Tara, could you please send me a copy of brochure as well? I would SO appreciate it! danathebride@yahoo.com
  12. I have lost track of who has the swatches now, but I wanted to see if I could pay the shipping to the person that currently has them? I'm so indecisive on the color, and just hate to pick the wrong one! If you don't mind, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you ladies--your opinions have been beyond beneficial to me!!!
  13. danathebride

    Beach wedding shoes

    I have been looking for some low wedge heels--where did you find them at? I've been having a hard time finding some low wedge heels that look nice too. I may go with ballerina flats if I can't find the heels...but I would REALLY like some low heels!
  14. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hate winter more than anything!! But I do have to tell you, your post made me laugh! =) Great sense of humor! Hope your day/week improves!!!
  15. danathebride

    Botox for excessive sweating

    I used to suffer from excessive sweating too--my doctor prescribed me a prescription strength anti-perspirant. I would put it on after a shower at night, then in the morning, i would apply regular anti-perspirant. I did this for a month, then went to every other night, then every 2, etc. Then I just would do it monthly, and did so for about a year. Now, I don't have the problem at all! That may be something to try before the botxo. I started seeing results within a couple days, and every day it seemed to be a little better. I haven't used that stuff in over 6 years now! If you would like more info on it, I could give you the name of the prescription I received!