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  1. Hey - yeah that is not the entire cost of our wedding but it is the resort wedding costs....so it does not include DJ, Photographer, dresses, extras....just dinner and booze! We had a private ballroom so we paid extra for a bartender to stay until 12. But if you just have the 3 hour reception you don't have to pay for booze!
  2. Hey - I will answer all the questions you want. This forum really helped me and I want to give back! :-) 1. no - you do not need to be there 3 days before for a symbolic ceremony - in fact we didn't actually get officially married until we returned home. 2. We did the wedding gazebo and cocktail hour and then a sit down dinner. We paid for the extra hours to keep the party going until 12, you can pay extra for bottles of champagne for an after ceremony toast (honestly champagne is free at the lobby bar right next to the wedding gazebo – it was an extra cost we didn’t need). I don’t know about finger foods instead of a dinner but I am sure they will accommodate. The finger foods for our cocktail hour were amazing! 3. If you send me your email address I can send you all the info the resort sent me – although they will send it to you when your date gets closer! It includes all the options for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, table settings, etc. I emailed awilda the bouquet I liked and she pretty much replicated it. I LOVED it! I paid an additional 70 and I got cala lilies and beautiful greenery. They sit down with you 3 days before the wedding and show you binders of all your options. But again if you email her what you like they are really good at making it happen. 4. We went to the disco a few nights – I was pretty good. Depending on the night. Some nights they only play Latin/Caribbean music – and I can only dance to that for a short while….., but a lot of wedding parties go there instead of paying extra money to keep their reception going for longer. However for an all inclusive it was a really nice disco! 5. Email e and I will send you all my info. I have spreadsheets, I think we paid 60 $ per head…this included a lot though. Champagne for after ceremony toast Private cocktail hour with hot and cold hors d’oerves Gold sit down dinner 4 course Private room Dance until 12 Cake This also included our bouquet upgrades, roses for moms and dads, day passes for DJ and photographer, table overlays, chair bows (white is free), wooden dance floor, candles and LED lights for under the tables…. Hope this helps A
  3. Hey ladies, I just got married at DPB on April 20 and it was the best decision I have ever made!!!! :-) Let me start by saying that me and my **husband** lol.....are travellers we have really been around the world, stayed in a lot of nice places and eaten at some of the best restaurants....and we were impressed.... We had the ceremony at the wedding gazebo and the reception inside in the main ballroom (we had 65 people). I asked a lot of questions and since it is all still fresh in my head - I will gladly try to answer any questions. Awilda wa my WC and she was amazing - they really do take care of everything once you get there - so organized!! I reccomedn the inside location depending on what time you have you reception. There were still people at the pool till around 7 and it was too hot for us to sit outside!! Plus - you get your privacy - I liked that a lot! We paid extra to keep the bartenders and private room until 12 - Good decision! We had the gold sit down dinner - the food was excellent! We used DJ Mannia - he was good...and HDC photogaphy were amazing!! I would def recommend them! The resort was BEAUTIFUL!!! The staff were so nice, the rooms were really nice - we stayed in the honeymoon suite for 2 weeks - it was perfect and huge! The food was amazing - the buffet was huge, all the restaurants were excellent.....I honestly liked them all!...but french and mexican were my fav! If anyone has any questions - feel free to ask - I'll answer as best as I can!
  4. Hi - I am getting married in just over 3 weeks on April 20th!! So excited. I have been dealing with Awilda and she has been amazing! She has written back to every email, given me amazing information and been very patient! I can't wait to meet her and make the final plans! If any brides want any inof - I might be able to help - I have probably asked a thousand questions! I promise to write a good review when i get back too! Andrea
  5. Hey - My wedding is April 20....I am pretty much planned. Awilda sent me a package of info about 4 weeks ago - with spa menus, additional options, bouquet and centerpiece options - it was all the info I needed. I think I have everything sorted - and whatever is not sorted I can take care of when we meet Awilda 3 days before the wedding. I am getting super excited!! I have also sent her a few pics of cakes and flowers that I like to give her more guidance. I will likely print everything off myself before I go down - just to make sure!! Have you emailed them about your confirmation? It does take a week or so - I called down to make sure my date was confirmed before I told my guests to pay a deposit - they were really easy to talk to and the long distance charge wasn't even that bad!! Hope this helps! The facebook Dreams palm beach brides page is aloso really helpful - you should check it out! Andrea
  6. Wow jenleah. Your picture is beautiful. Are the flowers from the resort? They are amazing!! Seeing pics like this gets me so excited!!!
  7. Hi spaterson. Congrats on the new baby news. That's awesome! We are doing the free package and adding additions as well. Based on the wicked speadsheet the price was much better. Who is doing your flowers ?? Are they better priced than the resort? I am also stuck about ceremony music. I would like to find out if the live musicians are good!!
  8. OMG tyandnique - your spreadsheet is awesome! I added a new column - I am using the complimentary package as a base and adding the gold dinner package for 66 people and champagne and other extras. It has helped me alot!! Thank you!!
  9. I am getting married at DPB on April 20. 2012. I can't seem to find your new thread. What is it called??
  10. Hi DPB Brides....I have 2 questions. I am getting married on April 20th. 2012!! only 5 months!! Has anyone had the piano/sax/singer/violinist for their ceremony? I am wondering if they are good or whether i should just use an Ipod? I am not too worried about the extra cost - I would prefer live music!! Any help?? Also....we are wondering if anyone knows how much extra per hour it will be to have the reception room past 10:30. We are in one of the smaller ballrooms (66 people) and want to stay there untill probably midnight. The WC keeps telling me that we can confim when we get to the resort but I just want an idea of the cost to add into our budget! Thanks :-)
  11. Hi - yeah i put a $100 downpayment on the wedding package..that is the only downpayment they have asked for. I have never read anything about a $500 deposit for anything else though..... I am worried about the reception location too.....we need somewhere inside because we have some elderly guests coming and they don't like the heat too much....lol. I guess it is a first come first serve for reception locations??? I have only read great reviews about DPB weddings though so I am trying to have faith! A
  12. Hi , I also got a response from the WC..it just took longer than expected. She said my email went into ther junk e mail...hope that stops happening...lol. Her responses in red.... When do we have to pay the full amount for the package? When you be here, one day before the check out. When do we have to confirm number of guests attending? During your last meeting with your wedding coordinator 3 days before the wending. When can we confirm the location for the reception? When you be here during your meeting with the wedding coordinator. I assume that means that we have to pay for the wedding package when you check out..... So that is different from your answer...Either way it is not before we leave...so that is good. And I would like to know where my reception will be before I leave home....Is that normal to not know whreer your reception is until then??? Andrea
  13. Hi Veeron, How have you managed to speak to your WC? I have emailed mine a few times and have not heard anything back. Have you called the resort? I am getting married April 2012 and I was hoping to start getting some info nailed down...like...when do I need to pay for the package? When do I need to know how many people are attending?....do you know how I can get all these questions answered? Thanks Andrea
  14. Hi - I have read a few places that the resort closes access to the walkway and gazebo area during the wedding ceremony so there are no people walking around during the ceremony. Of course it is the bride's (and groom's...lol) choice. But we have chosen the garden gazebo based on the fact that if there are people hanging about in the background during our ceremony they are clothed (and not in speedo's/bikini's) and that for my pictures my hair won't be blowing around because of the beach breeze. That is just my thoughts! To each their own... Quote: Originally Posted by jtalaura1 I was just there checking out the resort for my wedding and I would absolutely recommend the beach. First, neither location are completely private but the beach seemed more private. The Gazebo is near the main entrance and the main lobby so there are lots of people walking around. Also, the gazebo can get very hot. The beach is nice because there is a great breeze so you will be much cooler there. Hope that helps!
  15. Hey - I have been on a Med cruise for the past 2 weeks (which was AMAZING) I got my confirmation from DPB while I was away.... for April 20th at 3pm!! So excited - now the fun begins!! I have spoken to Mercy a few times by email but my WC is Luz Franco...not sure if this is a man or woman...lol. We have chosen to go with the garden gazebo as my future hubby will be in his kilt and we both hate sand in our shoes!!
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