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  1. Pierre Visual Studio - Wedding Photography- Mayan Riviera- Playa del Carmen - Home - Wedding Photographer Hello, We were married at Sandos Playacar Resort in Playa Del Carmen in April. We used Pierre Violle as our photographer and he was wonderful!! We had only booked him for a 1.5 hour package, just to cover the ceremony, toast and some portrait shots, but it started to rain and we ended up stuck out at a wedding hut waiting for the rain to stop. Pierre was so patient and just said "I'm off the clock, we will wait for the rain to stop", which we were really impressed with. He was also a lot of fun to have as a photographer. We received our pictures from him yesterday and they are really beautiful!! Very creative and different shots. I would reccommend him in a heartbeat!!
  2. Hello!! Just got married here last thursday and loved it!!! There were 22 of us who went down and everyone was more than happy with the resort. The food is great at all of the restaurants, and no one got sick, with the exception of my two year old nephew (which could have been from too much sun and just a more sensitive stomach being so young) I really don't know how anyone could complain about the resort, the beach is absolutely beautiful!! The rooms in the beach section are a little old, but do the trick and really you're not in there very much. The wedding planner Maria is sooo sweet and will do anything to make you happy, she puts in crazy hours and works so hard. My only dissapointment with the wedding is that there were three weddings the same day as ours, and all three of us had our reception in the Italian Buffet at the same time....which was more than a little ackward!!! Just confirm with Maria that there are no other receptions at the same time as yours. The ceremony was so nice though and they really go out of their way for you. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, or if you want to see any pics just let me know. If I could do it all over again at Sandos I would!!! I loved it there :-)
  3. Thank you so much for your replies everyone. I wondered why Maria would just ignore that question in my emails :-)
  4. Hello, Has anyone had any trouble with using an outside photographer at this resort before? I emailed and asked and was told it is ok as long as they dress like civil people, which I think just means that they pretend they are regular guests at your wedding? I was just worried because on the question list for brides it says that the hotel does not allow outside photographers and now I'm worried that they will arrive and I won't be able to use them.
  5. I'm getting married here on April 15th!!! So excited, it's coming so quickly. I decided to use Pierre Violle for pictures, he has some beautiful pictures on his website, and is quite reasonably priced.
  6. Hello, Has anyone used the resort photographers? If there is anyone who has what did you think? I was thinking of going with an outside photographer, but if the resort photographers are good I will just use them. Thanks!!
  7. Getting married at Sandos April 15th 2010!!! Tonia 579 we deciede on Sandos after researching a ton of resorts in the area. The wedding package prices are good, from what I can tell they don't charge you for extra people like a lot of the other resorts do. It's close to Playa del Carmen which is nice for the guests, the beach looks beautiful! I think the main rason really was how nice the beach looks in this area. If you have facebook they have a facebook profile which has tons of pics and gives really good info on the resort. If you have any ?'s let me know, I have some extra info that the wedding planner has sent me. Good luck deciding!!
  8. Does anyone know how long in advance you need to book? I called another hotel in this area and all of April 2010 is already booked for weddings. As well, has anyoone used the witnesses that the hotel provides? If so how much do they charge for that service? Thanks for any info Chrystal
  9. Chrystal


    Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone, I think I have narrowed in the Barcelo reosts. I have heard lots of great things about them. Happy planning to all of you :-)
  10. Chrystal


    Hello, My name is Chrystal and I'm from Victoria BC. We are planning our wedding for April 15, 2010 in Playa del Carmen. We are undecided on a resort as of yet, but am hoping the information on this site may help.
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