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  1. Hey everyone, When sending the letter from the priest - it was directly to the church in Mexico, correct? It wasn't to be sent to the WC in Michigan? This whole process is so utterly confusing, and seems to change every time i'm finally able to speak to someone! Our WC confirmed our "rooftop terrace" reception location months ago, and i received an email in very early January - asking us to pick a location for our private reception. I emailed back frantically since i was out of the country on vacation with EXTREMELY limited access to email - i still have not heard back from anyone. Our wedding date is April 27th - and it seems like we have NOTHING planned as of yet.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyBoerema Hi you guys....i had posted earlier about looking into gran caribe. I actually think I have changed my mind about the chapel, based in part on the comments here. I am sorry it's been so much trouble to get answers!! it shouldn't be that hard. still trying to figure out another place with a catholic chapel.... Amy - I'm sorry- I really don't want what i was saying or should i say complaining about to interfere with your decision. I do think this location has a lot great things going for it. The church is absolutely beautiful etc.. I do believe the trouble i've been having will be worth it in the long run. I spoke with the WC yesterday and was told there has been a lot of restructuring and shuffling in regards to the planning team. I do think you should just try to talk to them - see what they say and what type of service you receive etc.. You can never know for sure. I do know that this chapel is somewhere i really want to get married - if you do too - see how they can treat you I can't say for sure that everything is going great in the planning process - but I have been speaking with a few people who have been married in Mexico - and have been told that the service is "a little bit slower" paced. Maybe i just need to relax and go with the flow... haha
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    Makeup Primer?

    I use Smashbox photo finish primer! Works great! i love their halo powder foundation. Extremely light on my skin - feels like i'm not wearing any make-up at all
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    Destination Bride - Newbie!

    Congrats on your wedding planning! This is an absolutely fantastic resource - i'm a newbie to this site as well - i can't believe what a help this has been for me! Best of luck planning and welcome to the Forum!!
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the boards! Best of luck planning - we initially were having trouble filling rooms etc.. but really once the planning starts - people start to follow! Have you made any of the travel arrangements? Any way you guys could change the date by a week-ish - so your MOH can come? If not - best of luck - remember it is your day Congrats !!
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    Best of luck planning! Just keep on using the website - it is such a great resource - full of great information
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    Moon Palace Cancun/April 17, 2010

    Congrats and welcome to the board!!
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    Hello... I'm Engaged!

    Congrats on the engagement! Best of luck planning!
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    Newbie - Cancun Destination Wedding

    Thanks Everyone
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by simba1234 I'm planning to get married in the chapel on April 23, 2010 so just a few days before you:) It's been an extremely frustrating process. They are horrible at getting back to me and won't even confirm a time. I have the deposit down also. I have just literally stalked them to get answers What do you need to know? Do you have the email of the church contact? Did they tell you which documents you need? You have to get a letter from your local parish stating that they authorize a catholic ceremony in Mexico. Let me know if there's anything I can answer. HI there That is great news! Congrats!! We fly down on the 22nd I might be hounding you instead of our wedding planner. It has been terrible! My fiance was finally able to get ahold of her. She mentioned how busy and swamped she was. Apparently they have all new staff working there now? I have no idea - i'm supposed to have a phone conference with her tomorrow - but i'll have to see what kind of time i have at work tomorrow. We have put our deposit down - and really - it is impossible to get in touch with the church. We were told we must deal with them directly. We have the email - received one reply in 2 and 1/2 weeks - saying we need a form and to fax it to them. Didn't even tell us which form. So we must talk to our priest in order to get it approved? That is great news - more than i have got from our WP. Have you received much information regarding the Reception planning process? I'm worried that i'm not actually getting anything done properly due to the lack of response from real resorts. What were the instructions the church gave you guys? I just want to make sure we'll be able to speak to our priest soon to get all the necessary information as it does take a while to receive. I also just want to start the reception planning process. Do you know the difference between the private reception and then luxury private reception? Thanks so much!
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    wedding stress!!!

    Hey you! I know exactly what you are going through! We have been dealing with countless travel agents to try to secure pricing. The difference in pricing from each of them have been OUTSTANDING - its absolutely rediculous. Finally we were able to find a great day through one - and we are using Westjet Vacations. As we have family flying for 2 separate provinces and wanted to have each plane arrive at relatively the same time. Great group rate quote etc... only problem to get the early booking bonus we must all pay in full by October 15th - The wedding is in late April. Due to the economy some of our guests are unable to swing the payment this soon and will hopefully be able to find something closer to the date. Decided we had to just quite worrying - people will find a way to come - and if they don't.. not much we can do. The only problem is our TA does not do any type of coordinating of the wedding. We are now responsible for contacting the Hotel Coordinators. We are getting married at the Gran Caribe Real in Cancun. It has been a headache trying to get any type of answers from their coordinators. We are also having our wedding at their new Catholic Chapel - and were told we must deal directly with the Church. We again, have not heard anything. It is quite a stressful time - but in the end.. I'd rather be planning this than a wedding at home. Atleast that's what i keep telling myself. GOOD LUCK!
  12. Hey Everyone - It seems that a few here have been considering the Gran Caribe Real for the Chapel. Has anyone had any luck contacting the Church - to get things booked and ready? We are unsure of what we actually need to get married here. We were told by the Real Resorts wedding coordinators that we must contact the church directly and were given their email. Been emailing to no response. Any tips? Thanks Everyone!
  13. Hi All!! Hope everyone is doing great We are in the midst of planning our dream wedding at the Gran Caribe Real Cancun - April 27, 2010 Has anyone else been married here? We are planning on the Royal Catholic Ceremony at the new Waterfront Chapel! Looks absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking - now if only the Church will get back to us. How is everyone else's planning going? We're looking forward to reading all the threats and information in this forum - An absolute great resource everyone! Thanks in advance for all the help
  14. Hey Everyone!! We are planning our wedding here! In the process of trying to get all the information straight to get married at the waterfront catholic chapel! It's proving to be a little difficult to get answers from the wedding coordinators! We have our deposit down - but have been instructed to contact the church directly to no answers. Our wedding date is April 27th 2010 - deposits are down etc.. Has anyone else been through this process? Any hints/tips when dealing with the wedding coordinators and the church??