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  1. We sent out our Save the Dates with the week we'll be travelling (Feb 22-Mar 1) and our wedding date (Feb 25, 2011). We chose to put the week-range based on the day most direct all-inclusive tour operators were flying out the previous year (Tuesday). We're dealing with itravel2000.com and they were able to give us a group rate for February 2011 in January 2010, so I'd maybe ask your TA again if they can do anything like that for you. In my opinion, I don't think even half our guests went to our wedding website for additional info, so don't bank too much on the fact that they'll be checking continuously!
  2. We're running into the same thing! My FH's parents are all upset that we're getting married in the Dominican, and they keep "teasingly" suggesting wedding venues in FH's hometown (which is 8 hours away AND in another province from where we live). In the end, we put up a united front and told everyone sternly that NO, we're not getting married in either of our hometowns, and if everyone wants to come to the Dominican, great. If they can't make it, we're going to have AHRs in EACH of our hometowns so we can celebrate with everyone. That's more for our own preference than to appease anyone, too. We have had to put our foot down with regards to the AHR in FH's hometown. His parents expect a huge meal for 100+ people plus dance, etc. We had our minds (and BUDGET) set on something low-key, like getting a bunch of assorted platters of veggies, meats, cheeses, sandwiches, etc and throwing a dance-type get together. Guess we'll see in 2 weeks when we go to visit them who's paying for this huge meal they are insisting on!! It sure won't be us!
  3. I also had a tough time wording this! When it was all said and done, our Save the Dates said something like: Please call our travel agent ____ at _____ to secure your trip at the group rate before April 1, 2010. Then we had something about the dates we were travelling, that it was all-inclusive, the approx cost/ person.
  4. We were going to go with Sharon Nagassarr Designs for our realtouch flowers, but I have found that comparing the quotes and RESPONSE TIME between her and Angel's Accents, I much prefer Angel... (ANGEL'S ACCENTS) We are getting all our flowers for under $400 (incl. shipping from the U.S. to Canada) which includes: -Brides bouquet -2 BM bouquets -3 groom/groomsmen bouts -2 father bouts -2 mother/grandmother wrist corsages This is for green/white cymbidium orchids, handtied with ribbon. She's also super nice to work with, and she gets back to you QUICK! Unlike Sharon, unfortunately.
  5. We're using Phil Steingard.. Michael Steingard is his VERY talented nephew.. Can't say enough great things about both of them!!!!!
  6. VBVB

    Majestic Colonial Info

    Hi Ladies! I'm looking to share our photographer, Phil Steingard "PhotoPhil" for the week around our wedding, which is on February 25, 2011. A lot of his work can be featured on the Majestic Colonial Brides Facebook group, and he's SO awesome to work with! He's willing to give the brides that book him around the time of our wedding a price decrease (me too!) because it's more 'worth his while' if more than one couple books him while he's down there. EMAIL ME if you're interested!!!!!! VBENSON@HOTMAIL.COM
  7. We're getting married at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana on February 25, 2011, and we've hired Phil Steingard.... Totally looking for a bride to 'share' him for the week! PM ME!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Meyer2010 Hello!
  9. I'm ordering mine from Sharon Nagassar Designs (www.sharonnagassardesigns.com) She is super nice to work with, and quite reasonable price-wise! Bride's bouquet inspiration (excpet green and white orchids with teal ribbon): Bridesmaid's bouquets (except green and white orchids with lime green ribbon): Groom's bout (all green orchids), groomsman's and father's bouts are the same as groom's, but they just have green and white orchids: Mother/Grandmother wrist corsages (green and white orchids with teal ribbon):
  10. I just PM'd you about the table runners, chair bows, and the real touch orchids. Thanks!
  11. Our wedding is still quite far away, but it's never too early to start collecting the things you need for decor, right!? Our wedding colours are teal and lime green. I'm looking for: -Real touch cymbidium orchid bouquet(s) similar to the one pictured below. Need 1 for sure, willing to take a few more for my bridesmaids, too. -Teal or lime green table runners (at least 15-20), chair sashes (at least 25) -Tealight holders (can be clear, teal, lime green.. really no preference. Need at least 50-75) -Candy buffet containers/scoops -Flower or peacock feather hairpiece I would LOVE it if some of these items were available in Edmonton/Calgary, Alberta for pickup... However, for the right items, I am also wililng to pay for shipping! Please PM or email me: vbenson[at]hotmail[dot]com with photos of the items you think I may be interested in!
  12. Please send me a pic! vbenson@Hotmail.com THANKS!
  13. From what the Majestic Colonial wedding planner has told me, the little certificate the marriage commissioner gives you on the date you do your 'at-home legal ceremony' is good-enough proof that you've already done the deed. Canadian registries/vital statistics can get you a real-deal marriage certificate (which you have to file for anyways, as far as I understand) in 2 weeks or so.. So options to do the legal ceremony the day before you depart for the D.R. or a few weeks before are both there!
  14. Here's our boarding pass Save the Date postcard! (Please excuse the blank spots.. we took out our personal info before posting the picture on here for our privacy) They're 5x7 (oversized postcards), and the design was done by Birdie's Custom Cards on ETSY. We LOVE her work!!!!
  15. Glad to hear it all worked out. I emailed the ladies in early January, and was able to secure our date (Februart 25, 2011) on January 10th or so... WE ARE SO EXCITED! Now, to find someone to share our photographer (PhotoPhil Steingard) for our wedding week!