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  1. Gald you had a great wedding. Can't wait to see some pics.
  2. brownting

    How Much Did You Pay For Your Reggae Band???

    Marne, if price is not an issue, Fab 5 is one of the best bands there is. They will play popular music as well. I wish I could use them but they are out of my price range.
  3. That is a great idea. I will be looking into it.
  4. brownting

    Palladium 2010!

    welcome and happy planning
  5. brownting

    Trip prices dropped!

    Some of my guests did not book with group for this same reason. I was dissapointed but now more than ever is understandable. Hope it works out for your group.
  6. brownting

    Welcome bag design

    I think 2 is nice and simple. like it.
  7. brownting


    Welcome...let the planning begin
  8. I am plannin on having beach reception. Geralyn What time did your reception start and end?
  9. brownting

    Disco/DJ option at RMB

    I hope this is not the case. There must be an alternative. Any update?
  10. Looking for ceremony location off resort in Montego Bay overlooking ocean if possible. Reception will be on Riu Resort