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  1. I have a beautiful never been worn or altered bridesmaid dress for sale. One of my bridesmaids moved to Abu Dhabi and couldn't come to my wedding so her dress never got worn at all. The details are: Brand: After Six (from the Dessy Group) Size: 12 Syle: 6574 Colour: Tutti Frutti http://www.dessy.com/dresses/bridesmaid/6574/ It is a super cute dress and I wish I could keep it for myself but it would need huge alterations to fit me. Price is $130 plus shipping from Toronto Canada (but I will try to get this a cheap as possible). Thanks! Happy Shopping.
  2. Perhaps she has a legitimate phobia about flying. It is totally irrational and uncontrollable and lots of people need psychological treatment to overcome phobias. Just because she wasn't as phobic about it in the past, does not mean it hasn't escalated. For example, my dad used to fly all the time, all over the world, for business. Now he is definitely afraid to fly and gets stressed out about flying for months in advance. (With no particular trigger incident that he has ever talked about). Â I'd just do what everyone else said and not worry about it and enjoy your day without her. You don't want her to be freaking out at the wedding about the return flight. Â However, I'd be pretty hurt if she managed to get on a plane for her honeymoon! Then she is just being selective.
  3. Lyndsay H! The same thing happened to me. I was so sad when they wanted the money back- plus interest. It was something my accountant didn't flag when we compared joint versus single filing. Oh well.
  4. I was in Tulum a few years ago, it was absolutely beautiful, the beach was totally incredible and there was a lot of great off-resort options. However, I'm sure Dominican is beautiful too.
  5. Thanks Iamalldiva! I was hoping to get the little bottles, but if I can't find them, these will do perfectly!
  6. Can you tell me where you purchased the aloe? I'm having trouble finding it.
  7. I'm actually amazed by how amazing everything looks. You're guests are definitely going to appreciate all of your hard work!
  8. Hey Bahia Bride, where did you get the guys outfits? I was thinking Studio Suit but that is way more expensive than $50/guy!
  9. Looks fabulous! I think I'll check out the supplier of your bags!
  10. Great thread- I was having the same issue. I think I am going to send thank you notes as I get the gifts up until about a month before the wedding and then do a photo card for the remainder of the gifts, which I will also resend to the early gift givers.
  11. I know nothing about the pricing but I stayed there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. The ice cream and mojitos were to die for! I seriously enjoyed the lazy river also. Good luck with the planning!
  12. I definitely am not taking his last name. I feel that just because we're getting married I am not a different person. I am not even all that crazy about my name, its rather boring, but it doesn't hurt that his last name is pretty bad! Luckily FI doesn't care at all. It does bug him when I suggest that if we have children we'll have to give them my last name only. I am just saying that for a reaction- but it is fun to see his face!
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