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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by mmcst38Â Ochosriosbride, Â I'm getting married at ROR in May, can you elaborate on any mishaps in service you had thta would help us plan ahead or what to watch out for, because now I'm getting nervous that I have all these people going to a resort I picked, and to have it unsatisfactory makes me extremely uneasy. Â When we arrive at 2am all we wAnted to do was eat and relax. It was me my husband and his two teenage boys. We had obviously requested a room with two double beds to sleep 4. We walked in and found one king bed. We spent the next hour at the front desk that ssi couldnt do anything in the morning cuz the entire resort was full, which I found hard to believe. They finally said they would bring a double cot up which turned out too be single we had to ship one sone to sleep with a family member. Which I felt was unexeptable. For the following day we were upgraded to a suite however it look all day going back and forth missing time with our guests and family we got into the new room by 7pm that night with no offered help from the resort. The resort is huge so just going back and forth from the drink desk to ur spot on the beach wastes slot of time. We went old room front desk beach front desk old room front desk back and forth cuz they kept postponing when we could get the keys. Finally we got in to new room and AC wasn't working my dress got humid And smelly we called 4 times to have someone fix it. It didn't get done till the mondayvof our 2nd wk there so I had the pleasure of getting ready in a hot and sticky room. The the request I made for tikki torches and some chairs for my beach reception were never set up. Don't tell me u can do it if u cant it didn't ruin anything it just made me mad.
  2. Meghan, we got married there in Nov 2010 and the way the service was between nov 12 and Nov 27, and onward based on reviews, i dont think I personllay would want to go back to that Resort to celebrate a one year anniversary. My weddng day was awesome, but surely not because of the resort. And they made the rest of my stay very frustrating and stressful. Im not hard to please, it was all based on their mishaps. So i just wouldnt want you to go there and be disappointed if its not as it was when you got married...just my thoughts
  3. We got married at ROR on Nov 17 2010 and we got a copy of the marriage registration which does not work as a certificated for name changes and such,but still a proof of marriage. And we recieved our certificated on Jan 5th 2011, so not to bad about a month and half after the fact...i was rather surprised
  4. I got married at ROR Nov 17th 2010. My wedding day was amazing, but not because of the staff, or the coordinator who forgot stuff and we spent alot of time waiting,but because of my family and friends it was the best day of my life. As for the hotel reviews since we have been back i have hear nothing but bad reviews, i think the Resort service has taken a nose dive over the last few months. Because i picked the resort also based on raving reviews, and when we got there the service was very 2 starish quite disappointing. I dont travel alot and so never have high expectations, but being my wedding week, their undestanding in most situations would have been most appreciated, but it just wasnt there. I hope for your sake that the service picks up, and you are treated much better than we were The resort is gorgeous so is the beach ENJOY It try not to deal with the front desk if you dont have to, they were not very accomodating or helpful...Congratulations
  5. It might depend on the resort...we are getting married at Riu Ocho Rios and we had to send in notarized copy of long birthcertificate, passsport, name change (if applicable) divorce certifacte(if applicable) which we did, we couriered them over, which was a little pricey, but they got there in 8 days, and glad it didnt go through unneccessary hands. We paid nothing for notary. I just searched notary public online in my area and i dialed random number, he agreed to do it, no charge for anything. So it all worked out. Resort then emailed me to let me know documents arrived safely and they have them. I stressed about it for a while as well, but once it was does, easy breezy
  6. hmh...im so confused! lol so i wasnt even planning on paying more than $130bucks for my flowers, cuz im not gettin flowers for the guys, just the three bridesmaids. Im email the coordinator now cuz im unclear as to what other flowers are included in the wedding package. Im not paying for flowers to decorate the semi private dinner reception, that just seems silly to me, only other thing i want is flowers on the beach gazebo, not sure if this in included in our package. As for TAX??? is everything there taxed? cuz i havnt budgeted for that, yikes!!! this could be messy!!!!
  7. wow so many great ideas...we did very small simple OOT bags, cost me about 2$ per person, it was a simple gift bag that i decorated and wrote "welcome" on, i put my jamaica attractions booklet in there with a pamphlet i wrote up with a general wedding day outline/program, a small write up welcome guests and thanking them for coming, a big thank you and the date, and then i purchases sand dollars and wrote location and date on them with gold paint pen, one for each guest. Ive handed these out to those i see regularily 4wks prior to departure, so they can flip through the booklet, and keep the sand dollar at home so it doesnt break, i will have to take some of the OOT bags with me, b/c we have guests coming from england and ottawa that im unable to deliver to Favours im doing very simple green yellow and black jelly beans, i found little woven beachbag favour bags to put them in...super excited, so its costing me next to nothing to do both, but enough to show my guest how much i appreciate them being there good luck ladies
  8. Im in Ontario as well and a friend of mine suggested to ask my bank, because she has heard of them doing it here before, so it might be an option. Im definately going to look into it. s Â
  9. I got my booklets and im very excite to get them into my Welcome bags that i will be handing out a few weeks before we leave for jamaica
  10. YUMYUM Thank you for all the info, its really starting to make some sense now I appreciate it! and congrats on ur marriage all the best to ya
  11. YUM YUM I have a few questions for you, because alot of what you decided on for your extras is similar to what I want but was so confused as to how the Private pool reception worked, inregards to pricing. Did you buy a specific wedding package? and then have to pay $55/pp on top of that? were kids any cheaper? Did they set up ur pool side reception with standar decor, or did you have to put extra money out for reception decorations as well? is the butterfly release something new on the extras list? i havent seen or heard of it before, sounds nice. How did you pay for everything, was it mostly credit card, or cash, or travelers cheques? Ive heard and read so many different things. Thank you for the detailed review
  12. I dunno how you feel about Ebay, but you can by bulk bags, by the pound of Jamaican jerk spice, i read alot of the reviews and they were all excellent, It was reasonably priced...so if you are still looking for the spice mix check it out. Just search Jamaican spice, or just Jamaican and it will come up!!! good luck
  13. hmh that might be a good idea, too...my FI wanted to just hand them all out there, but i just cant seem to justify travelling with that extra luggage if i can just hand most of them out here haha.
  14. hmmm interesting...ive starting to feel a little uneasy about payments, and the wedding there all together i dont want to feel that way.
  15. I think im gonna put them together at home, and hand out about a week or so before, to those that are within arms reach. I have guets coming from England and some that are about 6hrs away, so it hink those ones ill just take with me, and hand them out when we get there...i think thats the easiest way...with spending a load of money on postage...however i might see what the cost is to send them over seas.
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