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  1. Your pictures are sooo good! You look amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the good review. Just wondering where in the ceremony you did the readings. I've been trying to get the answer from Renee and she will not give me a straight answer. I'm trying to do a program and figure out some sort of order.
  3. Everything looks so nice!! Congrats!
  4. Sounds nice!!! Can't wait to hear the rest!
  5. Julie H

    Beaches Negril

    Hi,This is what I've found to be the easiest way to contact her... Call the Beaches number and instead of using her extension dial the # for the wedding department. Someone can then connect you to her. I've caught her by surprise more then once. (ha ha) Does'nt always work but much better then waiting for her to call back and they can answer alot of questions to. As far as what not to skimp on, I guess I can answer that in a week. Feeling alittle crazy right now! Where did all the time go!
  6. Congrats on your wedding!! Can't wait to read your review. Anything you would or wouldnt do again?
  7. Julie H

    Flower petals

    I just ordered my freeze dried petals from flyboynatural.com. My resort does'nt allow fake petals and their prices were crazy. The customer service was awesome. I'm getting a custom blend for the same price. $17.99 for six cups(for the flower girl). They should be here next monday, so we will see...
  8. Julie H

    Fake Flower Petals

    I just ordered my petals from flyboynaturals.com and was really impressed with the customer service. I thought their prices were pretty reasonable.My resort does'nt allow fake petals and their prices were CRAZY! They will be here next monday, not bad...
  9. Congrats! Your pictures are so good. You look amazing!
  10. Welcome back and congrats!! Can't wait to see your pics and review. Less then a month till we get married and I'm getting very nervous. So your ceremony was at a different time then your reception? I've been wondering how that would work. Did you get a MS package? Sorry so many questions, just so curious.
  11. We are getting married a Beaches Negril May 8th and have 27 guest coming. We've decided to do the 3hr reception with the steel drum band for the first hr and a DJ for the last two. We kept the BB package but are adding green cimbidiums to that. We are not having a reception at home so we wanted it to be really special for us and our guest coming.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by dolfinluck I hear you, i have been in contact with them about the fit around the FI butt, i just sent them a pic to show whats the problems but have the feeling i will be getting the same response. I gave up! Just took the suit to my seamstress and if anyone can make this work she can. No promises though. Studio Suits offered me 20% off a new one. Oh and there out of english beige. I'm just not giving them anymore money.So we will see what happens...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by kelly1214 Pretty sure they won't comp you the $15 for the $75 reception. I have my invoice right here and it's $60 a person $30 for children for the 3hr reception. WITH A GROUP BOOKING!
  14. Hello, So we got are linen suit from Studiosuits a little over a week after we ordered it and loved it. BUT....The armholes are way to small and the biceps are skintight. They call the arms their standard size and I should've included the bicepts size in the comment section. How would I know that? They ask for many sizes when you order but not that one. MY arms hardly fit in it! So be careful! I've been sending emails back and forth with not to much help. With a month and a day left I'm feeling a little crazy!
  15. Hi! Have you seen the Finishing Touches? They were supposed to have an additional flower section a long time ago. It's been interesting... They have pictures of the cupcakes and they are listed at $36 a dozen. I do know if you have a group wedding they will comp you the $15 dollar a person towards a longer reception. Were having the 3hr and paying $60 a person instead of the listed $75. I've found they will do anything for price we've just picked the things most important to us.