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  1. Such a great idea...I would love to join in dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up: I'm travelling from Feb 6th-13th 2011- Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana Â
  2. CarribeanBride


    Congrats and Welcome to the forum!!! Enjoy your planning : )
  3. Welcome to the forum!!! 4 months is plenty of time to plan your dream Destination Wedding. All the Best : )
  4. Welcome to the forum!! Enjoy your planning : )
  5. Welcome...Enjoy your planning!!! This site is excellent : )
  6. Congrats on your engagement!! I'm a Punta Cana Bride getting married this February at Dreams Palm Beach...this website will give you some great info on all the resorts: check out the sections on Dominican and Jamaica. Â Best of luck : )
  7. Congrats on your engagement!! Happy Wedding Planning : )
  8. I also used Vista Print for my STD's and they turned out great!! You just can't beat the price : )
  9. chelymo 05/2010-congratulations=) MysTea 11/01/2010 Alliecat023- 1/18/11 CarribeanBride - 02/09/2011 Canadiansandy - 05/04/2011 dreamsmaybride - 05/11/2011 CampbellSoup - 6/18/2011 elizabethrodriguez314 07/04/2011 Jaimele318 - 07/08/2011 Â
  10. Hi Ladies! Â We're getting married at Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana on Feb 9th 2011!! So far we have 47 people booked : ) Â We sent out our STD's in March, I ordered my dress last month and my bridesmaids have their adorable fuchsia dresses. We have pants for the Groomsmen but ran into an issue with the shirts we had picked out so I'm on a mission to quickly find them shirts before all the stores are sold out of their summer stock. Â We're looking into travel mugs for our guests, does anyone know of any reasonable vendors? Â Happy Wedding Planning!!
  11. Welcome! I'm going to be getting married at Dreams Palm Beach this February...can't wait to hear all about your wedding!
  12. Congrats!! Thanks for posting your review. I'm seriously considering booking Dreams Palm Beach for my Wedding next February. I have been in touch with Melani and was so impressed with how quick she responds to emails...heard back from her within an hour! I have also looked into HDC photo...his photos are incredible and he's quite reasonable. Great to hear that you had such a good experience at Dreams Palm Beach : )
  13. Welcome! I'm looking at booking Dreams Palm Beach for my Wedding as well...the resort looks amazing! When are you getting married?
  14. The dress is absolutely stunning on you...You should go for it!!! I think the flower is a nice touch, especially for a Destination Wedding.
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