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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by OceanWonderland Hi girls! Thanks for your input for the music and such...not worried anymore I finally got a reply from Landy and she says that I can choose between 2 or 4 pm in November. The sun sets at 5, and I was hoping for a 3pm slot, but apparently those don't exist. But 2 seems a little early (hot?). What time do you think is best? We definitely want photos after the ceremony before the sun goes down but also don't want a 4 hour gap between the ceremony and reception. Dinner starts at 6 right? A 4 hour cocktail hour is just insane... Leslie Hi Leslie, I got married in November at 2 pm. I wanted the 4 o'clock spot, but it was taken; then when I asked about the time slot again, it turned out the 4 pm couple canceled, but we still couldn't have that slot because it was "too late" [rolls eyes]. This is, by the way, why I still haven't written my review: there were so many things I was not happy with that I'm afraid the whole review will be just that, listing the problems. One thing I've learned: be more assertive and demanding if you want to get what you want. I was too laid back a bride, and ended up being frustrated at the wedding because things did not go smoothly the whole time. Anyway, on to the useful information: 4 pm would definitely be better. First of all, at 2 pm the sun was too harsh for the pictures, plus it had everyone squinting. Second, it was TOO HOT!! My groom and his two groomsmen were sweating like crazy, and all I could think of while standing there during the ceremony, staring at their white cotton shirts covered in sweat stains, was that I should have made the hotel find a way to give us that 4 pm slot (that was available anyway!). The chairs were arranged, as usual, on both sides of the isle, and most of my guests moved from one side to the other, sharing chairs or standing, to try to hide in whatever little shade the gazebo offered. Our nanny brought a huge hotel umbrella to protect herself and the baby from the sun, and now that umbrella makes a prominent appearance in many of our ceremony photos. I should have bought parasols; those would have looked much nicer and actually neat. In fact, I was erring on the side of simplicity - I did not want to bring too much stuff or insist on too many details, but it was a mistake.
  2. Hey guys, So we got married at Dreams on November 14. Some things I wish we'd done differently, some were perfect... Waiting for the pics from Sol. I want to thank everyone, especially SunBride and Blkatz for all the information that was shared here!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz Just make sure it is a private transfer. You dont want to be going to other resorts on your way with that large of a party. It will be annoying. The van was perfect. Air conditioned and very comfortable Great info, thanks. They do say it is private transportation.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz We used Olympus tours in December and then American Express in April. It is almost 2 hours from the Cancun airport-that is why it is so expensive Thank you Beth! I checked the Olympus tours and they want $435 for all of us (there are actually 6 adults in our group, not 7). American Express quotes only $152 round trip. Was their van nice, comfortable and air conditioned? We have two small children, so it's important. It's such a big difference in price, seems strange.
  5. Hello ladies, Can anyone recommend a company to provide us with direct transportation from the Cancun airport to Dreams Tulum? There will be 7 adults and 2 toddlers in our group, and our travel agent quotes $400 for a van, round trip. Is it really that expensive?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by shellk i have the exact same problem.mine is like the old victoria beckham style long at the front and really short at the back.but i really like it so i did,nt want to grow it.this is my next job i will share my finds. That's exactly me! I've been really worrying about what to do with my hair, and as I only have 6 weeks to go, I don't think it'll grow significantly . I bought a fake white rose though... n&n112109 Thanks for asking the question!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Yeah, that doesn't make sense. From my experience and what I've heard from others, the use of the gazebo is the same for all wedding packages (even the free package includes basic gazebo decor). Thanks for your response SunBride. You're our resident Dreams Tulum expert . I've asked for clarification, but I do hope we won't have to pay extra. Because we have only 10 guests it makes sense for us to get the free package and then pay for upgrades, such as the Gold Menu for 10, a bunch of boutonnieres, etc. So I'm not looking forward to paying extra to have something over our heads during the ceremony. (The specific wording is "All the packages include the basic set up with covered chairs for the guests and table for the judge or minister. Gazebo is included only for Dreams of Love or Ultimate wedding package otherwise it has extra charge.")
  8. I am reading the Wedding Guide for 2009 and I am confused: under Wedding in Paradise package it says "use of the wedding canopy." It says the same thing in the Ultimate package. But later in "Beach Ceremonies" it says "Gazebo is included only for Dreams of Love or Ultimate wedding package." What is "canopy" vs. "gazebo," does anyone know?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz We had 6 people at the wedding and after we were done eating we went to the bar and continued to enjoy ourselves. The night of my wedding they also had fire dancers performing. We didnt make it to the disco but definitely had a ton of drinks by the bar! Thank you so much Beth! BTW, loooved your wedding photos.
  10. I've been digging through this thread for weeks now (thank you everyone for such a wealth of information!!!) but I think I still have some questions. Time is running out, and I still have so many things undecided, so I have to rely on your mercy ladies. My question is: what time does the evening entertainment start? Our reception begins at 6:30 pm (it's a small party, around 10 people), I expect we'll take an hour and a half or so to eat, and what do we do then? Can we all go watch watever is offered? What time does the disco start? Our crowd is mostly people in their 30s and 40s, so I don't expect much wild partying, but on the other hand, vacation, wedding, unlimited drinks, who knows? Anyway, I'm trying to get an idea what normally happens after the reception.
  11. Scubadiva, godaloveme, lowieland, sjmacphe, KittenHeart - Thank you ladies so much for your support! The dress is this one: David's Bridal - Taffeta high-collar side-draped trumpet with beading and button back detail Ironically, they called from my first choice place today and said that yes, they CAN have the dress made by October 1 Now, has ANYONE seen a bride with short hair and a veil? And liked it, that is .
  12. And here's the stuff that I actually wanted because it is more my style. Sigh - that's what you get for not taking the time to plan! It would take too long for them to order it. Bawling my eyes out
  13. Okay... Normal brides allow themselves a few months to find a dress, buy it and have it altered... Nooo, not me! Why make everything easy, right? We've been engaged since October of last year, but it was only last week that we finally decided on a date - November 14 of this year! That leaves us exactly 7 weeks total to plan our entire destination wedding! Which means that I only had pretty much just last Saturday to buy the dress, and I had to find the one they had right then and there at the store, in my size, because there is no time for them to order it (turns out, it takes months, who knew? ), much less alter. So here is the dress I ended up buying. Please tell me it's good enough :). Now, my question is, what I am supposed to do regarding the veil? My FI thinks I should wear one, and that it looks great, but I am not so sure: my hair is short and is not likely to grow significantly in the next 7 weeks?..
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    Thank you everyone!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. We are getting married in Mexico on November 14, 2009. This forum has been extremely helpful in planning our destination wedding. Thanks you everyone for sharing!