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  1. Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your posts. I went to a bridal store this weekend and fell in love with a dress from the Sottero & Midgley collection for the 2nd time. Only this time I purchased it and will be wearing it on my wedding day! I'm so excited and I simply love how flattering Maggie Sottero dresses are for all women & sizes! Thanks again ;-)
  2. I will try ebay, but it seems a bit overwhelming to me. What style is your Maggie? My wedding isn't until March.
  3. Hi ladies, I am interested in knowing if anyone is selling their Maggie Sottero gown in a size 12 or larger. Here are the styles I like. I have called all the bridal stores in my area and no one has these. They can only order new ones. -Karena -Amour with Brooch -Lorraine -Amara Lee -Chance -Felicia I really hope someone has one of these in the right size they are looking to sale. I tried PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com already too! Thanks!
  4. Hello ladies! I am a March bride also! March 27, 2010 is the big day in Nassau, Bahamas!!!
  5. Scott-Pierre I am so sorry to hear about your flower saga and hope that your flowers turned out even better than imagined. I am so very grateful for your honest posts and updates because I'd just sent in my quote to Bittersweet today. Now, I am going to search elsewhere because I do not want to have to experience that. Thanks again!
  6. Has anyone seen a starfish passing for a Topaz colored starfish? My wedding is March 27, 2010
  7. Hi Tlseege, We will be on the Imagination March 26-29th! Yes, we are so excited. This will actually be my 1st time cruising ;-)
  8. Hi Jacilynda, Did you ever see pics of Dee83 in her TTD from lightinthebox? I have been trying to search for pics.
  9. How cool! We have the same wedding date ;-) Ours will be in Nassau. How is your planning coming along!?
  10. Congratulations and welcome! This site will definitely help you decide & plan ;-)
  11. Hi, your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I see that I am too late for the starfish bouquet filler :-( Can you share where you purchased it? Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much everyone for your warm welcome!
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Tilicia and I will be getting married March 27, 2010 in Nassau, Bahamas. We will actually be cruising to Nassau and having the ceremony on the beach when we port for the day. I look forward to meeting new people and hearing any tips and advice from those who have married in Nassau. Thanks!
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