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  1. I've had that problem too, but not to the degree of some of you. I'm a pretty sarcastic person so all I say in reply is "Hey, if you happen to be taking a Mexico vacation at the same time as I get married I can't do anything about that." I haven't had to, as of yet, actually uninvite anyone that has invited themselves. On another note, I am booking Claudia Rodriguez for my photos and was wondering if anyone has had good or bad experiences with her? So far the communication process is slow going, I'm still waiting for her to send me the link so that I can put our deposit down!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Grand Bride I noticed there were some posts on here about vaccinations... Hep A or B.... Is anyone getting specific vaccinations for Riviera Maya? I was thinking the Swine Flu vac once it comes out, but that's it. Should we be worried about other diseases or flu? I'm personally not getting anything beyond Hep A and B. It's totally a comfort level thing. With most vaccines you are protected for life. Are you getting married at the Palladium? Which one? I have it narrowed down between the Colonial or the Barcelo. Not sure yet.....
  3. Actually I went and got it today. She recommended just the Hep A. She gave me a script, I went downstairs and filled it then went right back up and she gave it to me. I'll have to look into the actual instructions because I left there not really knowing exactly when I have to come back!
  4. That was her answer to my question of "So if I have any questions or requests can I just have you contact them to set everything up or do I have to?" I thought it was a very reasonable fee to be able to let someone else do all the leg work!!! Another question regarding vaccinations: can I just go into a walk in clinic for Twinrix? I am in healthcare and already am immune to Hep B, but since I am going to the Mayan Riviera this Nov (unrelated to wedding) I thought now would be a good time and didn't want to bother with a Dr appt if I didn't need to. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi everyone! I've read alot of posts about the resorts not having rates yet? Are a lot of you encountering that problem? I've only been in contact with my TA once, and she gave me rates for Nov 2010 right away.....I'm assuming that she will book the wedding and everything herself? Am I being naive in thinking this? She said that they can do all the coordination from here for a fee ($75) and I was thinking ummm yah - $75 bucks and I don't have to do anything? Of course! I haven't booked officially with her but I'm planning on it. Is it too soon?
  6. lalmand

    Palladium 2010!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm sure that I will have tons more questions as the days fly by.
  7. lalmand

    Palladium 2010!

    Hi everyone! I've spent so much time reading through some of the posts here and I know that I haven't even skimmed the surface! We are planning on getting married at the Grand Palladium in Mexico in November 2010. I know I have some time, but I'm almost getting overwhelmed already! I'm pretty laid back, and am hoping that a lot of the planning will be done by the on-site coordinator and my travel agent. Any bits of info or advice are always welcome!! Nice to meet you all!