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  1. Hi all! If anyone would like to see wedding photographer photos, or just photos in general, let me know and I will send along my photobucket link of the wedding I was in March 18, 2010. PM me, and I'll get to sending them!
  2. Thank you for that! Im just so torn with what to do, and the other BM's and MOH are not really good good friends of mine to get their opinion... Much appreciated!
  3. Ok - so I have a huge problem...and Im feeling uber guilty about thinking it, so I thought I could get some advice from you ladies.. I had my Bridesmaid Dress fitting yesterday, and all the girls looked fab in their dresses...I myself, am a bit more curvy then them, and the dress style looks absolutely horrible on me...or so I thought, I couldn't bare to look in the mirror. I tried to get the straps a certain way so as to offset my insecurities and just be able to have a good time, however it didn't work. I am a very self conscious individual, and I know its not my day and I shouldn't be so upset, but I don't want to be that girl, that looks like a normal dress wouldn't fit her properly so they just sewed some pieces of material together to look like the other BM's.... Im torn between just sucking it up, dieting a little, and just being ok with that, and saying something to try and figure out a solution that works for both of us ( Bride and myself) ...although the Bride didn't say anything about how it looked.... Would you tell your BM if the dress didn't look good? or would you just leave it and hope that the BM would be honest with you about her feelings about the dress... Help!?!?
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    Welcome!!!! Im sure you will find this forum has ALOT to share!!
  5. Welcome!!! This is a great forum! Enjoy!
  6. Jacs77


    This forum has made me want to just get married ...lol Currently single, and will be for the wedding unfortunately, however...when/if that times comes for me...let me tell you - I will definitely be thinking of a DW. So many FANTASTIC ideas here!!! Already have a list!
  7. I think that you should still ask her - Im a BM now, but was uber stressed about the financial issue. I let my Bride know that I had my limits and she completely understood. I told her that I will do all I can to be there for her on her special day, but also told her to keep me in mind for any perks while booking. She is using one of my good friends as her TA and Im thinking that may have helped me out alot. If I wasn't able to go at all - I still would have appreciated the thought of her asking me to stand beside her. Cheers!
  8. I'd love to check out this program -- just to see if it works, I'll definitely post my barriers and successes --- I have just under 6mths to lose an ideal 40lbs...definitely doable...but looking at all options.. Thanks again!!!!!
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    Just joined to help one of my bestest friends ( Bride to Be) in planning her DW....can't wait to dive in to the forums!! Cheers!!!
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