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  1. I am planning a destination wedding in the DR and just found out that not all flowers are available at destination locations. Does anyone have a list of available flowers in the DR? If time of year is a factor, I am planning for the wedding to be in December of 2010. Also, and info on how much cost varies by flower? Please help ASAP! Thank you!!!!
  2. What I was thinking is.... Elegant , modern and clean with lots of whites creams and maybe pale golds. But I am nervous that may look washed out, especially with the sand, etc, so I wanted to incorporate some pops of a bright color. Maaaaybe fuchsia? I don't want it to look to pink though. What do you guys think? And have you seen anything like this though your own searches?
  3. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on a color scheme for my wedding. I see that a lot of you refer to inspiration photos you have found. I have looked through what seems like a million magazines and can't seem to find any photos that i am inspired by. Where do most of you guys been looking for your ideas? I know there is a thread on this site where people list what colors they are using. But actually seeing a "finished product" you be very helpful!
  4. Silly question, but I'm new to the forum. What is a TTD?
  5. I think a contract is super important. Without one you risk them giving you less than you expected and having no way to prove that they owe you certain services. I think you need a contract and you need to have it with you the day of your event. That way when it comes time to pay the bill, there is no question about whether they held up their end of the deal completely or whether you don't owe them the full amount because they did not deliver all that was promised. I would ask to see a menu up front. Find out whether your guests can choose on the spot or if you need to tell them before hand who will be having what. Find out how private your event will be. Will your party have a room or area of the restaurant to yourselves? Also find out how many waiters/staff members will be dedicated to your party alone. Make sure it sounds like enough staff members or else you and your guests might end up dissatisfied with the level of service. Find out about alcohol (if you want to have it at the reception). Is it included, is there a limit? If you bring your own, will there me a bottle opening fee? Is decor an issue at all? Are they letting you choose the linens, etc? Hmmm, that is all I can think of for now.
  6. JTswedding, that's a great idea! That way everyone's happy. I hope that the resort I end up going with has something similar -- a place to put dinner tables BY the sand and dancing/ lougning ON the sand. Thanks!
  7. Where do you guys plan to have the reception? To privatize a restaurante at the resorts I'm looking at costs a lot of extra money.
  8. My ceremony will be on the beach but now I am trying to decide whether to have the reception (full dinner and dancing) on the sand as well. I sort of just assumed the reception would be on the sand but now my father and fiance don't seem to like this idea. Their concerns are.... #1 people will have to be dressed up but barefoot. They don't think someone in a suit will be comfortable on the beach with no shoes. #2 The chairs can get stuck in the sand. Also, if it is windy, will the sand end up all over the place, even in the food? I am hoping to get some feedback. Is anyone else looking into having the reception on the beach? Is there anyone who already had their reception on the beach and has positive/negative feedback to give about it? Thanks!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride Thats a great question, I am planning on shipping my centerpieces prior to my wedding.. I really like your photo, what photographer took that picture?
  10. What is everyone doing in terms of leading the reception. I am looking at the wedding packages offered by the Paradisus resorts and one of the add-ons is an MC. But i am concerned about what their style would be and a potential language barrier. How are you guys going to make sure that the music playing, the guests are engaged and things are lively while all the typical components of the wedding are announced an not forgotten (i.e. first dance, toasts, bride and father dance, cutting the cake, etc)
  11. Hi! I am recently engaged and leaning toward the Dominican for our destination wedding. My finance and I are in love with the Paradisus resorts (Palms Real and Punta Cana) based on what we see on their website. However I am looking for recommendations on other resorts to check out. In particular, they must be All-Inclusive and 5-6 stars. I appreciate any recommendations you can give me! Thanks in advance!
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