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  1. We had an amazing wedding, we wouldn't have changed a thing. We were really easy going about everything though, as we didn't have a set idea in mind. We aren't really traditional adn knew that it wouldn't be like a catered at home kind of wedding especially since we weren't paying for the extras. We didn't pay for any of the extras (or even the champagne / cake). Our wedding was in the afternoon, then we took pictures with our wedding party and families then met at the a la carte restaurant for dinner, we had dinner and mingled for maybe an hour and a half. Then we met up with Pa
  2. I got married at the Grand Princess Riviera on Feb 1/2010. We choose to get married on the beach, because it was what we had always pictured - but the gazebo is beautiful. If you want to check out my photos they are at Saskatoon Photographers Saskatoon Wedding Photographers Memories by Mandy Photography in the blog under the March tab on the side to find them. Patricia was our wedding planner and she was an absolute sweetheart! I can't sing her praises high enough, she's a doll. Ever detail was taken care of, and even when I was asking for over the top things, she just smiled and said D
  3. P.S. SUZY - excellent review! I couldn't agree more. We thought the resort was amazing and so clean - pure class. The food, I would've rated the same as you. I wasn't a big fan of the food to be honest.
  4. We got married on February 1, 2010 at the Grand Riviera Princess and we were so blessed to have Patricia as our wedding planner. From day one, she was like a friend to us - or maybe more like a fairy godmother with a magic wand making all of our dreams and wishes come true. No matter the question or the detail, she had it taken care of and was an absolute pleasure to talk to. At first, I was a little leary planning a destination wedding because I felt very out of control and couldn't do a lot of things myself or know exactly how it would be. Patricia, put me at ease and didn't miss any details
  5. Hi Ladies! I forgot my log in to this site, and was happily surprised to see that you replied to me. How awesome - I feel special now. I've been soooo busy getting ready. I have wedding branding created and cute little tags for everything with our names, mayan riviera and feb 1/10 on them. Our slideshow is complete and I'm so proud of it. I used the song "this is our life" by Mary Beth Mariez (I think I'm spelling it wrong). It's so fitting and makes the mom's cry (in a good way). Then I used Stealing Cinderella for my pics growing up, and a beatles song for my fiances pics. Than
  6. Hi Ladies! What a cool thread you have started with lots of info/advice/support and friendship too! Sorry to bud in, but I saw that someone mentioned buying the things for the sand ceremony at pier 1. I've heard that beautiful speech about the sand combining into one, and wondered if anyone had the wording to help me out and if they wouldn't mind posting it. We are getting married on Feb 1 at the Grand Princess Riviera. My "to do" checklist is huge! I thought this destination wedding stuff was supposed to be stress free!
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Robyn and I'm getting married on Feb 1 at the Grand Riviera Princess.
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